Monte Carlo Italian Deli

3103 Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 845-3516

Recent Reviews

Denis Canuel

The gelato was all right. An overall interesting place to visit if you are around.

Gretzel R.

I met my cousin here late one weekday to have some Italian food. We were surprised to know that it was actually an Italian market with a restaurant and ice cream shop all in the same roof!! It's very good for a family setting and had great food. We got the eggplant parm, pepperoni pizza, fettucini alfredo w chicken and mushrooms and of course garlic bread. Everything was delicious and tasted like home made. After we were full we couldn't help it so we had some ice cream. All the flavors sounded great but we only had room for one scoop. I got the banana caramel ice cream and it was delicious. We will definitely be back to try the rest of the flavors and other entrees for sure!

Jessica V.

This place has delish food and a full Italian market for all of your Italian needs. Had the sausage and peppers with pasta and added a meatball. Their marinated mushrooms are delish. Service is quick because it's served almost cafeteria style. Seat yourself in one of the multiple dining rooms and enjoy your meals! Pick up something to take home and cook later.

Christopher G.

Old man on the deli side is kind of a jerk believe his name is Mike, the restaurant side is pretty nice staff Jonathan and Christian. Food is okay, they have awesome Gelato. Sandwiches are terrific as well.

Rachel M.

I come here for one thing and one thing only, the veggie lasagna with marinara sauce. One of my favorite ever dishes when I'm having a craving I make sure to stop by. Honorable mention to the chocolate chip cannolis they are also excellent. Ordering is counter service and pay at the cashier. Some of the staff can be a bit grumpy and aren't always the most friendly hence the 4 and not 5 stars. I also wish the line allowed for more social distancing since Covid. But I get my food and I get out I try not to stick around. They have a small lot to the side and if not there's plenty of street parking. My advice is find the one thing on the menu you love to return for.

Keith S.

This is the place when we need special hard to find ingredients. It's also fun to just look around to get ideas for a new recipe.

Chris M.

This is one of those places that offers a Cafeteria Style dining experience with a restaurant vibe also adding the ability to shop in a very product diverse Italian Deli!!! Weekends tend to be very packed or crowded so get thier early for lunch or plan on waiting for those items like pizza or calzones that need ro be oven baked... Tip is to call in the pizza, calzones ahead so it's ready when you get there :) Remember to leave a tip on the table for the bus Boys cleaning up.... There were 4 Adults and 4 children in our party and our bill was under $100.00 not bad for Italian!!! When your done eating grab a gellato on the way out to your car :)

Steven C.

Not impressed, First time going and last. You stand in line order food, if your with multiple people your food gets cold while waiting for other orders. With 4 people 3 orders were wrong due to lack of listening. Food is ok, meat marinara sauce was mostly watery no flavor at ALL. Backtalk from employees and under breath comments. Food 6.5 /10 Service 0/10. NOT RECOMMENDED. Good for a quick lunch, no where near a dinner enjoyment.

Gabby G.

They continually mess up my order. Over and over and over. It doesn't matter if I order there or do it online. I am officially done with this place. There are plenty of other delis that actually make the order right.

Deborah D.

If you're expecting an Italian restaurant this isn't it. First of all look at the photos of the case. Not sanitary! The guy who grabs the desserts at the cashier station by prepared foods used no gloves to pick up food for the customer before me. All the pasta is cooked ahead of time so forget about the art of Italian cuisine. I'm 100% Sicilian and this comes closer to fast food like the Olive Garden. The garlic bread (if you can call it that, was hard as a rock and their sauce? Fail. One star for having a good assortment of Italian grocery items. Lastly I asked the clerk what was in their imported cannoli and I guess he didn't know because he just walked away angrily. Not good mojo on top of no good food and unsanitary.

zero 6902

Been going here since I was a little lad. Monte Carlo has some of the best meats, cheeses and bread in burbank also their Gelato and Desserts are awesome as well this place is a gem.

Nancy Barrera

The Market portion is great. They have all of the ingredients you need to make an authentic Italian meal. They have pizza dough, fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, wines, a variety of olives, pepperoni, salami, different cheeses, etc.The restaurant side seemed more like a cafeteria style restaurant which I was not a huge fan of. Our salads were wilted and my lasagna was barely warm in the center. However, this may have to do with me ordering to go because the whole pizza we ordered was very good. I'm not sure if the food served at the restaurant would be slightly different but I will definitely give the restaurant another try.

Pam L.

The manager was incredibly helpful in arranging the purchase of a gift card for my older father-in-law. He put it in back so that it could be picked up and used when he was able to get to the deli.

Bob M.

This place definitely passes the "eye-talian" eye test. But, that's where it ended for me. It's set up as a deli and dine-in motif. Food looks like standard Italian offerings in a deli style presentation with an array of side salads and side extras like sausage, meatballs etc. I did order something off the menu that being a chicken parm sandwich which was cordially accommodated by the counter person. So far so good. However, I'm not sure if the food sits warming for too long or it's just way overcooked. The Sahara Desert has more moisture in it than my dry tasteless chicken parm and the side sausage that I selected as an additional cost side. Not sure if it was a bad day for them or it's just bad tasting food?

Laurel R.

This place is such a gem here in Burbank. If you want good and fast Italian food stop by here! They have good deals for lunch time and their gelato always looks stellar. I need to come by the deli sometime to get some groceries but other than that I'd recommend almost anything from here. The eggplant Parmesan is my personal favorite!

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