Tony's Darts Away

1710 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 253-1710

Recent Reviews

CT Davis

We have enjoyed Tony's quite a bit since its resurrection from fading dive bar to craft brew-centric pub. They always have excellent news on tap with an eye toward local and variety of styles. We like to go with our dogs since they installed a small sidewalk seating area. The economical menu isn't long but is full of tasty pub snacks, with vegan and gluten free options alongside the meat and wheat based items.

James Chou

Beer selection- Excellent. Vegan/Vegetarian options- Excellent. Food preparation- Okay. Come here for a great selection of beer and order a little something to go with your drink. Don't bank your dinner budget here.

John Purdum

First time visit. Great selection of beer. Nice helpful people.

Joshua Meza

Get some of the best beers, and better food, in one place. Several vegan options, some are better than the non vegan ones.

Lynette Kay

This place is my local hangout. Less than 6 blocks from home I love to walk here when I’m in the mood for a beer. They have a rotating selection of local brews snd I always find something new to try. My go-to food order is the non- vegan street meat hotdog. And now that the kitchen is back to full service, their maple drizzled sweet potato fries are not to be missed.

Terrence Horn

This place is worth a visit. They have big portions for reasonable rates. Always well kept and with fantastic vibes. Will come visit again.

BriElle A.

The best vegan burger I have ever had! I love Tony Darts. They have some pool set ups, darts, and outdoor seating! All of the food I have ever tried here has been so flavorful and fresh in quality. I really appreciate the fact that they offer so many vegan and vegetarian options that are excellent! They also have really good beer and craft sodas!

Josh F.

Incredible beers and bartenders who are super cool about recommending what you may like. Also, they fuckin play Outkast and WEEN. No place better.

Lidiya I.

I'm sure they have other stuff that's fine or whatever, but I LOVE their vegan banh mi and get it pretty much every time I come here.

Nick M.

The staff is so friendly and great. They really know there stuff here (full of knowledge).The chief makes the tastiest food options. The vegan food is to die for. Defiantly my 1# spot. I'll be coming back a couple times a week for the rest of my life. Cheers!

Johnchefboyrd ..

If you're looking for good beer and good vegan food Tony's is the place . They have great selections of beer , But I specially like their IPA selection they always have good beers on draft. The food is amazing as well the burgers are great especially the banh mi Sandwich . They also have a pool table can't wait until everything gets back to normal so we can start playing pool there. It's a cool set up they have there definitely highly recommend coming here.

Orbel B.

Tonys darts away great place to go have some beers and wine and they're also vegan friendly. I hope COVID-19 goes away soon so Tonys darts away stays open forever and never ever closes again

Lizzie M.

My first visit here two weeks ago was lovely. I was served by a woman and a gentleman and they were both friendly and helpful. I was so excited to bring my partner here and it was such a completely different vibe today that we actually got up and left without ordering. The gentleman who "helped" us today (long strawberry blonde hair) was aggressive and rude out the gate. I understand the concept of wanting to save a 4top for a group larger than 2, but we weren't asked, we were told. And after that came a barrage of comments regarding the rules and how to order, we couldn't even get a reply in before he walked away. I'm embarrassed for the owner that this person is representing your business. I don't know who taught him customer service, but that was not it. There are plenty of ways to be kind to your potential patrons while communicating necessary information. Still deciding if I'll give this place another shot, but I definitely won't be back while this particular employee is working.

Nick Pug

A local joint with unique foods and a good selection of beers. This place has tons of vegetarian and vegan foods available, along with a good choice of beers. There is bike parking for the environmentally friendly bar goers. Right in the heart of Burbank, the location is prime for a night out on the town with friends, or if you want to take your food home there shouldn't be much traffic in your way


Excellent rotating selection of California-brewed craft beers. The delicious food is available in vegan options.

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