Tender Greens

325 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 333-8340

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Sue Fredericks

I love the California Bowl ? with Chipotle BBQ Chicken. I crave it always but only manage to get into the Burbank location every month or so. It's great for when you are shopping local on San Fernando Rd. Never too crowded ... on account of their massive delivery business.

Richard O.

Healthy food that tastes good. Sure the portions aren't great and isn't priced right to my liking but very few things in life are perfect.

Gill Gayle

Just ate here for the first time in a while. Really was not good. Employees seems barely willing to help and the chicken was cold and dry. Took it back and got slightly warmer dry chicken. Mashed potatoes were liquid ish. Veggies were barely ok. Kale salad was fine. Save your money, plenty of places to eat in Burbank.

Lois Wildman

Friendly and helpful service food was good you build the order yourself from menu items and we have a large area for are big group. I had fried chicken the vegetables and salad and it was good

Martha G

Delicious salads but small portions. They need to double their portion size to equal a full meal.

Ashley C.

Enjoyed 2 salmon plates that were cooked as requested! Cannot wait to order from here for the remainder of my trip! Was also pleasantly surprised their hibiscus tea was actually Sorrel! I'm West Indian and no one gets it right - they actually did!

brendon d.

I eat here all the time but today was trash. I ordered the California bowl with salmon no brown rice add their arugula mix and add avocado. 1. No dressing or crema with the salad. Dry. And they didn't give me their arugula mix just plain undressed arugula. 2. Tiny sliver of avocado for 1.50 3. Salmon was completely raw in the middle and smelt weird. This sucks cause I love this meal but I won't return to this location. Save yourself from this 20$ meal

Jose M.

In a pinch, and when you want to eat 'healthy', this works. BBQ chicken salad or plate are my go to's. Mashed potatoes are always great, but the seasonal veggies can be hit or miss. The drink flavors always lack sugar, but I guess thats the point. Do try the desserts, extra points to the olive cake. This location has a nice patio for people watching, and plenty of indoor seating.

Natalie S.

I should've checked the reviews of this location before ordering but since I've had O.K. experiences at other ones I didn't bother. I wanted a quick & easy steak so after searching on postmates 20 min (trying to avoid ordering from here) I decided to just settle with tender greens because although it's not the best it's reliable. WRONG. I ordered the steak plate medium rare with brown rice/kale salad & a side of Mac & cheese. Here's what's wrong with everything. My steak is grey & chewy, not medium rare. I'm not sure if that's spinach but it's definitely not kale & the mac & cheese tastes like something you would get at a hospital. The cheese part is a really weird, I don't know how to describe it but it's almost gritty, like just not creamy at all. It has absolutely no flavor at all either. I will say the steak is seasoned fine which is surprising because the other locations I've been to don't season it properly, IF they season it at all. The brown rice was the best part & thats really sad in my opinion lol. I almost feel like this location is a joke & i have 2nd hand embarrassment for whoever's running it I think the biggest issue with tender greens is consistency. Even the one in Hollywood would mess up here & there but it wasn't bad enough for me to want to leave a review. This one in DTLA is just terrible I would avoid it at all costs. I would give the overall restaurant 3/5 but this specific location 0/5 it's not worth it

Marc L.

This location is poorly managed. I told them I wanted to dine in.. when they brought me food over, they expected to get my own disposable utensils.. while the other patrons got silverware to use. How do you go this a restaurant,

Rebecca B.

Food had absolutely no flavor so bland. Would not recommend. Maybe a salad but anything beyond is a waste.

Evan Litchfield

Been a big fan of tender greens they cook their meats well and their salads and dressings always are fresh and light.

Sarah Y.

I can count on Tender Greens for a tasty and healthy meal. I ate everything off my plate (steak plate + kale salad + seasonal veggies) and it was so good! The staff was friendly and helpful. There was plenty of available seating indoors and outdoors.

Jasmin Wiley

It would have been good if they would have cooked the fish a little longer usually it’s pretty good from here.

Augie Pires

Great time catching up w a greater friend over awesome food! Never a bad experience at Tender Greens.

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