Sansai Burbank

2575 N Hollywood Way UNIT 107, Burbank
(818) 565-0420

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Seo Advisory

Great place, nice and clean, amazing food


The saddest katsu plate I’ve ever seen. No sides. No greens. $13. What a waste.

Erich Arabejo

Quality has gone down but prices went up. Time to find a better alternative.

Angel Gonzalez

Rainbow Roll was good, but the nigiri sushi had too much rice (a bit dry) and small fish portion, and the salad was just lettuce. Ordered two separate $15 and $20 items, both came with salad, but could not substitute.

Aaron Gonzalez

I like this place. The food is great. I would have rated it a 4 but I don’t like the selection. They give you huge rolls so it limits the variety you can order. I wish they would do half rolls so you can try more than one. Especially for sushi i like variety.

Loren S.

When I was working in Pasadena or Hollywood, I found these two location which became my go to place for lunch. The other day passing through Burbank I decided to stop by SanSai when I saw it tucked away in the corner behind the Panda Express. As you can tell it became my focus. I usually order the chicken and steak plate, which comes with two side salads and your choice of rice, and a veggie skewer. The same quality of food was still there after all these years, even between different location. Despite the current scare, they were open for indoor dining and the unlimited refills were back! I enjoyed myself so much, I ordered some dumpling and veggie tempura to snack on and relax. I was really happy to stop by, the food was excellent and the staff was actually happy to see me and treated me as customer, and not something to exterminate like most places nowadays. They have a great variety on the menu, something for everyone to enjoy.

Louise H.

First of all this is not a restaurant but a fast food chain. My fault not understanding this on the Yelp app. When we came in there were very few people in the restaurant. We decided to use the iPad ordering system because it seemed interesting and easier to figure out what was on the menu. We ordered 3 dinners of sushi/rolls and the total was about $68 dollars. Yikes but it was sushi so ....ok. Then at the end of the ordering it asked us to add a tip. Well I wasn't working with anyone and I was picking it up myself so I declined and then we waited...for almost 30 min. After we placed our order the place did get more busy. But the frustrating thing was that people were receiving their orders before ours. One thought was because we used the iPad ordering system. Another thought was because I didn't tip on my (Burger King type ordering restaurants). My husband went up to ask how it was going and was told to move away that our order was being cued up. He noticed three plates were out and sat there for 10 minutes.They were missing the side salads that went with the order. We also ordered pot sticker (Don't order those, they are fried and stale) and they had been sitting longer. We watched people come and go and then finally our order was ready. This fish was dry and chewy, the rolls were heavy and old and the pot stickers were cold and chewy. The salad was good. As we were eating I noticed other customers standing in the same place my husband was standing and nobody said anything. not order from the iPad system. Get to know the staff as you order. They may actually remember your order. There is no reason to tip at this restaurant as it is a slow food chain. They also have a tip jar at the register so if you like the cashier when you order do support the system. The food is not worthy of tipping. AT a real restaurant the tip says , thank you for the service, the food was great and I appreciate dinning at your establishment. The tip at a real restaurant goes also to the dish washer and cooks. You tip after your experience so you know how to tip. I'm really happy I didn't tip up front to the iPad. So beware, food is expensive, quality is below average, serves is slow, and the employees are not very friendly or apologetic.

Vanessa Gaytan

Love this place. Always fresh food and good custumer service

Rivas L.

I like this place a lot. All the Employees are Very Friendly and Welcoming. The Service is fast and the Food and portions are reasonable.


Everything was decent. The interior was clean. The service was acceptable. The portion size was ample. The quality of the food was decent. The flavors were fine, and the sauces were typical for a chain faster-food restaurant.

Esther Kim

This SanSai is conveniently located right next to the Burbank Airport in a plaza that offers plenty of parking. They have several tables set up outside their business for outdoor dining although I think they're allowing indoor dining now as well. The staff have always been very friendly whenever I have visited this establishment.I always get the same thing when I come here: the Tempura Plate with California Roll, and double sides of their Oriental Salad. Their tempura is crispy and prepared in rice bran oil. It includes shrimp, broccoli, and sweet potato. It comes with 6 pieces of California Roll, which you really can't go wrong with. Their Oriental Salad comes with fresh baby greens, sesame seeds, mandarin oranges, and crunchy noodles tossed in their Sansai Oriental Dressing. It's refreshing and their best salad in my opinion.While I always get the same thing, they do have quite a large menu and their food is definitely worth trying if you're craving quick Japanese food in the area!

A. B.

They should clean their soda machine. Dirt was floating in my cup. Not going there any more. Thank you.

Todd Hessick

I appreciate it always feel very sanitary when dine here.Been a fan of Sansai since its first opening.alittle disappointing the portion sizes have gotten smaller and prices have gone way up.

Farzin R.

My son is 22 years old. Graduated from Berkeley and going to Georgetown in August. Good looking , handsome, smart and available. We first started going to San Sai years ago in Pasadena when I believe one or two chefs from Home Town Buffet started the franchise. My don was 7 that makes me a 15 year customer. I went to Burbank location after 3 years or so. The food was good before but is super great now. You get your monies worth and then some. The portions are good. Price is fantastic. Is someone wants a ride to Burbank airport I will volunteer right away. That gives me a excuse to go eat there again and again. Bring a fiend Spread the love

Berik Onthefloor

Nice place. Close to airport and east parking

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