Sliders Bakery and Ice Cream Factory

3118 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank
(818) 748-3422

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Dana Hansen

Mmm... That honey lavender ice cream is amazing. The family also had mint, smoke and oil, and butter beer - said they were all tasty, though the butter beer is super sweet. Cookie for tomorrow. Prices were not bad at all. $4 for a single scoop. $2 for a giant cookie.

oscar martinez

The ice cream is delicious, the taste of Thai tea is delicious. I recommend the place, the price is little high.

Henry Delargy

Oh my God! Every bite of their pies and ice cream is amazingly surprising. They craft a narrative with their deserts. Can't wait to try all the pies.

Shay R.

Wow wow wow!! Ice cream, so yummy! Cookies, amazing! Service, so kind and friendly. This is definitely my new favorite dessert place. It's super cute inside and that's always a plus

Sharleen S.

Was in the area and decided I needed an ice cream break, and I had never been here so I decided to try Sliders out! The flavors were looking delicious and they were not ordinary, so of course I had to ask for what's good. The person who helped me was Allen. He was honestly so nice, enthusiastic, and explained the flavors to me and what the best ones he thought were. I decided to go with the cookies and cream one (don't remember the exact name) but IT WAS AMAZING! So glad Allen was able to help me choose the best choice for me. Will def come back! Parking: there is street parking!

Jowel G.

I wasn't sure what sweet treat I was craving. Ice cream is always a favorite and so are cookies and tea or coffee. Best of both worlds! A cookie ice cream sandwich aka Slider. All the cookies looked delish with a board full of ice cream flavors. Both are made on site and fresh. Decided on a chocolate cookie half dipped in white chocolate with chocolate chips, the other was a mint chocolate chip. I could have just gone with a cookie but then that Thai tea ice cream was talking to me. It was 93 degrees that day so it was justified. Some of the best cookies I've had, rich and flavorful- dreamy. Ice cream was smooth and perfect creamy texture. Also had the Reese's PB chocolate cookie and birthday cake cookie. These did not disappoint. Staff was friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back. And, it might have to be for a pie.

Alex Sandoval

Simply unbelievable. Was totally overwhelming being a first timer here , but was walked through by a super friendly staff . Hands down in my top 3 best desserts place in the valley .

Chandler H.

Checked this place out today for the first time with my wife and kids. Super safe environment and unbelievable choices for ice cream and dessert. I was blown away by all the different flavors to choose from. There were so many things here that I've never seen anywhere else, all the ice creams and cookies were packed with candy and different textures. I had to get a quad scoop and 1/2 dozen cookies this time but I will definitely be back in the future to try more flavors. Also, Allen was the one helping me with everything and he was the best. So helpful in helping us make the hard decision as to what we should get, really friendly and hospitable with my kids, and kept things safe by gently making sure my kiddos were adhering to their safety guidelines. Overall, I highly recommend. I'll be back!

Juan Felipe Ramos

By far the best icecream and cookies I’ve had in LA area. The staff was so nice and welcoming when I told them it was my first time visiting. Marking this as one of my local favorites

Aren V.

Enjoy it now as much as you can ! As soon a well known food blogger finds out about this place . It's over there will be a line down the Street I will happy for the owners success but sad for myself LOL . Ain't no one waiting in wrap around . Long story short this is the Best Ice cream . Actual ice cream no gelati . Yogurt or some other weird thing that's cold . This is Original D o double G plain ice cream and I assure you it's the best ever

Sapão Pinson

It was best place to explore my sweet tooth.!! Amazing cookies and pies are amazing. Definitely worth stopping by

Cobrinha BJJ SB

Best unique cookies and ice cream in town definitely to explore your sweet tooth

alicia s.

I've had this place bookmarked on Yelp for awhile. Came here after a disappointing dinner nearby. Service was amazing. Guys were hilarious & knowledgeable about all the pies & cookies. I knew I wouldn't be able to eat it all once I saw the size of the cookies & the size of the scoop of ice cream. Cookies are AMAZING. And the ice cream was good. I deducted 1 star for the following 2 reasons: 1) no to go containers if you can't finish it all and 2) the different size of the cookies made it so that my ice cream smooshed out & difficult to eat. Now that I know these things I'll be better prepared next time. Because there will be a next time. We parked on the street. Not sure if there is dedicated parking lot. And only 2 groups of 2 allowed inside at a time of social distancing Covid practices.

Trevor P.

Awesome service, awesome flavors, too many to try. I would put this a tier above baked bear.

Joey Diel

Great and original flavors. Definitely, a specialty ice cream store with prices to match.

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Sliders Bakery and Ice Cream Factory

3118 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 748-3422