Sliders Bakery and Ice Cream Factory

3118 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank
(818) 748-3422

Recent Reviews

S.V. Šamija

Lots of fun. Great place. Unusual flavours that are always changing.

Naomi Hunter

This place has amazing cookies and fantastic staff. Very helpful. Looking forward to trying the ice cream next time.

Cam Outlaw

Good service. So many choices and flavor/ cookie combinations its hard to make a decision. Ice cream was great. Cookies were good.

tom bui

Good place to treat yourself and friend to some tasty ice cream. The cookies are a little too sweet, personally.

Blue P.

About time Burbank gets another craft ice cream option (I miss Quenelle!). This one also offers cookies and ice cream sandwiches. Their Smoke & Oil ice cream they caught my eye. What a cool mix of smoke, chocolate, and salted caramel on a spoon! Texture of ice cream is a bit gooey, kinda like gelato.

Kay Oldfather-Daigle

Beat ice cream I have ever had and I have traveled all over America! This is the BEST!

Michelle P.

Got an assortment of cookies and a brownie. Am normally not the biggest sweets fan. No photos because I ate them all. One of the cookies, imitated an apple pie, oatmeal chocolate chip, confetti, ect.... Impossible to decide which one was my favorite. The brownie was beyond decadent

Beth S.

Hi everyone This review is addressed to Beauty N. who left an incorrect and poor in choice review. I was there when Beauty N came storming in like a typical "Karen". She was rude and condescending to the the two girls working at Sliders. The girls working there explained clearly that the ice cream purchased from the freezer would need to be thawed out before eating. However, with her limited brain capacity, she did not quite understand that and after a few minutes of trying to eat the ice cream outside came rushing back in and literally had a melt down because she could not have her pint of ice cream right then and there. She then demanded to get 3 scoops of ice cream for free for her trouble-Yes, basically asking for free ice cream for just being stupid and having no common sense on what it means to have purchased ice cream from a freezer and needing to let it thaw out. The girls at the counter politely said we could not give 3 scoops of ice cream for free. Once she heard that, she started yelling and swearing at them asking for their manager. The manager or owner came out, heard what this low class lady had to say and went ahead and graciously gave her 3 scoops for free. I think he just wanted to shut her mouth up because she was being so rude. When we thought she was done complaining (and this is how we know how low class she really is), as she began to walk out, she called the two girls working at Sliders "bitches". Really??? A 50 yr old grown woman, acting like a Neanderthal and calling two young girls "bitches"???? Just because her ice cream needs to be thawed out and she didn't have the brain power to comprehend that. To people reading her review- Do not be fooled by this low class idiot of a woman. I have been going to Slider for years and their service and ice cream are excellent. Look at all their reviews....that speaks volumes for what they mean to the community. To the girls who were working at Sliders tonight. Your professionalism and calm were top notch.Your customer service skills are something that the owners should be proud of. Thank you for always being great when my family comes in there for ice cream!!!!!!! Don't let that poor excuse for a woman (Beauty N.) who came in and ruined your evening bother you guys. To tell you the truth, I would have loved to have slapped her right in the mouth with that pint of frozen ice cream just to teach her some manners. Beauty N.- If you are ever in the neighborhood again at Sliders, let us know..... we have a double scoop of "Karen Crunch" we loved to shove your face into. If we could give Beauty N. 0 stars for manners we totally would. However, she gets 5 stars for being a complete nut job.

Cassandra Morales

Best customer service I've ever received!! This place makes their own ice cream and all of their desserts in house!! How awesome is that. They also have very unique and delicious flavors so be sure to call and ask which ones they have for the day. Check this place out if you're craving something sweet :)

Darren Alcala

O. M. G. The ice cream sandwiches here to die for. The ice cream, delicious. The cookies, delicious. Put it together, dessert nirvana. Make this place a must stop in your day. Staff was super friendly as well! Lots of different flavors to choose from.

Kate Rainscience

Nice local ice cream shop. Really wish there were more diary-free flavors!

Sarah V.

I absolutely love this place. So addicted! The ice cream is And their cookies, shakes, pies, floats, everything there is just so delicious! I don't remember the name of the young man who works there in the evenings but he has the best customer service I've seen in any restaurant establishment.

Supriya C.

Our first visit here, won't be the last for sure! The staff is really friendly- look the time to give us a lay of the land and then patiently answered questions. Our whole group over indulged as a result! And mind you- no regrets- we are unabashed foodies! So, 3 ice cream sandwiches and a two scoop ice cream up was the total haul. The cool thing is how they customize the ice cream sandwiches- you can pick any two cookies and any one flavor of ice cream and viola! You have your sandwich- so naturally no one in the group had two of the same cookies and in one case it was brownies, ch chip ice cream with cookies and cream ice cream- you get the pictures- we went all out and LOVED it! Yes the ice cream is rich and delicious, yes the cookies are good- my favorite being the snickerdoodle (I took little bites of all and then enjoyed my two scoops of ice cream- devious!:)) favorite ice cream toss up between rocky road and the butterfinger one... why chose when two scoops are an option! Support this local business- way better than those chain ice cream stores in quality, taste and service!

Mom B.

Went after picking up my kid from school - First timer! We loved it!! Of course we had to get cookies to go!

Alana M.

Oh my, all the goodness they are serving up here! Come check them out! We've been here twice now. We live about 35 miles away, so we don't make it out this way too often! That could be a good or a bad thing! I love their unique flavors of ice cream, ones you won't find every where! The ice cream is very creamy and luxurious. I have had their Southern Style Banana Pudding, Whole Latte Love, County Fair Caramel Apple, and Potter's Butterbeer... all were worthy of ordering again! Hubby loves cookies and lucky for him, this place sells cookies! The cookies are listed on the menu board, but when looking at the cookies, we just point to what we want not knowing exactly what we just chose. It would be ideal if they would have little labels so we know! We try to guess what we got! Nonetheless, the cookies have a nice chew to them! They sell mini-pies and brownies also, but we have not yet tried them. I'm sure they're just as good as their ice cream and cookies! I was literally like kid in a candy shop! Walking in here is like taking a step back in time ... like back to the 1980s! First thing I noticed was E.T. looking my way! It was odd and cute. They have retro posters that are a take-off on Back to the Future & E.T., but with Sliders Bakery & E.A.T. Sliders Bakery. There are bits of neon art in here too! Another little piece of decoration is The Child (Grogu) from The Mandalorian!! Be prepared to wait for your turn to enter. They only want 2 groups inside at a time. There is no place to eat inside. Outside, there are 2 benches. Or you can sit on city benches across the street. If you haven't been here, you really are missing out on some really delicious goodies!

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Sliders Bakery and Ice Cream Factory

3118 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 748-3422