Pizza Man Burbank

334 S Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank
(818) 843-1111

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James J.

Dank wings the Spicy Pizza man Flavors bomb. Definiantly my new fav spot for wings. The pizza was good 2

Alex O.

I absolutely love this place! I recommend it to anyone in the area! I made the mistake of ordering from Domino's earlier this week. They took over an hour and a half to get my pizza to me, delivered it to the wrong location and had to go back and pick it up. Then when the guy gave it to me the pizza was cold. I took it anyway because I was hungry. The pizza was decent enough after I warmed it up. The crust was pretty thin although I ordered regular crust. All in all I got to eat and I'm grateful for that. I had them rated at a five star from a prior delivery but I brought it down to a four star I'm typing notes. So I thought I'd call Pizza Man tonight. The one on Glen oaks here in burbank. Holy moly what a difference! They delivered it here in about 20 minutes. The pizza was hot and the soda was cold. The only thing is the guy didn't know what the word Ali meant because I wanted it delivered behind the house in the alley but that's okay it's just a cultural difference and one shouldn't get upset at that. He did however get out of his car and knock on the front house which was the landlord's house. I got my pizza and the quality was far superior than Domino's. The cross was regular thickness and the cheese was Superior and far better than Domino's. They even added cheese on top of the toppings which made it extra special. They even threw in two little packs of jalapenos and that was cool. PIZZA MAN HAS BEEN AROUND FOR A LONG LONG TIME. Pizza man was around back in the sixties when I was a kid and I remember seeing their commercials on TV. They were around before Domino's so I should have called them in the first place. I'm going with pizza man from now on because PIZZA MAN ROCKS!

Madlen C.

This is the worst pizza place ever. Their pizza tastes and looks like a vomit. The second i opened the box OMG the smell was horrible, the crust was so old and hard it felt like a rock, don't even wanna mention that all the toppings were tasing really nasty. I don't recommend this place.

Hardeep S.

great place great staff super friendly huge assortment of pizzas and stuff like that delicious everything good everything good I personally wouldn't buy any burgers or hot dogs for them because I'm the name of six Pizza Man Pizza not Burger and hot dogs so if you're buying burgers and hot dogs here you're not doing it right the goddamn Pizza it's good and they're great people are great there awesome great prices

Amin B.

Came here because another restaurant next door was closed... I asked for 2 slices and they said they don't do slices, so I just ordered my small half pepperoni and half deluxe (no bell pepper) its perfect!

Edgar Z.

Five stars for tasty and well made pizza. Highly recommend. Delivery is always on time. I have never had any problems.

Arthur C.

Makhloot. Low on ingredients, heavy on sticky cheese that glued our guts together, devoid of any flavor. Tasted like the cheapest of store brand frozens.
The shop is located on one of the busiest stretches of Glenoaks and finding a parking spot for the pickup was a chore. Customer service was OK but that wasn't enough to make me want to order Pizza Man ever again.

Jay S.

Pizza Man has my vote!!! For affordable pizza it is
Fresh and tasty with ingredients that you can identify.  The staff was super helpful in finding the best deal for what I was looking for.  And it was ready and hot when I got there.  Overall, real good affordable pizza. I will order from Pizza Man again for sure!!!!

Gilbert S.

I can agree with sharpen p,the owner is probably dishonest and a liar Watch out this place.

Phil S.

Artin and his guys serve the best pizza and hamburgers in burbank. Always professional and food is delivered hot and on time

J J.

Great service and really good . The store clean and well kept , employees are nice and accommodating.

J T.

amazing service!! I forgot to order blu cheese for my wings (which is a MUST).. without me asking the delivery man went back and returned with blu cheese!!! ALL WAS SAVED thank you so much! also the wings were great, we will definitely order from here again

Leo G.

One of the best Pizza takeouts in Burbank or Glendale they even have Armenian and Persian pizzas

Shareen P.

It was absolutely horrible. The antipasto salad was lettuce with cherry tomatoes and sprinkled parm cheese. The Bbq chicken pizza was literally like taking all the ingredients putting them in a blender and pouring them on top of marinara not any bbq flavor, bo cilantro. $30 down the drain, first time, last time customer. Disgusting

Ser L.

I really love their makhsoos pizza. Very thin layer. Not thick. Very yummy. Must try. Not too long to wait to pick up either. Good customer service.

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