Yaki's the Original Teriyaki

904 W Alameda Ave, Burbank
(818) 845-1016

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Chelsea A.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to write this review but I thought I really have nothing to lose. We came here the other day after our gym sesh and I ordered the chicken bowl (small) and my bf ordered chicken and steak (jumbo). Now to start they weren't friendly whatsoever but I thought who cares the food is apparently good. (We were also the only people there) When we got our food they were THE EXACT SAME SIZE and my bfs food was only chicken no steak! Soooo I asked the guy who served us who was cleaning outside that it was only chicken and that we ordered steak and chicken and HE LEGIT GOES "YEAH ITS JUST CHICKEN" and I go well we ordered steak and chicken and he had the audacity to flat out ignore me and turn around and keep cleaning. I was SHOOK. We paid $26 for two small bowls of chicken and a Pepsi. What an absolute joke. Now not to throw the racist card tooooo hard but we are both Asian and when a group of white people came up to the counter the guy serving was a different person. I have never had service as awful as this service and will never ever return. What an absolute joke. Ps the food is basic af may aswell go to waba at least they don't fck up your food.

Crystal V.

Everyone has their own taste in food , I love me some yakis ! The guys are cool, pineapple is .65 cents extra I believe. You can't go wrong , pregnancy cravings satisfied !

Ebb P.

I was enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon, so i decided to come here for the first time today and I must say I had the steak/ chicken bowl and also tried the hot and spice bowl. The steak was pretty chewy but the chicken was very tasty. The hot and spice was flavorful and had a lil kick to it. I would recommend the chicken but not the steak.

Christian Villavicencio

The gents working at this place are humble, friendly and always remember me no matter how long in between visits! Now, let's about the grub, delicious! I'm pleased that it is consistent and the food is always hot, delicious, and good quality.

Steph L.

Stood here for 10 -15 minutes, not one hello or we will be with you as I'm standing right there. What is wrong with customer service these days or is it because I'm white I do not get service as after I walked away two Hispanic women immediately got their order taken? Will never come back! Have some respect for those willing to spend hard earned money at your establishment!

Chris G.

The food was way below expectations. I went there after diving by hundreds of times wanting to know what was it that had mini lines of people waiting for. Until I finally ordered a large beef and chicken plate and the was dry and tasteless, while the lettuce in the side tasted old. The potato salad was basic AF and after drowning the rice in spicy mayo was I even able to consider the rice acceptable. Maybe it was an off night for the chefs, but for my first experience it was a bad one.

Jana Walsh

I don't know what happened with this place. It use to be so good. Now the chicken tastes terrible, no flavor and tough, chewy chicken. Rice was barely warm. We will not be back! Just terrible!

Alejandro Pulido

Bowls and burgers are pretty good, but no item stands out more than the others.

Chuck D.

I finally got to try Yaki's many decades later. I moved to LA during HS and it was located in Burbank. Yaki's was already around then, I believe but I never got to try it until this year. We were in the area and teriyaki bowl sounded like the right call. I went with the big steak chicken bowl ($8.30) and it comes with sliced steak and grilled chicken drizzled in teriyaki sauce. The bowl comes with vegetables and is served over the requisite white rice. The steak was good. Not chewy. Perfect with a bite of rice and the teriyaki drizzy. The chicken was good too but I didnt get too many pieces. So the portioning was a little uneven. It was a regular sized bowl, the "big". That was a little misleading. But it was tasty and the price wasnt too steep. I tried the bull dog ($1.99) It's like a hot dog in an egg roll/won wrapper and deep fried. Haha It was interesting. Not sure the dog is a 100% beef hot dog but it was tasty with their sauce that's a half and half of thousand island & teriyaki sauce. Weird but grows on you. Good to try at least once. Service was friendly. Credit cards accepted. Employees were wearing masks and gloves. I saw an employee spraying and wiping down outside counter surfaces and tables/seats. Park in the lot behind Yaki's. Plenty of spots.

Robert R.

It's okay. Nothing special, honestly. You can get Flame Broiler or Waba Grill for half the price and it tastes exactly them same. The employees are not very friendly. I asked for a Yaki plate with double potato salad, and got the yaki plate with potato salad and cabbage.but since they were rude I didn't wanna take my order back. I won't come back.

Frank C.

Terrible customer service and after all that back and forth, still got the order wrong. When I walked up to pick up the order, which I'd phone in, I still had to confirm several times and they acted like they didn't have the order. After having to confirm several times, I walked over to the pickup window and since they didn't know what I'd ordered in the first place, I asked the older man at the pickup window if my order was ready. He pushed a bowl out the window without saying anything. I asked him if that was my order and handed him my receipt. He sounded totally annoyed and look at me with a pissed off look and just said, "Yea!". Good food but don't treat customers like you're doing them a favor by feeding them. They're paying for it - act like you want them to come back, not like you're pissed that they're there in the first place.

elizabeth pena

Ive been coming here for years. Love love the potato salad.


One of the best teriyaki spots in the valley potato salad is also bomb

Alan Romansky

Great selection of teriyaki bowls and burgers. I also like getting the bulldog.

R B.

I've been a regular at Yaki's, both here and when they had a place in Monrovia, for decades. I got to know the owners, father and son - such great folks. I'm less known now since I no longer work in Studio city but they still treat me right. Even the occasional teasing when I say no onions he says extra onions. I'm not a big bowl person in general but I love their burgers, alpha chicken sandwich and the glorious bulldogs, which are hot dogs wrapped in cheese, then wrapped with a wonton wrapper and deep fried. With their dipping sauce it is heaven. The only annoying thing is no more XL drinks.

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