2565 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 565-0417

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My Freedom

Ray Crocks knew what he was doing. I love his dedication. I love Mc Flurry

Alexei D.

Compared to other places. This ones is so slow if you decide to dine-in. Got my breakfast syrup, ketchup, napkins and no straw for my iced coffee. Been here 5 times to give em a chance...but results the same. Place is clean tho.

William S.

I can't seem to learn my lesson. This location only,I repeat this location only. SUCKS. They can't answer a simple question,can't an order strait, simply can't get it right. Sad to see management watch as to let a store run itself. TO THE GROUND

Mike Caplan

This place is consistent. Same menu same food same app and same same. You get what you expect. The only wildcard is the or old? Not your choice. It is nice to get served in your car like it's a 50s drive-in. Enjoy your mickey d.

Matthew York

Got a bunch of idiots working the night shift. Different problem every time I go to this location. I’ll go back to the Olive location but idk I stopped going to that one bc they kept messing up our orders over there ?

Jack DeVault

Drive through is painfully slow, especially at night. Even for California, the wait is crazy. It’s almost in and out levels.

Erik Gonzalez

I’d give it 5 but the bathrooms are always smelling gross and 50/50 the morning shift employees redeem and get your order right when using app.

Samuel W.

Ketchup was expired ...they should watch there product a lot better not coming here again

Belek N.

I bought two cheeseburgers and fries today. the cheeseburgers were ok. when I ate fries, I came across fries with white hair in half and I almost ate it. I almost vomited. I won't eat fries there anymore. sorry

Karl Dahlquist

This is the closet McDonalds to Burbank Airport and has a very busy drive thru service. It is also the fastest McDonalds in the city of Burbank. I have never had an issue with this Mickey D's.

Jonathan Munoz

Every time I go, something in my order is wrong or missing, train your employees better

Max McIntyre

A little bit of an unusual wait. But the fries were hot

Jonathan M.

Every time I go to this particular location, there is either something missing or incorrect in my order, serious lack of training and care in this particular location

Juan F.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Best I've ever had period. EVER! At first I was upset lunch was $12 and then one bite BAM! Freshest McDonalds food I've ever had. Juicy burger. Hot fries. I still can't believe it.

Harvey R.

Sunday 6 26 22 wife and I decided to have a burger and fries, went to mcdonalds , worst for ever , they forgot an order of fries, had to back fries we were cold soggy my big mac where's the meat , the bun hard as a brick,must have been a week old. Sure was not fresh. Seems the more u pay the worse the food.

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