201 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 845-4655

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Dnny 23

I noticed you guys hired a new employee named Mark, Mark had provided me with amazing service and I was just mine blown by how nice he is. I truly believe that you guys need to promote Mark or give him a raise. The pizza Mark had served me was prefect and it was filled with wonderful flavor. As I tasted the pizza I felt like I was in ancient Italy ?? the experience was truly wonderful.

Nicole D.

Very rude employees Instead of making you feel welcome they treated me very rudely and ruined my birthday Never again at this location

Jaden Anthony

I like this spot! They provide high class food, their menu is rich, The chef in that spot is a real authority in the kitchen, I enjoy a lot eating all their food. The food is always good, the service towards the customers is very good too. I go often to this restaurant and I not even once was unsatisfied. I recommend it to all my friends.

Karen Walker

Pizza was very dry. No sauce on it at all. Just cheese and bread. Very dissappointed. This pizza use to be one of the best pizzas. Did not taste like it used to.

Lula Cummings

The food was decent but the attitude of the hostess rubbed me the wrong way. The bacon was delicious on the iron skillet order. The garden salad and the country fried steak were good. Her attitude was not only towards me but I witnessed it with another customer. The best way to describe it was she was snappy and combative. But in a passive aggressive manner. Maybe it was a bad day, so I am going to give it a pass and give the extra star. Also, please remember to put some utensils and napkins with my to-go order. Thanks!

Cecil Harris

The spot is nice and spacious, the meals was delightful and the rates were very reasonable. quick, effective service and very amiable waiters. Highly recommended.

alus nova

Service is so so. Food isn’t what it once was.

Cheryl Jacobs

Visited this spot since it's a new restaurant in the area. I was very pleased with the food and their drink options. I was able to meet the owner Mica and she was very helpful and made the experience very welcoming. Keep up the good work.

Jeff Cottle

I visit this place a lot since I work close by. I love how their service is always excellent and they keep the place well organized constantly. Pricing is fair and they serve large portions.

Gevorg G.

I like the food, but service is annoying! Both guys were pushing me to buy more food and drinks then i needed. That's not polite! If I'm not buying a drink, that's mean i don't want to drink! 2 stars only for food.

Fernanda Colleen

I love this venue a lot. there is a different ambiance. The food is superb. the service is dynamic and the waiters are polite. The cost is decent. I definitely recommend.

Erik R.

$2.97 for 12oz of water I'm not coming back Currently price of gasoline is $4.00 What's wrong with this people

Emmanuel Valle

(Translated by Google) Good pizza

Saeid Riazi

Bad quality and too much oil all over

Bradley P.

This place still doesn't have vegan cheese in 2019! What the hell! Get with the times! There are so many options these days, and there are a lot of vegans out in the world. Don't ignore a huge chunk of the population. Vegans go to the mall too, ya know!

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