Tacos 1986 Burbank

4005 W Riverside Dr Suite 102, Burbank
(818) 861-7219

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Jada L.

We are here for the restaurant week specials. Their tacos were delicious and the big tortilla chips were very good too. The best part is their free salsa bar with salsas that ranged from mild to extremely spicy! Delicious.

Isidro Soria

Service was great, so 4 stars for that. But I would not recommend this place for tacos. If u want tacos, I suggest elsewhere. If I can rate the food I’d give it 1 star.

Adam K.

Ordered through door dash, only half of my order arrived and what did arrive was cold and mediocre at best. I've had tacos in TJ and these are just meh. Called tacos 1986 - no apologies, they just told me to contact door dash as if it was their problem. Terrible service and mediocre food. Would never go back to this place.

Margita T.

My family is from Tijuana and the tacos and aguas that they have are great! Will be coming back again and again!!

Jessica N.

Tacos are straightforward circles of deliciousness so when I went into Tacos 1986, such were my expectations. I've also seen them featured in taco lists before so I was excited to try them. We didn't have a hard time finding parking right out front and walking in you see a giant menu and the ordering counter. They have a limited menu but do include vegetarian options. Pricing is higher than other taco spots. They have salsas and taco accompaniments (limes, radishes, etc.) on the side for you to grab on your own. Cashier was friendly and you can see them prepare your meal. We didn't wait long for our order. I ordered 2 asada tacos and 1 chicken taco to try it. My partner also ordered 3 tacos. They serve it on a plate and wrap it in foil. Tacos are slightly bigger than the usual tiny ones and I guess all tacos come with avocado. It comes with the usual cilantro and onion mix too but I couldn't taste it or really see it on my tacos. The chicken was good, I enjoyed it. Asada didn't taste like asada, I think it's the way they season it. It almost tasted too lime-y to me. Idk if that was also maybe from the "guacamole" they slathered on. I finished my tacos but I didn't feel like I had tacos yknow? Like I was still left with the craving of tacos. My partner said he was hardly full. The salsas they had were really good. The green one isn't spicy at all but the red and orange one have a little spicyness to it. We saved the leftovers and had them with our eggs the next morning and it was yum. My main annoyance though was the way the tacos were wrapped. They half wrap each taco individually like a crepe in really thin paper. So when they wrap it all in foil, the steam kind of sticks the wrapping paper to the taco. Taking it off is just ripping it off piece by piece. I don't understand why they wrap them individually, seems like a waste. Overall, service was nice, place was clean, there was a small bar like table outside for seating, salsas were good, pricier than usual, but I don't think I would come back or recommend to my friends.


Super clean, friendly staff. The mushroom taco was the best. The chips and guacamole - chips were baked and tasted burnt, guacamole needed salt. Beef, pork, chicken tacos were just ok. Topo Chico was different. Thanks dinela!

Marie P.

Food is good but staff lacks of customer service. Never greet you! First thing they tell you as you walk in is that they are only taking takeout orders when it's still an hour from closing time. When taking your order, they seem bothered and show how much they hate their job. Feel as if I'm going in there to ask for free food.

Jose Rivera

These tacos are not what your looking for, if your Hispanic/Mexican in search of some street tacos.I'll start of by saying the service is excellent, but the food was not good. First I get an order of tacos and the tortilla is cold. How are you going to serve hot meat in a cold tortilla, this isn't a veggie wrap.The second thing the meat is over seasoned. I tried asada/adobada/mushrooms, they all felt way to salty, plus the mushroom felt like it was scraped with all seasoning left in the pan from a day worth of cooking. And last but not last the guacamole and salsas. They are nothing to write home about. They are all bland it adds nothing to the taste, so why even add it?This tries to be a fancy taco place but it fell a little short. I would recommend Guisados in downtown Burbank if you're looking for a gourmet taco

Poncho Buendia

It was awesome! Pastor tacos were heavenly!!! Salsa Morita to die for.

Dane Roemer

Well like most things in the COVID days this has gone downhill too. Our order today came with cilantro that smelled like old lettuce and was a bit yellow. The salsa verde tasted sour, like it had gone bad. Not acceptable to me. We had to throw that stuff out for fear of getting sick.

Talin M.

It's just ok Mexican food. Located in Downtown LA, you'd think it would be better tasting. Full disclosure, basing this review on their vegetarian options as I do not eat meat. Tried their mushroom tacos and guacamole. Oh was eh, just ok. I've definitely had better. The mushrooms were over marinated and over cooked. I had to add a lot of squeezed limes to cut the taste. The guacamole was horrible. So tasteless!! How can you mess up guac at a taco place lol. It was under salted with zero taste. They offer complimentary sauces which are pretty good. The complimentary cucumbers they offer were gross. They were bitter!! How can cucumbers be bitter. Don't get it. But portion size and pricing is decent.

Night H.

This one was so disappointing. The mushrooms were like rubber. Some of the pork was burned - not crispy, but completely charred and inedible. Of the many tacos ordered, I only liked one of the vampiros and even that was kind of underwelming.

Eduardo V.

Great staff, great food, great place. Simple ingredients presented in interestingly complex ways. Make sure you try the adobada anything and give it a good squeeze of lime.

Sulem A.

If you want cold tacos this is the place. I came in person ordered and the tacos were over loaded with sauce to the point it made the whole taco falls apart & cold. I just think the people working there have little or no interest in providing good food. It's a shame because it has potential but they need to put effort and think about the food & customer service they provide.

Jorge S.

The worst place i have been and every way these means the guy who was cooking was all pissed off like he doesn't get paid good enough to due he's job Wrigth. lifting he's hands watching he's phone like he wasn't going to finish are order the girl who bring are food outside to us just close the door and are faces didn't even respond to us if they put salsa for are order we knock in the the door and ask the Grumpy guy for salsa and he said they didn't have any and close the door again and us after we spent about 100 dollars for these type of service i will recommend to anyone not to come to these place The worst place 100% sure of that these happen 8/25/2021 at 9:40pm in case the owner wants to check he's video tapes im assuming he have camaras so he can see from he's eyes what type of people it's running he's place

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