Wolfgang Puck Kitchen Counter

2627 N Hollywood way Terminal A, Gate A3, Burbank
(818) 972-1337

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Dwite Hackney

Extremely expensive and average food, would not recommend


We bought a burrito upon arrival at Burbank and two just before departure. The service was ridiculously slow. 20 minutes! Is totally unacceptable for an airport. Perhaps you should look at how some of your competitors get their burritos out so quickly.

Lincoln Chen

The potatoes they used for fries have already turned green.

Stan V.

do not order a double!!! it is $30-40 for a double. even a single is stupidly priced. the poor bartenders cannot volunteer this info, they are required to suggest a double, but cannot tell you the price ahead of time unless you ask or they will be fired. completely predatory practices that predate covid!! this bar is attempting to make money by selling doubles at very unexpected and non-standard pricing.

Travis B.

The food was solid and we enjoyed everything we ate. We tried a pizza, a few of the sandwiches, the fries, and the chips. Definitely thought it was good food. The absolute screwing you get at the cash register is insulting. I get we are in a "captive" environment and that airport cuisine generally costs more, but this was so far overboard. Please fix it.

Adam F.

Completely terrible food and probably the most insulting price per product I've ever paid.

Jared Benning

Forewarning, it's more than usual but what do you expect for in an airport terminal.My son and I each ordered different pizzas and both were scrumptious, definitely worth the price. I would say that one pizza can feed two people unless you are 'hangry' then it's perfect for one.I of course downed my pizza with a san pellegrino. I was grateful they were open as my son and I had a brief layover here and we're starving. Upon arriving at our terminal all the kisosks and stores were already closed, luckily Wolfgang Puck stays open till 9pm I believe. The atmosphere was nice and there were plugs for charging your electronics as well.I recommend giving them a try.

Lynne A.

Meh! It's airport food. Breakfast burrito was big, but bacon had been pre cooked and was like shoe leather! Better have some of their horrible bitter coffee to choke it down with. 21.00 for a small coffee and a breakfast burrito! Service was about 5 minutes to call you up for your order, at least at 5:30 in the morning. Not many choices here to eat, so this is what you get basically.

Brian Kircher

When I fly through Burbank again, I will definitely be getting some pizza from here again! I was definitely surprised with how good the pizza was!

Alexsis Mackey

Welcoming atmosphere. Pizza was fresh and delicious tasting. Great place to stop for a bite before flying out.

Patti Perez

Great environment, fast service and very good food. Its a must try if you are flying out!

Rick M.

This used to be a generic airport cafeteria type place with mediocre and expensive, but tolerable options. Now it's a fancy cafeteria with fewer mediocre options that are even more expensive. The manager on duty at lunch today was managing her employees while wearing her face mask below her nose. She was talking a lot. The small pepperoni pizza I ordered cost nearly $20. It took 15 minutes to make, which is too long given that we're at an airport and likely generally pressed for time. They weren't particularly busy, and I saw my pizza sitting on the counter for a good five minutes before the employees stopped chatting and boxed it up for me. I had to inquire about it to motivate that.

Carrie A.

Paid almost 18$ for a salad that is tasteless. Definitely over price and I'm sorry but waste of money. I got the Asian salad, chix has no seasoning the dressing is more oil n mediocre I mean come on if your gonna charge that much for a salad it better be a good portion and delicious. Will not recommend the salad!

Ashley A.

Three stars because the fries were phenomenal. Oh, and the abundance of alkaline water made me smile. ....you can take a girl out of LA buuuuuut.... Two stars because, in 2020, this place doesn't serve veggie burgers. Ermagerd! I mean, if I'm fleeing the state and risking my life to do so, the least you can give me is a veggie burger. It's not a non-profit service. I was ready to pay. The cashier thought otherwise but double checked with the very large, very emotional head chef. She came back shaking her head. She was shocked. I was shocked. She apologized a few times. Maybe she has vegans in her life? Thanks, lady! The head chef did what emotional tough guys do: he got angry. I paid like $10 and sat down.... ....and continued to make eye contact with the head chef? And no, not in the "She's cute"'way. He was MAD. Maybe some people lost respect for him, some people besides me. Who knows? My fries came. The waiter knew exactly where to deliver them because the head chef, to an extent, made me famous among the staff. Great fries. Expertly seasoned. Not overly oily. And you already know how I feel about the water. If he continued to glare at me, I didn't notice. The fries were that good. If you go, whatever you do....DO NOT order the veggie burger that doesn't exist. You will make an enemy!!

Alice Schermer

the breakfast is cold and overcooked

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