3203 W Alameda Ave, Burbank
(818) 841-1917

Recent Reviews

cindy davis

My hot dog (cabo) was cold but the frys were hot and fresh. Maybe a hit and miss place.

Seh Siddall

Service was great, selection was great, food tastes just as good as when I was a child.

Ray Mullins

The dgs here are really amazing and fairly priced. I honestly expected them to be overrated. The esquites on the other hand were just ok. I probably wouldnt order them again, they lacked the right flavor combo and the corn was not sweet or ripe.

irvin burton

Good people serving them hot dogs nice place

andrew herbert

Tasty chili and corn dogs cute weiner mascot

Danny I

The staff was friendly. Fast service.

Joolz A

If you don't feel like cooking, good choice for fast food.

F Gilmore

Would definitely recommend trying this spot. Exceptional atmosphere, delicious food, excellent customer service. They never disappoint.

D.S. Francisco

Good time to go is an hour before lunch time. No one was there when I ordered my lunch. Small waiting area inside during this time of the pandemic. So, if you go when its crowded, it would be best to wait outside near your car or out in the patio area. No drive thru so one star is deducted. Otherwise. Food is good for the price and quality.

Jim Darrell

I always enjoy coming to this location as it is unique to the other ones. Even though I didn't get a beer today, it's nice to know it's an option if I want one.


Messed up my very small and straightforward order. I don't expect perfection but the whole crew seemed lost

Tyler B.

There's wieners, fries, basic burgers, and anything else to get your fried fix. All of our meals were "sealed" by closing the top of the bag with a sticker to keep it closed - maybe not the most elegant but it's nice!The store itself looks dirty just from age but there is plenty of standing room and I've never had to stay inside for more than 7-8 minutes and there is hand sanitizer available on the wall by the door. Sometimes the cashier asked for the Grubhub/Yelp email receipt. Our usual go to order is a Chicago hot dog, chili cheese fries, and jalapeño poppers. Food is always good and seems fresh!

Robert Barruga

Okay. I missed the clue to get my own napkins and fork for chili fries.

Xander Orwell

Drive thru guy doesn't wear a mask covering his nose or mouth. Handles ur food with bare hands. Disgusting ?

Xochitl Quintanilla

Delicious, and the patio is open to enjoy your chili cheese fries and a tasty chili cheese dog ☺?

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