Teriyaki Tokyo

201 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 841-8984

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Aleksandra S.

There's not too many fast teriyaki/ sushi places in Burbank, but for the price, convenience, and quality, Teriyaki Tokyo is a great place! It's located in the mall and they have from poke bowls to 5$ sushi rolls that are pretty big in size, as well as udon and chicken/ beef teriyaki bowls for about 7.50$.
It's your classic teriyaki but the protein porting size it's honestly really big so you can definitely fill up on it or even split it into two meals! Plus the older oriental woman is the sweetest and is very polite, and it's always nice seeing her there!

Monday M.

The Korean owner was so friendly and helpful. I loved the experience and vibes the store gave off. It was during closing time but the owner wasn't bothered helping us at all.   !

Ricardo M.

Friendly 4/5: easy going cashier. My food was cold. The chicken had no flavor and neither did the beef. The sauce was so over whelming that it had a strange aftertaste. I absolutely dont recommend it at all. Rice and noodles were both hard and not fresh.

Atomic44 H.

Been eating at this place for years can't give it enough praise.

Mark H.

Love the food but the staff needs to learn how to be professional. There are two girls one who looks like she is still in high school and one who looks like she's mad at everyone. When I go I order I always seem to get attitude from them. It almost feels like they are forced to work there. They need to fire these girls and hire people who actually have professional skills.

John M

This place constantly delivers. They have great dishes for fair rates, there is no waiting time even when the place is full.


Good food

Maria A.

This place has fantastic poke! Fresh and delicious! Staff is great and generous portion sizes! It's amazingly delicious for being inside the mall! My husband and I always make sure to make a stop for poke when we're at the mall. The tempura is delicious as well! Make a stop, you won't regret it!!

I Heart Them C.

Been coming here for 20 years (original was on 3rd floor). I would go to the mall just to eat here. Don't know why ratings is so bad but food is great and cheap. Will always be coming back.

Autumn R.

Terrible food. Don't do it. I'm not the biggest sushi expert but that was the worst I've had. Regrets!

Steven K.

I've been coming here pretty often and always thought it was okay, but today I got some raw chicken. Sorry, won't be coming back here...

Yance Cordell

First choice sushi spot! Mikuni's has held the record for years because nothing compares to their Pepperfin (which is my all time favorite!) It melts in your mouth and all their fish is the freshest, by far! All the rolls I've ever had have been mouthwatering! Honestly, best quality rolls for the price.

Jose D.

Very rude. Bad service. The food was good but the staff lacks social skills and aren't the friendliest. I asked for a cup of water and the lady at the register in a hostile manner pointed to another staff member and walked away. And the other staff member said not now and signaled as if refusing. I bought water elsewhere.

John Smith

For reasons of privacy im not using my real name. One of the girls that works in the front, young girl, pudgy, maybe even fat girl, would on multiple occasions be very rude to me, and the last time i had went there she had yelled at me and attempted to humiliate me infront of customers. I was appalled at what had happened. I had told management there but they do not care. It is shocking that management would not care at all about customer service to its customers. shocking actually, but thats the case, so for that reason be cautious about coming here, or better off just trying somewhere else entirely.

Jocelyn D.

Came here for a business meeting today and we had a break it was like 10:40am and I walked over from panda Express and I literally stood there infront of the cashier doing things for 5 mins ... I thought maybe they were not open but the lady behind me .... In Spanish said can I order? They immediately got happy and was all cheerful I see we her order and then I walked back up they instantly ignored me... I'm like what the hell I never even said anything I just walked away I hope mangers at this location see. The bullshit their employees do especially the young girl with the purple hair ughhhhse was so rude she didn't know I speak Spanish and she was like I don't want to take her order... Like wooooe wow just unacceptable...

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