Philly's Best

1419 W Olive Ave, Burbank
(818) 840-8700

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Robert Mikulicka

Excellent and friendly service. They have PORK ROLL!! To all my northeast transplants, this is your spot that is a slice of home. Birch beer, Tastycake, Herrs potato chips...heaven.

Mike Anthony

Aweful, just aweful.Note to cook: go back to school. Watch videos on YouTube. Look at pics online from restaurants from Philly. Wish I can show the pic of the aweful steak they served me. When u can't see the the sauce or barely see the cheese, you're probably doing something wrong.Don't burn the steak, would also help. Also the guy taking my order don't ask me if I would like to leave a tip in a condescending tone.You shouldn't even ask. I left one, because I felt obligated. Normally I leave one.Aslo step up the friendliness.

Christian Profeta

Wheres the cheeze wiz? I asked for cheese whiz on it. Did you put cheese whiz on it? No. You guys didnt. I asked nicely. There was the opposite of cheese whiz on my philly. It had a negative cheese whiz amount because no cheese whiz was on it. None. I looked inside the bag. Under my car. Went to Japan. Was there cheez whiz to be found?No. None on it.Good philly sandwhich even w/o cheese whiz... ive had way better.Would leave 5 stars if they said sorry and gave me a free sandwhich w extra cheez wiz on it. But they wont.They better put cheese whiz on it next time bc a philly w/o cheese or cheese whiz is just not good and they can do better. Im guessing this place will go under in about a year. For not giving people cheez wiz.You know where they put cheez whiz on your philly?Boo’s in Silverlake.

Monika Reasoner

I have been coming here for many years, but this place has really deteriorated:The service: Young kids who are more involved in socializing than paying attention to the orders. Being asked to leave a tip.When my order was wrong and I had to drive back to bring back the food and request a refund, the girl kept the tip that was charged on my cc.It was clear from the atmosphere that there was no manager/ owner oversight.

Brian Jhagroo

Phillys best was good tasting but maybe some more peppers and steak, I will be sure to ask next time.

j anicua

Great person taking the orders. He was very kind. And he said God bless you! That makes all the difference!

Rogue Mars

Skip this place! Poor quality food and the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I was given the wrong sandwich and they refused to make me the correct one or give a refund. The manager refused to speak to me and made one of her employee do the dirty work of telling me they were not willing to fix the problem. Unreal

Chuck Mullett

Super yummy cheese steaks! I get the cheese attack which is off the menu but if you like cheese its really good. They have really good pizza fries and they have good onion rings as well

Courtney Birnbaum

This place has excellent sandwiches. I’m glad that there are so many customization options for the sandwiches; it makes it easy to know we all can get the exact philly orders we want.

Pellaeon Loyalist

I used to be a huge fan of this place. I had my first cheesesteak since the beginning of the pandemic and they have changed noticeably. They are noticeably smaller, with less meat, cheese and inferior bread. Unfortunately, the pricing has stayed the same. I understand the pandemic has probably forced them to downgrade their food, and I'm sympathetic to that. That being said, I can't imagine coming back until they go back to how they use to make them or lower their prices to reflect the new lesser sandwiches.

Judy Razze

Great great food!! Steak sandwiches are the best.

Max M.

Worst experience ever! I was given the wrong order and they refused to fix it. The manager refused to even speak to me about it or allow her employee to fix the problem. Unbelievable! What is wrong with these people?

Ellen D.

Reading other reviews and experiences, I do not feel the least bit bad for leaving 2 stars.  Husband and I really wanted a treat and opted for cheesesteaks.  We each had the steak and mushroom, with grilled onions and extra cheese.   That, plus tax and tip left them at $14 each.  Pretty pricey, but worth it if left satisfied.

The sandwiches lacked filling, the mushrooms and grilled onions were non-existent unless they were chopped so small with the meat that you could not differentiate between anything.  The lack of said filling was also a factor, for a $14 sandwich, we want that bread stuffed.  Available was the option to spend another 5 bux for extra meat, bumping it to a near $20 sandwich, which we  passed on and were left hungry and unsatisfied after eating.  

We understand everyone is having a tough time, but for the same money, we could have gotten a whole (and twenty times better) burger meal at Bob's or elsewhere.  

Next time we want a cheesesteak treat, we'll do our homework, and travel if necessary, to find one suitable.  We won't be returning to PB anytime soon...

****side memory****  We were there quite a long time ago and my husband ordered a turkey sub and they asked if he wanted it plain.  We (our bad, I know) assumed that meant without mayo and oil stuff, but what he ended up with was literally a PLAIN sandwich - a couple (meager) slices of turkey and bread.  Ten bux and that was it...  Apparently we forgot about that.

Too many other options (even during take-out times) to spend our guarded budget on...

Dark H.

I get it times are tough. I was just trying to help out a smaller business, but got ripped off. I ordered the Italian sub, tipped amd wanted mayo amd extra pickles. I didn't get the extras. I wasn't asking for much. I paid 11.79 and a dollar went to the tip.  Lol, I've never felt insulted by being served a sandwich in my life, till now. What a rip off. I paid the price of a combo anywhere else and was served this. I will never visit there again. Seriously. I really feel like i was jipped hardcore. Amy other place is better than this. Wow.
Let me ask you. Look at that picture and with a straight face say that's a 11 dollar sandwich. It's not even all organic.

Kyle R.

Phillys are pretty good but the dude that greeted me not only made me go back to my car to get a credit card (he didn't have enough change for $40) but then asked me if I wanted to leave a tip... it was unprofessional and on top of that, I drove 15 minutes to support the business in the first place. Just bad.

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