Red Maple Cafe • Gelato & Coffee Bar

173 N Maple St, Burbank
(818) 230-2500

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Audrey K.

My wife and I were in Burbank and were so hungry for a good brunch place so I put in vegetarian spots and this place came up. Although I wouldn't consider this a vegetarian spot, it had so many options that it ended up working out for both of us and the coffee was really good too! We wanted to try their ripples thing where you can have an image put on the latte foam, but there machine wasn't working. The food was really good and the staff were all very friendly and really great! I think the waffle may have been a little overdone because it was really dry, but it was still tasty! I would recommend this place for sure!

Jackie C.

My boyfriend and I came here for the first time and ordered the chicken and lemon waffles with ube and oh. My. God. We came back the next day and did it again... the. The next week... we are totally regulars now. The staff is always so friendly and many of them had remembered us from our first visit. We did have one experience where our food took an especially long time, but we easily forgave them since we almost always have a wonderful experience here. Oh, and we've tried more than just the waffles. Just about everything is good, especially the breakfast stuff. Waffles are phenomenal. If you go, you must try. Even if it's not for breakfast. Seriously.... My bf gets their poke a lot. It's not my personal favorite poke bowl, but to each their own. Oh, and the lattes are fun! Give those a try too.

Veronica T.

So impressed with Red Maple Cafe! The employees are very friendly and the food is really delicious. We could tell as soon as we entered that the owners of this restaurant really put a lot of thought and care into this place. When comes to the food the one thing that stood out the most was flavor. I had the breakfast sandwich and it was soo good! The bacon is quality bacon with an amazing taste and the sauce and the bread! My husband had the brisket breakfast burrito and he really enjoyed it. We go for breakfast twice a week and have been really disappointed by some of the really "popular" Places. We will definitely be back!


Food: tasty and cool sizes - you’ll be not hungry :) there is a chicken part of the menu - you can choose anything made from chicken. For breakfast you may have eggs any type, tortillas, avocado, brisket and etc. Also you can choose coffee with a Hollywood star face - it’s funny experience :) oh, and I do recommend matcha lemonade - it’s like ice tea but with matcha taste. Location: there are a lot of parking slots around Staff: helpful and polite

Brittany W.

This place is the perfect spot after taking a hike at Runyon Canyon Park. I really enjoyed the food, spectacular menu, and AMAZING staff. Everyone was friendly and helpful especially Amber B. I will be back!!!

Myshia C.

It was amazing. Things were great and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It tasted wonderful and the service was great from beginning to the end.

Josh Woodruff

Awesome wait staff, minimal wait, and killer food! When seated outside, they even brought out a little bowl of water for our dog! The best! Highly recommend and definitely gives BeaBea's a run for their money.


Sunday afternoon and my BF randomly tried to find a brunch spot for us on Yelp. He came across this spot in about 10 minutes, and we went. And honestly so glad to have tried this place -- EVERYTHING we had was amazing. Almost didn't want to share feedback because we wanted to keep this place to ourselves, lol. It's a small place but a gem. Our new neighborhood spot. Will definitely be coming back!

Chloe N.

A really lovely place to go get Ice Cream with the kids. We really enjoy going here. We all love the Ube ice cream. Today we had white chocolate raspberry and a really creamy delicious vanilla. The ice cream's delicious, top quality and homemade. A really sweet little place and v cute puppy outside too (can not guarantee puppy)

A S.

Three stars because we got two different meals and had two vastly different experiences. My hubs bought the breakfast burrito. Loved it. It was ecstasy. He was in heaven. He will be coming back and getting more in the future. I bought the poke bowl. TERRIBLE. THE WORST poke I have EVER EATEN. They claim it's Hawaiian Poke, and it could not be farther from any Hawaiian anything I've ever eaten. Their poke is the typical Cali choose-your-own-adventure poke. A base, meat, and vegs. And I like typical Cali poke just fine, but this one tasted terrible!! Bland! I kept asking for more sauce to help the situation, and they almost tried to CHARGE ME for more sauce, but the waitress was too nice. She informed me that normally they would have to charge me. 0_0 I gave their poke a shot since they made a point of putting up a huge sign outside their store denouncing the Sweetfin next door to them. I'm like... I love Sweetfin, so if you're gonna step up to them, you better be able to back it up... First round knockout. Easily. I would pay more for the taste and harmony of Sweetfin poke ANY day over the confusing poke I had here. But hey. They can cook a mean breakfast. So maybe I'll try that next time.... If there is a next time.

Nicole N.

I've been going here with my parents for a couple months and always had a good experience until the other day I went with my friend and probably had the worst experience I've ever had within a restaurant. Not only was our food order not placed until 40 minutes after we had given our waitress our order, the quality of the food wasn't good--yes they had remade it but it turns out they didn't even accommodate to the fact that we had already waited maybe an hour total for our food just for it to come out inedible. They initially only took off $4 off our $77 bill and when I asked to speak to the manger he was completely rude. He had the audacity to say " we already remade your food what else did you want us to do " funny part about this, his staff failed to mention to him that they had forgotten to place our food order until 40 minutes later, rude management ended up looking completely stupid. won't be back. super disappointing.

D C.

This is by far the best kept secret in Burbank! Service is amazing and they will happily seat you until they close at 3pm, which is rare at most places! They are COVID-19 compliant and I appreciate that! Don't forget to order a latte, so you can have a celebrity photo on top*,,, SO FUN! WE'LL BE BACK!

Joe Z.

No complaints from me. I had a pleasant brunch at Red Maple Cafe. This was my first visit after driving by this place countless times. I finally got the opportunity to stop in and couldn't be happier. Upon checking in, I was seated immediately. My kind server explained all the specialty's and customer favorites. This place serves breakfast and lunch all day and has five menu's. It took me awhile to dissect all the menus and different options, but I finally settled on the brisket breakfast burrito. It was delicious. The burrito was flavorful and had the perfect amount of cheese and potatoes. The service was friendly and attentive . My coffee was refilled and empty plates removed . Looking forward to my next visit. I saw some good looking lunch options. Oh, this place allows dogs . I saw multiple customers dining with their dogs on the sidewalk seating area.

Julie Ann M.

All around fantastic! Customer service is off the charts! Food was incredible! My hubby and I will definitely return - he was so pleased haha it's rare so definitely happy he enjoyed it. We had tinga tostadas as an appetizer and shared their popular brisket burrito that was sooo good - tasted like chili cheese fries lol and I had the Belgium waffle that was perfectly made - not too thick and not too thin; my hubby got the portobello eggs Benedict that looked weird haha but was very delicious. Drinks are great and they have a lot of options. If you go early, you can find parking but if you arrive at a busy time, it'll be a little hard. Highly recommend this breakfast spot!

Ruth W.

I absolutely love the food at Red Maple. I've been there twice....vegan burger. Yum ! The fries are delicious too. The co owner Bryan is so nice and Amber who was my waitress twice. Be prepared to wait to get a table but it is soooo worth it ! I highly recommend trying Red Maple Cafe for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch. Love it !!!! #2ForksUp

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Red Maple Cafe • Gelato & Coffee Bar

173 N Maple St, Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 230-2500