Monte Carlo Italian Deli

3103 Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 845-3516

Recent Reviews

William Warnecke

Their customer service was just okay but the food was great

Thomas Lee

Great service, food, and prices.

Alex Epstein

A friend told us they had the best sausage... so we stopped to pick up some... and we were blown away to find crazy good main courses you could eat there or take home. I waited on line for the sausage... my wife got us some lasagna to go. Delicious. Only sad that we weren't able to sample the awesome looking Gelato on this trip. Next time!!!

Ana Marin

Portions are big. Meat lasagna is good, and also is the coffee. Great value for money.

Ronald Dercole

Try to visit during off hours because it can get very busy.... But for a very good reason. They have the best authentic Italian and regional products. A wide variety of imported specialties and fresh pastries.I am of Italian ancestry from the Bronx and Brooklyn.This place is a Gem.The only thing missing... No Sawdust on the floor ??.

Oscar Stagel

normally it's a good place. but the food was barley warm . vegetables. the service was poor . I most likely won't return. employees looked very unhappy.

Mary Cunningham

Connected to an old time Italian deli and a great gelato area you order at the counter from a good selection of Italian dishes and sandwiches and seat yourself. Good selection of salads and if you order a sandwich have them put the marinated tomatoes on. Fair pricing.

toni smith

Been coming here since the 90's.I love it! So consistent! Sometimes I drop in just to get a spinach salad and sausages to go.

Alex A

Wonderful place, fantastic deli, can get crowded so be patient. Parking on side, back and street. Clean, safe area

Eru C.

Run of the mill Italian dinner place. The food is average as well as are the prices. There is some flavor in the food, but the noodles and the ravioli was just somewhat watery. There's a lot of options available though and they got the food out quick so I might stop by here to give it another chance later!

Brian M.

Disappointed, love a good Italian deli, came to this one because some folks recommended it. I usually go to Bay Cities or Cavaretta's Deli. Was confusing where to order when I first walked in, but that was my bad, found out where to go and the guy was so rude, was going to up charge me 50 cents per salami slice (these are small half dollar size slices, so I agreed, then asked what two sides I wanted, said pasta salad and a pickel, he said he had to up charge me for the pasta salad and an additional charge for the pickle,,,,what? Was so frustrated at this point, I just walked away. Went down the street to Tonys deli and got what I wanted for 11bucks and it tasted so good. Never coming back to Monte Carlo Deli and restaurant again, there are plenty of good Italian Deli's near by. Don't waste your time here!


We had a great dinner here. We really enjoyed the pizza and the Italian food looked great too. They also had a deli and they sold gelato as well. Fun place!

Brett T.

look, the vibe of this place is cool. TONS of different things to try, which is what caught my eye, but I'll be honest I will not come back. the service here is shockingly rude and made me feel unwelcome. they really made it so that I didn't want to come back regardless of how good the food might've been. no interest in providing a good customer service experience at all. they clearly hate their job and it shows. won't be returning and definitely won't be recommending.

Marissa W.

Amazing restaurant! Super easy to order and they have a grocery section! Love the authentic Italian vibe.

Vanessa R.

Came to this place because I was referred but definitely won't be going back. Utensils were not clean and the kid giving the utensils was hella rude!! The food was okay not great either. The only good thing was the cannolis and the Cabernet gelato.

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