Sansai Burbank

2575 N Hollywood Way UNIT 107, Burbank
(818) 565-0420

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Ashley Martz

Friendly service, clean bathroom, healthy choices. Highly recommend!

Jonathan Mendez

Wow I'm impressed good price good quality everything's good

Laurie B.

Have been here many times and always enjoy food. It's surprisingly good for what is basically a fast food take out Japanese food place. Tonight something was definitely amiss. The CA roll is usually exceptional, lots of crab filling, a great Happy Hour price which now went up, but tonight barely any filling, and the chicken teriyaki dinner was not as good or generous as usual. I asked for something instead of rice and was offered miso soup, yet rice came, no soup. I requested low sodium soy sauce, yet regular soy sauce included. Was really disappointed. Seems like under new management or something, but NOT GOOD and I wont be returning.

Chris Patton

Dynamite Shrimp was delicious! Service was great. I will definitely be coming back here again!

Jake Rosener

Great American-Japanese joint. Has bowls, soups, and typical Japanese plate lunches. My go to during the week.

Houston Keller

This spot has great service as well as delicious meals. One of my favourite restaurants around town. The food and drinks served quickly and the prices were economical. Highly recommended.

Nell N

I've debated on whether on not to eat here for years. Normally when I'm in the area, I choose to eat next door. But the day I visited I was craving california rolls, so I choose to order here. My mom decided to order next door. I ordered her food first since there's usually a 10-15 min wait for walk up orders. I was only going to order sushi rolls, which shouldn't take that long, right?To be fair, I went on a fairly busy day on the weekend. There are four options to order from here: walk up to the counter, order from the kiosks just inside the doors, phone orders, and food app deliveries. Since there was a long line, I decided to order from the kiosk. There were about five people in line ahead of me when I ordered. I paid for my order on the kiosk and waited outside, as instructed (for social distancing purposes). They have a outdoor announcing system (that you could hardly hear btw) where they call your name when your order is ready, and you are able to re-enter the establishment to pickup your order.So I waited. And waited. And waited. All the people ahead of me in line came and went. New people came in and ordered, and left. And I was waiting. After about 20 min, I thought this isn't right. I shouldn't be waiting this long for sushi rolls. So I went back in to make sure that they didn't forget to call me or some sort or explanation. I went in and checked with the lady working the counter whether I could have missed hearing my name. She abruptly said, "we'll call you when your order is ready". Hmmm, okay that was a little rude. But again, they were busy and I was gonna give them the benefit of the doubt. Plus there was literally only one person making sushi, so I thought, okay maybe there's a big order.More people come in to order, more people leave with their order. I finally decided to stay inside just to make sure I didn't miss my name being called. More people coming and going. I asked her again, are you sure you haven't called my name yet? And same restrained rudeness with a, "we'll call you when your order is ready".Another 15 min passed. Still nothing. I was livid at this point. My mother had gotten her order next door and had already eaten and I still hadn't even heard a whiff of my order. Reminder: I got an order of california rolls and a spicy tempura roll. THAT'S IT. Not even a drink. I walked back in intending to just cancel my order and get my money back. She sees me come back in but still makes me wait in line behind the new people ordering their food.When I get to the counter, I asked if I could just cancel my order. She replies, "we don't have an order for you". I was already angry and said that if they didn't have an order for me how could I have a receipt saying I paid almost an hour ago. She checks and checks. Still nothing. I dunno what finally made her check the kiosk orders, but she did. She got that look on her face that said, "oh s#!7". And (surprise!) found the order I placed an hour ago.She couldn't apologize fast enough for brushing me off previously. If I hadn't been so hungry, I probably would have caused a scene. But I patiently waited and they placed my order (finally) ahead of the others waiting to make my order. Did I get a discount or something extra for having waited an hour? Nope. Not even an offer of a free drink for the inconvenience.It goes without saying that I will NEVER patronize this location again. Thanks but no thanks.

Cheryl E.

The steak was so rubbery and tough I had to throw it all out. Wouldn't even give it to my dog. Just ate the rice and salad.

Cyl J.

My brother wanted to eat at the fish location next door, but the menu for this place sounded more appealing. They had kiosks (a.k.a big iPad looking tablets) to order food from inside and some tables outside for outdoor dining. The interface for the kiosk was pretty nice and most of the food listed on the menu had pictures, which helped with ordering compared to the paper menu we were looking at outside the restaurant. We can need up splitting the poke nachos, spicy tempura roll, and spring rolls. We sat at a table next to the restaurant and did not have to wait too long. All the food looked really good when opening up the different containers and definitely was enough food for the both of us. My favorite was the poke nachos between the three. I love the crunchy wonton type chips and the mix of sriracha mayo with the sweet sauce over the fish. The roll was pretty decent as well as the spring rolls.

Aida C.

Great spot for fast Japanese food.  Fresh, tasty and quick.  I love that it has its own parking lot and that it has an ordering kiosk.  California rolls are affordable and the the BOGO chicken and rice is a great deal.  Plus they have a rewards program!  It is located next door to the Burbank airport behind Panda Express.

Tia K.

Opened up the pack only to find a hair in my sushi? WHERE ARE THE HAIRNETS PEOPLE! Gross! Never again.

Elizabeth P.

This spot is very quick and yummy! My boyfriend loves their Ramen!! Enjoy their variety and great prices.

Kamryn Oconnell

I celebrated my graduation this evening in this delicious restaurant. happy to tell that we had a incredible evening and the place was clearly the reason for the happy event. The stuff contributed in a sweet manner, the cooking was appetizing and my guests were very glad. We shall absolutely visit again for more celebrations. thanks very much.

Isabella C.

We ordered from here for our family's New Years eve dinner and I can definitely give this place 5 stars! The food was delicious and we've ordered from many places always seem to forget a meal or something goes wrong, NOT THIS PLACE, they even gave us EXTRA utensils, sauces, etc! FIVE STARS THANK YOU SANSAI GRILL!! GREAT FOOD!

Andy Sidik

Generous portion. Clean and good location. Plenty parking space.

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