761 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 953-9817

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K G.

This Starbucks is poorly managed! They're frequently out of products that are considered Starbucks staples. By the time you realize they don't have what you want, you're stuck in the long drive-thru line, unable to leave. Save yourself the hassle and visit the much better run location on Glenoaks.

Adam C.

The staff here is not so bright. I've never had to ask about cream and sugar at Starbucks let alone any coffee shop. And they seemed shocked when I requested it. And when I ask if she can hold my coffee behind the counter while I use the restroom they simply leave it right on the counter unattended for everyone after me to breath on while placing their order id be better off taking it in bathroom with me.

Ang G.

I'm not from this area! I really was having a bad day I just needed a stop for some coffee. I was treated horrible from employees!!! If you can drive an extra 2 mins to go to another Starbucks I would recommend.

Jack C.

i have never waited this long through drive thru starbucks. the line wasnt even long and ive been sitting here waiting 35 minutes for one car to move up. hire more workers!!!!!!!!!

Melanie D.

I came here on a Saturday morning around 8:30 and the drive thru line was so long. I decided to go inside and order. There was no line inside. I ordered a grande sugar free vanilla latte decaf to be made with heavy cream. I told the employee to please make with heavy cream specifically. I also asked for a brownie not to be warmed. I tasted my drink in the car and realized it was not made with heavy cream. I can tell the difference. It's not as creamy and it tastes stronger. I looked at the sticker on the cup and it said "breve." So basically half-and-half. Plus, they warmed my brownie. I did not have extra time to go back and get it changed. So the reviews are right...they cannot get orders right.

Leilani P.

I've given this place THOUSANDS of chances to make drinks correctly, and I'm disappointed every single time I chose to come back and give them another chance. Never again. My sister and I's "pumpkin cold brew" taste like straight up watered down coffee. There wasn't even a taste of pumpkin. At this point I think all Starbucks' should be training their new baristas MUCH longer! Now because Burbank can't get it together I drive to the next city over for my drinks because Burbank just doesn't have its touch no more and hasn't for a whileeee.

Sam K.

I dunno what it is about Starbucks in burbank but it usually takes 20 minutes for a drink to be made if they are not busy. 30 minutes for peak hours. Plan accordingly.

J F.

Definitely the worst starbucks drinks I've ever had. I ordered a green tea latte and a caramel frapp. My latte was 90% milk and didn't taste sweet or good. The frapp tasted like absolutely nothing just ice. Not to mention that it took 20 minutes to get them. Not worth going here..

Carly J.

The most inconsistent Starbucks. The drinks are never ever the same - it's wild. Order a cold brew with a splash of milk? You'd expect it to be the same each time. You would be VERY VERY WRONG.

Elizabeth A.

Worst drive through service. Kat was upset because I changed my drink because they had nothing???? Like I should be the one getting upset not you.

George M.

Thursday July 1st, 2021 I drove up to drive thru to find it closed off. Parked and walked up with my 7r old to find the main door locked. There was a girl wiping the the inside door windows and she points to a note taped to the front door stating they are closing at 6pm. I point to my wrist saying there is 5 mins until they are closed and she continues on trying to rudely ignore me. Then moments later another women rudely comes to the door and says they are closed. I tell her there is still a few minutes until they are supposed to be closed. She rudely tells me they are out of all coffee and to find another Starbucks. I asked why couldn't the other woman just say that and she closes the door on me. Because I had my young child with me I grit my teeth and walked away. Very poor excuse for customer service!!! I usually come to this location but not any more. Management needs to get on this ASAP!!

Yashira L.

Rude customer service. Made me leave almost wanting to cry.. I asked for a cake pop and not once did the barista tell me they didn't have any. I could even see them on the window. But when I asked for it he rudely said "I told you we don't have any!" In front of everyone.

Samuel L.

Not sure why they have such a low rating, the staff here is amazing! Always friendly and accommodating and their manager Kelly works her ass off! Seems like she never leaves, I can't remember the last time I went in and she wasn't there busting her butt cooking up hot food and taking orders. Best Starbucks in the Burbank area by a long shot! Highly highly recommend.

Aleena R.

Sam was freaking amazing. Whoever is her boss please promote her! It's currently 7 am and I just got done working and she already made my entire day with her amazing customer service; amazing attitude; and amazing way of making a guest literally want to come to this Starbucks. If I lived in this area (I'm from oc) I'd come here just to have this amazing woman take my order! Starbucks I've been dissatisfied with y'all so much this year but Sam left me with a smile on my face and that is what customer service is all about!! Promote her!!!! Thanks again for your amazing work ethic and authenticity from your Gemini customer on 6.21.12 at 7 in the freaking morning you're rocking it girl with a smile on your face!!

Lurose Rod

Manager or guy with black shirt rude. He has a sour face with every question.

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