240 E Alameda Ave, Burbank
(818) 971-9971

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Nathan Fatal

Wasn’t really sure what fusion meant but they live up to it. The food, the wine, and even the music span the world. The schwarma was really rich and filling!

Kyle Kimber

I showed up for my reservation to celebrate my friend's new job promotion. I was immediately profiled and the hostess tried to hand me someone's order because she thought I was an uber eats delivery guy. I know I don't drive the nicest car, but she didn't even apologize after she realized her mistake-- that would have saved me from writing this review. Just have common decency.Server was friendly. Food was okay. Not to the level of what everyone else here is saying. I'm assuming these are friends of the restaurant who are posting these reviews. The menu is unimaginative. You can't put an avocado in a shawarma and call it "Fusion Cooking with Californian ingredients". Pretty normal fare executed well, but again, nothing spectacular.Try it out. Support a local business. Maybe you'll have a better experience than me, but be aware, it's basically just fast casual with an upcharge. I would love to give it a second chance, but that initial interaction was absolutely disgusting to me. I mean, it's 2020.

Michael Mikaelyan

I’ve been looking for a place that offer great German links. Out of all the places that i have been to, nothing has come close to what i have had in Vienna as much as here. The food is not only authentic it’s also so unique that I’m sure you’ll taste flavors you never knew existed.

Angel Serafina Elba

My favorite place ?Food is delicious ?Service is amazing ?Very clean ?Nice interior ?Perfect

Hamlik A

5/5 for the quality of service, food taste, presentation, and staff. They are very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable... The atmosphere is great for dinner meetings, casual date, or hanging out... Modern design. I highly recommend it. They also have outdoor sitting and heaters... ??

Liza Ghazaryan

There was great service and the place was very clean. I also loved the food a lot.

Eddie Gray

I love this place. The food is great and the owners are very nice. It’s a new spot and it’s gonna get very popular soon, because of the excellent service, food, and decor


Love it

Alina K.

Went here last night with my mom and the staff was great and the owner was super nice and accommodating. The restaurant is beautiful and the food was pretty damn good! The ahi tuna tacos were delicious and the Black burger was good. Plus, it's Armenian owned and I'm happy to support!

Tess Taylor

We LOVE this place! The food was excellent. We’ll definitely come back. The patio also looks wonderful.

Lusine Shmavonyan

Nice, quiet, clean, delicious.

Lorraine Grijalba Aguilar

Everything was delicious

Jan Y.

I came to Via Selfie last week and all i can say is wow im amazed, how delicious everything was! Not to mention the desserts! Yummy!!! Definitely going back. This is my new favorite spot. Cant wait to go back and try new dishes. There was a super nice welcoming lady. Service was good as well. Will be back for sure!


AMAZING!!! I came here with my family for the very first time and it was beautiful. The restaurant is beautiful designed!!!! Their food was exceptional and beautifully plated. I am very happy that this restaurant has opened, I will be coming back her MANY times with friends and family. You need to come!!!!

Franciele M.

I leave 5 min away which makes this even better because this might be my new fav spot.I got the black regular hamburger and was a hit . My husband had the pork chop and he enjoy very much.Over all really nice place. Super clean. The service is on point and parking was super easy.

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