Tender Greens

325 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank
(818) 333-8340

Recent Reviews

Mr. Da Silva

I ordered the chicken sandwich and mash potatoes very very good. One of the best chicken sandwiches I ever ate

irvin burton

Nice food nice drinks nice servers nice atmosphere good place

Victoria Orolfo

Online ordering is easy and quick. Park in the Ross parking garage for quick and easy access.

Dominic Allie

The best restaurant in town! Thank you for the delicious foods and drinks that you had served to me. I should be honest that my dinner in your restaurant was satisfying and could never be regretted. The ambiance was a comfortable, polished, and beautiful view that could take a photo. Even the interior design was modern and stylish. I greatly want to visit this restaurant again and again. See you!

Rich Breen

No one will answer the phone, NO curbside pickup! The food is good there, but good luck trying to get anyone on the phone or getting curbside pickup; the phone menu connects you to Tender Greens Santa Monica, which then takes you through the same set of automated menus, but you can never actually speak to anyone. Despite what their website says, it's impossible to get curbside pickup. bummer...

Stephanie R.

I would give zero if possible. I ordered the family meal and added Mac and cheese. All my food was ice cold and they forgot the gravy for the mashed potatoes. While my child was eating a piece of chicken, it was uncooked inside! I tried calling there number but every option was forwarded to the Santa Monica location and then to a voicemail. We had to go back to the location for a refund. So disappointing. This was our first and last time ordering from here.

Chirag Pagarani

Gave me a half cup of soup and order felt super rushed...they forgot to give the hot sauce I asked for! Very disappointed!

Angela J.

It was just ok. I ordered the NY strip steak fries with arugula. The steak was 3 medium size medallions. Awesome taste but part of it was hard gristle so I really ended up with 2 pcs of steak. So at $14.50And a generous tip it was way over priced. Salad was awesome. Mint Lemonade was just lemonade. Good lemonade but I was expecting mint. So over all 3 stars. I would try it again.

Kill C.

I always get their fried chicken, mashed potatoes and tomato soup. I'm never disappointed with this place and the quality of food. Staff here is always helpful and friendly, even giving me water for my dog without asking. They also have delicious flavored drinks, as well as vegan/vegetarian alternatives.

Jason S.

I Love tender greens but this location is the worst. Unfortunately this is the closest location to my office, so we end up ordering from here at least once a week. This last time they messed up two of our plates, the food was burned. We didn't realize until we got back. When I later told the staff they seemed disinterested. I really hope someone from corporate sends a secret shopper in here to clean this place up.

Carlos Rivers

This restaurant has first-rate service as well as delightful meals. One of the best spot in the city. The meals arrived rapidly and the rates are fair. Highly recommended.

Miranda Gonzo

I had the falafel sandwich and white wine. The falafel itself was good but it was only lavash, a small amount of harrissa and the falafel balls. It really needed something more, like tomatoes, lettuce and onions. The staff also was confused and the service was slow even though they weren't very busy. After I ordered I was asked to stand inside and wait for my name to be called, but others that were eating on the patio outside were brought their food. I would have preferred to have my order brought to me outside.The waitress did have a long pour with the wine.Also, with a name like Tender Greens it seems like they should have WAY more vegetarian/vegan options.

Saba Shioyaki

The food was fine. The plexiglass barrier, the masks, the small voice of the girl taking orders and the noisy exhaust fan made ordering frustratingly difficult. Experienced customers ordered and paid online, came in with their order information on their phone and simply showed it through the plexiglass without having to say a word. That's the way you do it at Tender Greens.

Andrea L.

I always come to this Tender Greens with friends and family since i love the food. Unfortunately, the quality of the food is pretty inconsistent but that is not why I am writing this review. My friend and I ordered online and took our food to the patio to eat. While my friend was eating, one of the employees walked outside and tried to sneak a picture of my friend although it was quite obvious. My friend and I were both sure it was because she is overweight. She felt terrible that she went to a restaurant to get a healthy meal, only to be clearly judged and targeted. It was so sad and disappointing. So unprofessional and I will no longer be giving my weekly business to them. Too bad since I loved it and my friends and family began to like it as well.

Celeste V.

I'm so disappointed in Tender Greens tonight. I was looking forward to enjoying the delicious salmon I had tried once before. Unfortunately after I called, placed my order for pick up & sent my husband to pick up our order, I learned that he could not pay for the dinner, WITH CASH!!! I got a call from a very unhappy husband who informed me that he was told no cash accepted and rather rudely, he felt. I was never made aware of this policy on the website nor the woman who took my order. I am more then blown away that a company in this pandemic would not accept cash as a form of payment. So many other locals around that appreciate my business.I won't give less stars because the meal I had previously was great. I would just like to be informed of their policies behand.

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