Western Bagel

513 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 567-0413

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mario m.

Spot is always open. So that's a plus. I don't usually go to this location. First thing you notice is blank stares if you're not a usual suspect here. I was trying to take my time to figure out what I wanted which didn't seem to make the woman that was helping me very happy. Eye roll city. So immediately off put by the lack of patience. So I was going to get a few different styles but cut it off short by only getting 4 bagels. Now the quality of the bagels.... meeeeehhhhhhhh. Super hard like these were sitting for awhile. I asked for strawberry cream cheese and the woman helping me rudely told me to grab it myself. She asked a question which I didn't really hear because we are wearing a face mask plus silly plastic walls. I asked her to repeat and she rudely yelled it at me that I needed to grab the cream cheese myself and asked what size, followed by an eye roll. Lol. Over all the experience was shit. What seemed like regular customers didn't get this treatment before me. I ASKED for strawberry cream cheese they sold me regular. So to NOT have to deal with a rude employee I just grabbed what was sold to me instead of attempting to try and ask them to fix the problem.

Mark D.

I ended up in Burbank to get a (free) Covid test at the CVS next door to Western Bagel (WB). To celebrate the negative result, and before catching the Uber back to Hollywood, I decided to try WB. It seems like a very average bagel emporium, with a lot of employees from the nearby Warner Bros. studios patronizing it. I got in right before a rush of folks, which was good because the service was kinda slow. I got a cheese everything bagel with cream cheese w/ chives and a regular coffee. Everything was good; not the best I've had but passable. The bagel was nicely toasted and the amount of cream cheese sufficed. The coffee was good...like Dunkin quality. I also couldnt resist getting a cinnamon bun. Again, not quite Cinnabon, but passable. I'm giving WB a 3.5 star rating.

Karen X.

I am very happy to report that Western Bagel changed their bag policy after I complained to their corporate office. I went in today for a bagel and a latte and when I requested a bag with a handle they gave it to me with no problem. This is a big deal to me because I only have use of one hand and carrying a paper bag and a latte one handed is impossible. Thank you to Western Bagel corporate for paying attention to the needs of disabled people like me.

Kevin M.

About 4 years ago I'd give them 4-5 stars - this was always a quick, easy breakfast in the morning and bagels were reliable quality. I never waited more than 5-10 minutes in line and the employees moved quick - there were always so many waiting to help customers. Now they seem to be short staffed. The last few times I've come here, the line has been out the door but there's only maybe two tables full inside - they have much less staff working. With Hanks opening around the block, I often find myself ordering from there as they can keep up with the line and have higher quality bagels. I am waiting at Western now to order, and had the tine to write this ...

Erik Whitley

Still the best bagels in the Valley. I was saddened that they no longer offer bagel chips though (and I guess they haven't for a few years now). But... still a great selection, and well staffed.

Memo S.

Always Great Service. Fresh, delicious Bagels!Our office loves them!! Keep up the good work!!

Damaris E.

The bagel sandwiches are good! Not much of an experience but a solid place for a good breakfast sandwich to go.

Ahdrie Wright

Walked in 30 minutes before close and told the guy that I had never been there before and he was very rude, instead of asking me if I needed any help with the menu he rudely reminded me that they are closing soon. Obviously I knew that, it’s a bagel place you need more than 30 minutes to clean the toaster? Customer service was ridiculous, won’t be going again.

Lucky Duke

Great service and Excellent Customer Service

Kim D.

We come to the Burbank location on Hollywood Way often. We have great service, prompt, courteous, Love the bagels and pastries. That all changed today. The lady got our order wrong 3 times & then, the last time we corrected it, part of our order was missing. We went back and they were out of what we ordered. Horrible!! It was the first thing we ordered and there was half a tray in the case. Super annoyed!! It was very obvious she wasn't paying any attention at all to what we ordered. One bad experience makes someone rethink whether they want to continue to frequent a restaurant.

Fazil A.

This place is pretty good. Doesn't seem like your typical Jewish deli, but I'm guessing that's why it's called "Western Bagel". The type of bagel choices are ridiculous. They have like 30 different kinds. You can get breakfast sandwiches on bagels, you can do "traditional" lox or you can do like a dessert type bagel with strawberry cream cheese. They have all kinds of beverage choices to wash the meal down. I love that fact that it's not a chain and locally owned. They have Wifi so if you're trying to finish that screenplay and Priscilla's is full, come to Western Bagel.

Jay G.

Listen....and this is directed toward the owners. I just left after picking up a bagel, not toasted with a side of cream cheese. 18 min. It took 18 min to get that done. Now it's a Sunday morning, a line of 6 people, and you have 1 person helping customers. That person I can only guess is intentionally mimicking a sloth. If I were to turn down my motivation knob to zero, smoke a joint and not sleep for 24 hours, that's about the quality of the hustle displayed. Now, the customer service aside, which is god awful......the bagels are great, the food is great. But I gotta tell ya......your dancing on the line of it not being worth it......looks like you need to take your employees on a field trip to Starbucks or any Jersey Mike's during a lunch hour shift, and let them watch the hustle.

Trent P.

Dry pricey bagels and a small tub of lox cream cheese is $7.50, on top of a rude cashier. The woman who bagged my bagels was holding the bag and continue to talk to a co worker in Spanish while leaving me waiting, apparently she can't talk and ring my purchase at the same time, I had to interrupt her conversation so I can get the hell out of there. Won't be coming back.

Katina W.

2nd time I ordered an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese recently and there is practically NO CREAM CHEESE on it. After the 1st time I called a spoke with the manager. Ended up using my own cc at home. Today it happened again. Very disappointed. This Never used to be the case.

Tyler Collazo

I have never seen people move so slow and just not care about their job. These people have no sense of urgency whatsoever. I went to pickup an order and arrived a few minutes before the promise time, which is okay. I dont mind if I have to wait 5 or 10 minutes. I'll sit there quietly and not bother the staff. There was 2 customers waiting for their food and noone in line when I arrived, so it should be fairly quick right? I ended up waiting there for 24 minutes for 2 sandwiches and a dozen untoasted, uncut bagels. In the 24 minutes I sat there I watched 5 customers walk in after me, order pretty much exactly what I am waiting for, but for some reason I'm the only person who was in the store more than 10 minutes. They have like 6 people working behind the register, but they work together so poorly. I watched them screw up 2 orders, handing the wrong items to the wrong person, Not caring when they mess up. They are just straight up rude to the customers too. They just so clearly don't care about their jobs. The microwave is their star employee.

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