Western Bagel

513 N Hollywood Way, Burbank
(818) 567-0413

Recent Reviews

Amanda W.

The location is very convenient and there are plenty of parkings. Well organized operations and the line moves pretty quickly. I knew what I wanted before getting there. The service was great and he made my bagel sandwich in no time. When I am in NYC, I only get lox and cream cheese and onion on my bagel sandwich but this place put everything on it. I'm not a fan of lettuce & tomato on my bagel sandwich but this was actually good. I think the right portion of everything makes it good. I will definitely come back here for more. Two thumbs up.

Amelia C.

Very slow service. We waited 20 minutes for 2 bagels, and they messed up our order in that process. They also messed up the order of a woman behind us. Would not recommend this location. Studio City location is better.

Teemaree ..

This location continues to excel at great bagels, service, and cleanliness. Our order was delicious, perfectly made, provided to us with everything we needed to enjoy it, and the location was very clean too. At a time when restaurants seem to think it's ok for their dining rooms to look like storage closets because of Co-vid restrictions, this location looks normal just clean as usual and with the appropriate signage for us to stay safe during this time. Thanks Western Burbank, you are a gem.

Kowser O.

It's pretty amazing in this day and age that Western bagel will refuse to cut your bagel evenly. My vendor orders approximately 20 dozen a day but the bagel top is always thin almost like cheese to where the bottom of the bagel won't even fit in a toaster. They claim they can't do anything about it so we are bringing our business elsewhere I hope corporate reads this and take some initiative about the manager refusing to do this.I will show you a picture tomorrow.

Rachel F

Their service is absolutely terrible. They have no method to their madness. There’s no structure in the line or the way they take their orders. It’s a really stressful process.

Bob TBirdman

Good stuff but there's better bagels to be had.

Rachel Foley

Their service is absolutely terrible. They have no method to their madness. There’s no structure in the line or the way they take their orders. It’s a really stressful process.

Edward L.

If you can't make it to Maury's then this should be second in line.

The traditional breakfast bagel (lox, cream cheese, etc...) is my go to

Maria Thereza Nobrega Fernandes

Bagels are great but they ALWAYS get my order wrong! Last time I order an everything cheese, a plain bagel and an everything and they just gave me all Everything. Today I orders a cream cheese and salmon a plain bagel and they just gave me the bagel with cream cheese no salmon! The bagels are good but they have to start understanding the customer correctly

Dragonfly Libélula

I love Western Bagel, the service is fast, professional, friendly, and accurate, and the bagels are delicious. I got the jalapeno bagel with salmon lox, cucumber, jalapeno cream. Incredible flavor without too much spicy. LOVE IT

nick hefke

Bagels are good but the service is horrible. They screw up our order more times than not. Today my girlfriend ordered a smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel. We waited a good 20 minutes in line. Paid almost 9 dollars for a plain bagel with cream cheese no smoke salmon. Again food is descent, but there staff are careless & ruin orders so it's very difficult to enjoy there food.

Rachael H.

Journeyed all the way from Glendale to Burbank one Saturday morning I was craving a bagel. I used to go to western bagel in northridge all the time in college. There are no good bagel places near me so I decided to go to Burbank to reminisce on those bagel college mornings. I am an everything bagel toasted with cream cheese girl and their bagel was fresh but it was hardly toasted. I will ask for it extra toasted next time. All in all still yummy and not overly priced.

Jim A.

Yummy! Great bagels the way bagels are supposed to made. Great selection of freshly made bagels. Always freindly quick service.

Kim M.

This is my favorite bagel shop. So good! I love all of their bagels and spreads, but my favorite thing here is the turkey sandwich. So good!!

Jules L.

The same offerings as the other ones. Line was fairly long on the weekend and seemed to move slowly. A few people even left the line. Parking is easier than studio city location. Bagels are the same taste! However mine had a tub of cream cheese on it - even though I love cream cheese it was a little much and I took about half of it off.

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