Yaki's the Original Teriyaki

904 W Alameda Ave, Burbank
(818) 845-1016

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One of the best teriyaki spots in the valley potato salad is also bomb

Alan Romansky

Great selection of teriyaki bowls and burgers. I also like getting the bulldog.

Sofia Torres

Great food. The only unfortunate surprise was that I was charged an additional fee for my container for some odd reason. Other than that the food was delicious.

Scott Pactor

Aggressively average chicken teriyaki. Edible, but only just. Panda Express is much better.


Unfortunately this was the worst chicken teriyaki I’ve ever had. Chicken was tough and flavorless, there was no dressing on the salad, and overall it just tasted very bland and uninspired. I took it back after taking a few bites, telling them I did not like it and wanted a refund. They said, “it’s ok” so I just went along w it , they gave me a new bowl and it tasted the same. Disappointing, will not be coming back.

Greg C.

Heard this place was incredible, so after getting a car registration renewed I decided to give it a whirl. Ordered the chicken fiesta bowl, and spring rolls.
Took forever to get the order, and several people who ordered after me got theirs before me. Lots of confusion on orders with employees that have trouble with English.
The spring rolls were heavy, sodden, and at room temperature, and no dipping sauce.
The fiesta bowl was supposed to be teriyaki chicken with fresh salsa and guac. Mine looked like they took a thin sliced of di tomato and chopped it up a bit.  Then some weird green paste. The deli sandwich tomato was not appropriately season for this.  The chicken was room temp, and all the chunks were connected with tissue, so I had to use the plastic forks and my hands to separate the gibbery mess. The overall taste was pretty disgusting.
The rice is a sodden, giant congealed blob of mushy rice that takes up 3/5 of the bowl.
Well, at least I know what the food is like there now. Pretty disgusting.

Sebastian H.

The middle aged male server is a horrible human being. I was waiting at the "order" window for more than a few minutes when another customer arrived, which is when the server finally decided to make an appearance, only to address the customer behind me from the "pick up" window. I approached the pick up window and made my order. The server then filled my cup to the point where it was overflowing. I had to ask for extra napkins and an extra straw twice to clean it all up, which he was visibly annoyed about - ironically not realizing his incompetence was the cause of all these problems. They should hire a new cashier because this one just cost them a customer for life.

Sara B.

Oh Yaki's how I love thee. Thank you for finally getting on food delivery apps so I can enjoy you without leaving home. You're the best.

Brandon R.

So I've been coming here for about a year now love the food it's perfect but looks like the employees always have a problem with the customer not the first time I've came & the employee gives attitude for just asking for sauce sad to have such a good spot to eat at but customer service is very poor please fix this problem not just for me but for other customer as well !
Btw the business owner is the best always tries to help when he's around but when he isn't employee is trash ‍

Timothy F.

If you're a true connoisseur of hamburger s then you'll truly appreciate these exquisite teriyaki feasts. Better than The Habit, The Hook, and yes even Obama's favorite 5 Guys. A couple of friendly chefs, a few blocks away from the iconic Walt Disney Studios and you have a feast that is anything but Mickey Mouse, all at a reasonable price too!

Samuel C.

Always my go to. Food is always on point, staff there are really nice and friendly. Recommend getting the original Yaki's chicken bowl!

Chip Mefford

Convenient spot no line food was good

Yesod Stone

It was hard to hear the person helping me through the plastic shield, but we got it figured out. My hamburger was average. My friend's order was completely forgotten and it took a bit to get that ironed out.

Joe Z.

Yaki's has been a Burbank staple for over 30 years. I usually order the chicken bowl and it always does the job. The portions are large and you have the option to upgrade any bowl for a small fee. If you jumbo size your bowl , you get extra rice, meat  and a generous amount of potato salad. Monday-Sunday you can find a different special of the day. Yaki's serves items like sandwiches and burgers, but their main attractions are their bowls and  the popular bulldog. The bulldog is a hotdog wrapped in a spring roll wrap with cheese and mustard. The prices are great for the amount of food you get.The staff is  always friendly, too . This is a small little shack with no indoor seating, just a couple tables on the outside.Parking is easy.

Alex Guirola

I can have YAKIS... 7 days a WEEK!!!!! That froggy sauce make that pull out game WEAK!!!! (WAP)?

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