Western Bagel

513 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 567-0413

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Edward L.

If you can't make it to Maury's then this should be second in line.

The traditional breakfast bagel (lox, cream cheese, etc...) is my go to

Rachael H.

Journeyed all the way from Glendale to Burbank one Saturday morning I was craving a bagel. I used to go to western bagel in northridge all the time in college. There are no good bagel places near me so I decided to go to Burbank to reminisce on those bagel college mornings. I am an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese girl and their bagel was fresh but it was hardly toasted. I will ask for it extra toasted next time. All in all still yummy and not overly priced.

Jim A.

Yummy! Great bagels the way bagels are supposed to made. Great selection of freshly made bagels. Always freindly quick service.

Kim M.

This is my favorite bagel shop. So good! I love all of their bagels and spreads, but my favorite thing here is the turkey sandwich. So good!!

Jules L.

The same offerings as the other ones. Line was fairly long on the weekend and seemed to move slowly. A few people even left the line. Parking is easier than studio city location. Bagels are the same taste! However mine had a tub of cream cheese on it - even though I love cream cheese it was a little much and I took about half of it off.

Alisa Wyman

Went in during COVID times. Store was clean, tables were cleared and counters nicely blocked off, and staff was great! Bagels were perfect.

Lisa Farmer

Great place to get breakfast bagels. Everything is fresh and made right in front of you.

james beightler

Social distance in action. Stay safe and get rewarded with fresh bagels! Closes at 2:00pm during pandemic, so go early!

jeff X.

Well I have to say i'm eating an everything bagel right now and it's so salty it taste like salt and nothing else the raisin bagel that I got is about half the size as the everything bagel not impressed and very expensive the Starbucks everything bagel is way better!

Julienne L.

Western Bagel gives me nostalgia of happy childhood days. The bagels are still just as fresh as I recall when I was younger, and my favorites still remain the same: everything cheese bagel, you will forever have a place in my heart... I have been visiting the Burbank location because it is closest to me, and this location is still fairly busy. I believe they do take online and phone orders, so I do wish I had taken advantage of ordering in advance as people love their Western Bagel! I never regret making a visit here, and the family is always appreciative!

I appreciate that Western Bagel does practice social distancing, there are labels on the floor to denote where you should stand, and there is also a table in between you and the counter, so you are not super close to anyone when in the store. Thanks to everyone working at Western Bagel-- you are essential!

Destiny V.

Best. Bagels. Ever. Seriously, if you love bagels you'll love this place. My go to is the cheddar jalapeño with garlic or onion cream cheese. Do yourself a favor and try it!

Heather J.

I would usually not drive an hour for food but what else do ya do in a pandemic?? Plus I am on weight watchers and am missing my bagels !! This place has the alternative bagel less points for me . So we drove down to give it a shot . Hubby got a chz bagel I had a bite it was GREAT .. my alternative bagel did taste different but not too far off from a bagel . I tried the cinnamon and it was just great .  Back in the bagel game .  Service was great !!

Linet O.

I think Western Bagel is the closest you can get to a NYC bagel, without actually going to the East Coast.

They have so much variety and have everything from plain, to savory, to sweet bagels. My usual is getting their Lox Sandwich on an onion bagel -  cream cheese, smoked salmon, onions, cucumbers, tomato and top it off with some delicious capers - so good!

Johnny J.

When you are in Burbank, I am pretty sure this IS the place to get  bagels. Staff were friendly, first time, so I went the cheese bagel. Ended up going back in and getting some specialties to go.

J. S.

There's no mobile line--you get to wait outside in the huge fucking line with the people who just walked up, AND your food will be cold as shit and taste like snot paste by the time you get your soggy bagel.
If you want to eat here, do it on a whim, stand in that huge fucking line, and at least get something hot and edible.

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