Wolfgang Puck Kitchen Counter

Terminal A, 2627 N Hollywood Way Gate A3, Burbank
(818) 972-1337

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Guido Karp

We had the cheese quesadilla and were impressed. Not that they were the best we ever had, but much better than we thought they would be. Then, the true hero was our waitress Estela - what a gem. Why not five stars? It is mandatory that I would be willing to make a 30+ min detour just to dine here - with all due respect to wonderful Estela - this would be a tad too much to ask for ;)By the way: I rarely read other people's comments - this time, I did. Guys: what do you expect from an airport restaurant?

Graham Walker

Got the turkey club and it was great! Everything was fresh, and they did not skimp on turkey. Price was high, but the quality was on point. Employees were pleasant and appeared to be working hard. Nice to have a healthy food option that isn't grab and go!

Martin Cohn

Always seemed very overpriced for what it is, but now it’s just downright insulting. A “grab and go” turkey sandwich for $16.95? Seriously. Perhaps it’s ridiculous rent and if so, the Airport Authority needs to lower the rent. Otherwise it’s pure greed to a captive audience.

Destiny Shay

Expensive, stale food, rude service, no option to not tip at the register.

Dwite Hackney

Extremely expensive and average food, would not recommend


We bought a burrito upon arrival at Burbank and two just before departure. The service was ridiculously slow. 20 minutes! Is totally unacceptable for an airport. Perhaps you should look at how some of your competitors get their burritos out so quickly.

Lincoln Chen

The potatoes they used for fries have already turned green.

Jared Benning

Forewarning, it's more than usual but what do you expect for in an airport terminal.My son and I each ordered different pizzas and both were scrumptious, definitely worth the price. I would say that one pizza can feed two people unless you are 'hangry' then it's perfect for one.I of course downed my pizza with a san pellegrino. I was grateful they were open as my son and I had a brief layover here and we're starving. Upon arriving at our terminal all the kisosks and stores were already closed, luckily Wolfgang Puck stays open till 9pm I believe. The atmosphere was nice and there were plugs for charging your electronics as well.I recommend giving them a try.

Brian Kircher

When I fly through Burbank again, I will definitely be getting some pizza from here again! I was definitely surprised with how good the pizza was!

Alexsis Mackey

Welcoming atmosphere. Pizza was fresh and delicious tasting. Great place to stop for a bite before flying out.

Patti Perez

Great environment, fast service and very good food. Its a must try if you are flying out!

Alice Schermer

the breakfast is cold and overcooked

esarra f

This is the single most pathetic pizza I have ever seen.

Jeff Dolen

Absolute overcharging going on here. Can't get a bite to eat for less then $15. That's for a to go sandwich. Fresh food is about the same, or more and not even that great. Heat lamps!

Dan DeVillers

We've been standing here for 20 minutes and now they say we missed our number. We did not miss our number we have watched the whole time. Crazy overpriced as well. Absolutely the worst service I have ever seen...

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