Pablito's Tacos 2.0

3803 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank
(818) 861-7050

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David Castorela

I was following this place for awhile in Instagram waiting for the opportunity to try it and I wasn't disappointed the tacos and quesadillas and quesataco are really good it was worth it the trip ?? really good food and service

Cha'von Mathis


Kenneth Lee

Two of my go to items: keto tacos and protein style tacos. The portions are large and worth the price. Wish they had location closer to me!

Shiron L.

My daughter recommended that I try this place. I ordered the surf n turf burrito and boy was it delicious. The steak was very flavorful and tender with no fatty pieces at all. And whatever the light green sauce was they gave me in the container made the burrito taste even better! I will definitely go back again.


Food top notch shockingly wonderful. Great staff. Expensive but large portions...expect to wait 20 min for the taste explosion!

Cindy Castaneda

This place is so good. From their food truck spots to their restaurant. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because yesterday I went ordered and got a flan for dessert, I was charged for it. But till I got home I noticed my flan wasn't with my order and the pre portioned salsa aka Green crack was very little (not fully portioned). Over all bomb

Garrett Arnold

Amazing tacos and burritos, and the biggest and best Tortas in town. The carne asada and the al pastor are amazing! The green salsa is spicy but fantastic! Be warned these are juicy and messy but God these are amazing!

Francisco A.

It's been awhile so bear with me. Visit started off well, then it took a weird turn. Guy walks in without noticing the line, straight to the register, typical manifest destiny mindset. Wanted to teach him some manners but I don't own the establishment. Instead of the cashier referring the man to the back of the line (cough, cough, me) he takes his order. Lost one star there, customer service and the idea of having a line and then not holding the line rule accountable does not sit well with me. So far waiting on the food, but the smell is amazing, the aroma seeps through the double doors and into the sidewalk, with a mask on it's still noticeable which is quit impressive.The smell is like a smooth barbecue sauce, must be the chorizo.

Ross B.

Truly delicious!  Shared the Lomo Saltado plate, Chile relleno burrito with chicharrón and vampire tostado.  The portions were very generous and scrumptious.  One of the best lomo saltado's we've ever tried.  I've been to Peru four times and the food is as close to authentic as you can get!  HIGHLY recommended.

David M.

Great food, everything on the menu is tasty , a lot of items to choice from. Friendly staff

Jeremy M.

I normally don't write reviews unless they're absolutely necessary. I was super excited to eat my 41 dollar meal that was, a surf n turf burrito, carne asada fries and alfajores. As I was awaiting my food , I decided to look through the window to see my food being made, as the "cook" was wrapping it to go , there was a decent sized cockroach on the same where my food was being made, I then tried to ask the lady making my food if I could cancel my order because of the cockroach that was beyond visible.... she looked at the roach, then looked at me and said I had to speak to the cashier, and resumed packing up another order of food without killing the pest as it continued roaming on the glass. Not one effort by anyone was made to say sorry or kill it immediately like it happens all the time. Will not return.

Alex A.

The food is always good. The staff on the other hand, the guy that's always there is always talking to the other employees never paying attention talking about how he hopes it stays take out only, and when you ask for extra salsa he gives you the worst attitude, and the thing is you need to ask for extra because they don't fill up the cups at all! Not even half way! Insane. The prices are high for them to be so stingy over their salsa.  Again food never disappoints.

Jesse Williams

Food is excellent & the amount that is given for the price is amazing! You will not be disappointed

Aracely G.

$50 for 4 tacos, a mulita, vampiro tostada, and 2 drinks, including $6 for a 16 oz horchata (see photo)!

The chicken taco meat had no flavor, and the sauce was very salty. Very unbalanced flavors, couldn't make out exactly what it was.

The service was good though. We ordered pick up.

Overall, I would not return due to how expensive this meal felt, and how overpriced it all seemed for the quality/taste of the food we got. 3 stars for good service.

Stacy Y.

Never thought I would find AMAZING tacos in Burbank but here we are. Their Asada tacos are so flavorful, tender, and perfectly grilled.

Make sure to take advantage of their deals on Taco Tuesday, like $0.50-$1.00 tacos.

They also offer FREE delivery, no service charges, and discounts if you order from their site. And yes, their green sauce is indeed "crack."

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