Noah's NY Bagels

311 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 562-1635

Recent Reviews

Noe Tejeda

Online order was fast. Don’t forget to download the app for free perks.

Jamie V

Satisfying, filling and exactly what I needed to start my day! Coffee's good too (but get a LARGE), will definitely be returning.

Maria Quintero

Great place for a Bagel and Coffee.Totally coming back.

Carlos Andrés Torres Osorio

How on earth do you get a lox bagel wrong and not include capers? Get people who know what they're doing.

D Villanueva

Thank you for always preparing my order with love, thank you Noah's Bagels and Staff!!

Elliot Gannon

Love this place, but did a call ahead order and when i got there they are letting WAY too many people in during this pandemic.

Alex G.

Used to be a great place to stop in for a quick toasted bagel or sandwich, but the service quality has really gone down hill these last few months. The staff are still really friendly, but these last few visits were enough to warrant a pause of getting anything made here until things improve. The last couple of days my order has been completely wrong, cold, undercooked, and having paid extra for select items and not getting them is the final straw for me. I still love their bagels and spreads, but moving forward I'll only be getting those to prepare at home myself.

Harrison Seung

Open early. Excellent bagels. GkHoney Almond smear is delicious.

Cody Filbert

Terrible service, not a single thing in my order was correct when I got home. Totally unorganized inside the store. Orders were just piling up on the counter and the workers refused to call out names, which forced everyone waiting to go up and touch each and every bag - come one it's a pandemic. I ordered pick up to try and avoid some of that interaction. Reached out via email to corporate and have yet to hear back several days later and at this point I doubt I will. Won't be back anytime soon.

Victoria M.

Horrible service from the manager (a man with long hair). I ordered a brunch box for pick up. I got there late and I apologized. He said it's okay and he can make the 3 sandwiches again so it can be fresh, I was so happy when I heard that. He said I would have to wait 20 to 25 minutes maximum because he has so many other orders, I asked if he was sure it was only for 25minutes max because if it was more I could not wait, I have two kids with me, and I would understand and leave. He assured me only 25 mins max. I waited 30 minutes and nothing. I went to ask, he ignored me so I asked someone else and he told her to tell me another 25-30minutes! I was shocked and so upset, I said I can't wait and I need a refund. He couldn't even look in my eyes when giving the refund. I asked why he promised 25 and then turned it 1 hr... I got no response besides muffling under his nose! Horrible customer service, especially coming from a "manager". I know I was late but you offered to do it again for me and promised only 25mins after I said I can't wait longer, so if it is I won't order. And then he just turns it to an hour but can't even look at my face or give me a reason all you had to do was toast 3 sandwiches! You need an hour? Disappointing. Never coming here again.

Kelly M.

I normally love this place but the last 3 times I've gone half my order is correct and the one egg sandwich I order has been some cold veggie thing with no eggs or anything I asked for on it that I paid extra for and not at all what I ordered or would want. I tried calling to see if they could fix it so I could pick it up and I'm just put on hold for ten minutes with no help at all. I sucked it up the first two times but I don't feel I should be paying extra for something I do not want. I understand this is covid times but how do you make that mistake 3x with the same sandwich

Haley’s Highlights

Don’t order ahead because they add 30 minutes to your total time and will not make your order until that time has passed. But if you walk in and order they make it whether it was received in that order or not.

Jess Fugate

As a frequent customer, I enjoy going to this location not just because of the proximity to where I live but also for the friendly and warm customer service. Ronnie is truly a lovely lady whose kindness is welcomed now more than ever. As for the food, I love the honey almond spread and the sesame bagels.

Melody C.

So downhill lately. My husband and I usually come here at least once every 2 weeks for breakfast, this last time we placed a mobile order, show up about 30 minutes after order and my husband ends up waiting an extra 20 minutes because the order still is not ready. Meanwhile customers ordering in store are getting their order before us? Also, my bacon avocado tomato bagel had NO BACON in it.

Jessica F.

As a frequent customer, I enjoy shopping at this location thanks to the great customer service. Ronnie is a very sweet and warm woman who has no problem running this place alone. She is a breath of fresh air during a difficult time. I cannot express this enough.

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