New Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe

1723 W Verdugo Ave, Burbank
(818) 861-7500

Recent Reviews

Jenard de Castro

Amazing BAKED Argetine-Style Empanadas

Sharon Gabin

I love this place. I feel like the food has more authentic taste than most other big Argentinian places. The facturas and torta de Chaja are my favorite!

Betania Luques

Closes place to find goodies from Argentine's bakery. Great affordable prices too

Marce M

Just moved to Burbank, and this place has amazing authentic Argentinian facturas!

Anibal Fernandez

A must go! We come here all the time for pastries, empanadas and coffee. They are delicious. A place with good quality and price.They need more advertisement and be more noticeable from the street, because they dont have outdoor seating and you have to know that the place is there. I wonder if that's why there's never a line.A place like this should be packed all the time with people waiting. I am from Spain, we love pastries and "cafe con leche" and this is one is one of the best places.I highly recommend it!

Kristie Samayoa

Best coffee, empanadas & pastries.They have a good coffee machine, typical Argentinian or European style ?Great prices & like I said good coffee??‍?We go all the time!

Frederick Alvarado

Very good very tasty bread???????

Erin Kuschner

Best cappuccino I’ve had in Los Angeles. The atmosphere here is comfortable and the staff is wonderful. It feels like home here, I highly recommend stopping by.

HJ Restorations LLC

Excellent place, very good positive energy and kindness.

Jorge Villalba

Small bakery and restaurant. Great little place with a taste from home, Argentina. They offer food to go, to dine in and also to take some great facturas and pastries from argentina.

willow petty

You won't be disappointed in the menu and service. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here. The bill was fair I would say.

Rene Sevillle

Friendly staff, Covid compliant and clean.Breakfast is organized and coffee is delicious.☕

Tracy Rosario

Staff is always timely even when they have a full house. Definitely worth a return trip. The bill was good for what you get.

Lynn Lane

Very tasty. I look forward to going back again. Menu is similar to a restaurant in El Paso I liked.

Daisy9 F

entered near eleven, it wasn't packed. i will be back with my friends. prices that are reasonable. this place has positive reviews for a reason.

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New Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe

1723 W Verdugo Ave, Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 861-7500