2565 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 565-0417

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Lawrence In

McDonald's equals consistency. You know what you're getting when you're ordering. And when you do order, double check you got everything you ordered

Cyndi Quintero

I didn't even want to give it 1 starI ordered 2 double fish sandwiches with extra tarter sauce...what do I get 2 reg fish sandwiches by the time I found out I was home. I checked the receipt maybe I made the mistake but there it was In plain sight 2 double fish sandwich ! All I know is somebody owes me some money !

yowseeh cruz

Nice place too eat if you waiting your flight

Lisa S.

Mobile ordered and waited 15 minutes for our food. Hs to go in and ask. Manager couldn't care less. They were not even busy.

Deon Eason

Busy location but great service!

Andrew Powell

Normally a good experience. Tonight the lobby and one of the drive-through lanes were closed resulting in an excessively long line and ~20 mim wait time.

Dave Barber

I like McDonald's food normally but this time the fries and nuggets were not fresh, they were dry and hard. The burger and fish sandwich were good. Friendly staff and plenty of parking.

Gary Crowl

The service at this McD's is the slowest of any in the valley I've been to.Be prepared to wait for at least 10-15 minutes in the drive thru, no matter the time of day or how many cars are in front of you. And a minimum of 10 minutes in the dining room.It's quite literally faster to order food from the Denny's next door.

Michael 9.

So I walk in to pick up an Uber eats order... all the ladies don't acknowledge me don't say "hey sir be with you in a sec" worst customer service ever at this place.. they clearly hate their jobs.. the least you could do is acknowledge the customer. They all just walking around not attending to ppl that's at the registers ..rude bad service

Richard Henrie

This has to be the worst McDonald’s. This morning I ordered a sausage McMuffin without egg. Repeated and showed them on the menu what I wanted. Still I got an egg. Also the restrooms here are always inefficient. For the longest there was no water in men’s bathroom, now today the urinal has plastic over it. Get your act together please.

Ronald Chu

Quick service and quick food. Still one of my favorite fast food.

tj m

This is the best McDonald's in LA in my opinion.

Mark H.

Don't go here if you have a flight to catch - 30 minutes to get through the drive through, almost missed our flight as a result. Egg shell in the McMuffin. Didn't give us cream for coffee as requested.

David D.

I wold give you zero star if I could.this location is the worst one i ever been into . No line standing inside the store for little over 28 minutes. To order a cup of coffee. The manager is walking around on the phone. Cashier her back at me packing for on line orders. I had 8people behind me and still being ignored .anyway i got the coffee in over 1/2 hour . Never again. Save time and go to another location this place is definitely a waist of time .

Richard Kirby

Its McDonalds - food is pretty much the same everywhere and the prices are reasonable.

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