Yummy Cupcakes

2918 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 558-1080

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Tim P.

This is a so long overdue review.  Simply put, these are the very best, most delicious cupcakes on the planet, and we have tried many, many over the years.  We drive 45 minutes one-way just to get these! Even though there are many cupcake places around that are closer, none of them are as good as these. They make them daily from scratch, using the freshest, most wholesome ingredients, and a touch of magic. Yes, magic. They must, to get them to taste this good. Really, truly amazing! Have I said yet how much we like them?

Now, there is a potential downside. As these are the best cupcakes ever, if your mom, grandma, significant other, or your best friend currently makes what you think are the best cupcakes, be prepared to break the bad news to them. Buy some flowers and a nice card for them now.  There is going to be a new cupcake in your life from now on, and there is no turning back!

Of course, the cupcakes, as incredible as they are, don't bake themselves. There is a wonderful team behind this magnificent operation. The owners, the bakers, and all the staff are some of the nicest, and kindest, people you will ever have the pleasure to meet. They really go above and beyond to take care of their customers. When I call with a question or to place an order, I feel like I am talking to family or an old friend. They really work hard and do care, and that is so important, especially now with all that is going on in the world.

In this currently difficult time for all, these wonderful treats will put the yummy in your tummy and a smile on your face, and the nice people there will warm your heart and brighten your day!

Cathy B.

Omg. These are the best cupcakes ever!!! And they are the kindest people. Always so accommodating and friendly. And its super safe right now!! I keep going back!!

Jarenn N.

Super friendly and they have a lot of health and safety measures in place during covid. I went inside to see the cupcake options (which are past a protective barrier) and ordered the eggnog, vanilla bean, and cinnamon brown sugar. The cinnamon brown sugar was my favorite!

I easily paid with credit card and parked for free on the street.

C W.

The perfect cupcakes in a COVID world.

Anyone who works in the "the industry" knows cast birthdays are usually a big deal. Figuring out how to celebrate safely has been a challenge but Yummy Cupcakes has the perfect solution: cupcakes in jars! Individually packed, sealed, easy to transpo and sanitize. They saved the day!
Top notch customer service and absolutely delicious product.
Vegan, gluten free and sugar free (Fridays only) options!
Cast and crew alike were impressed!

Conveniently located too! Just down the street from WB and Burbank Studios. I'd make the trip even if I was working at one of the Hollywood studios.

Thank you to everyone at Yummy who hustled to bust out a big order for me today. You make a lot of people happy and sugar high. We'll be back for our next special occasion.

Christine Cover Ferro

In the years I've been visiting them, I must have tried at least 30 of thei flavors, and every single one has been delicious.

Allen Huskey

MUST TRY THEIR BANANA PUDDING! Get the large size, medium wont be enough to fill your cravings! If only i lived close by, i would want this everyday! Parking is little difficult but worth the time looking for one!

Barbara Givens

We enjoyed the banana pie and pudding so much!!! We became regulars and got all our friends hooked!!

Koeck Garr

Great food and great service.

Food L.

First of all, let me say that the service here is impeccable! They really go out of their way to provide a great customer service experience.

But the cupcakes just didn't float my boat. They are dense and heavy while I prefer a lighter more cake like cupcake. I. Hose four completely different flavors but it seems like they all taste like vanilla bean. Even the lemon cake.

Don B.

If there is ever a place heralded as dessert heaven on earth, it's Yummy Cupcakes in Magnolia Park (Burbank). The taste is an exquisite melt-in-your-mouth experience (the Gluten-free Coconut is a must). The staff is beyond cool and their service is 5, er, make that 6-Star. Speaking of stars, do they give Michelin Stars for desserts? If so, it's only a matter of time before Yummy's wall hangs 3 of them. (Psst...3 is the best -- perfection).

Chris T.

Our family loves this place and any occasion is a good occasion for Yummy Cupcakes!  Just had a dozen for a birthday party. The S'mores, Vanilla Bean, Peanut Butter Cup and Chocolate Salty Caramel are our standards and always a winner.
This time we tried the Grasshopper Pie and Vegan French Toast ( I'm trying ) on top of the regulars and are now included with the regulars, loved them.
  Tiffini and the staff are so sweet, I've always found everyone to be helpful and accommodating. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
So glad they survived 2020.

Olivia W.

So I highly encourage you to support other small businesses that appreciate their customers. I wanted to get a few individuals birthday cupcakes and asked for a separate box (tiny box, with only a spot for one cupcake) for each (was getting 3) and a female who didn't even look up from her typing on register told me it is A DOLLAR per box after the first one. That's ridiculous. To buy a $5 cupcake with tax and then have to pay for the box? I could buy more cupcakes for that. So anyway... I do not suggest going for individual cupcakes as they try to get more money out of you to simply package. The staff was not very kind when I reacted a bit confused about having to pay more. They offered a bag which would have smushed the frosting. Also- they have coffee but it's like literally Folgers. Go next door to the coffee shop for coffee, this penny pinching place doesn't deserve extra business.

Theresa L.

I've been a solid customer at Yummy's for over a decade. Back during the Cupcake Wars they had gigantic cupcakes with large swirls of frosting. I mean they laid the frosting on heavy, and it was thick and buttery. Then somewhere in the last few years, not sure when, they shrunk the cupcakes and put less frosting on the top. The cupcakes taste more generic too, like the mix is a bit packaged tasting and the frosting is now more sugar and less butter. I've ordered the Happy Day and Brown Sugar Cinnamon every time I've been here, every two to three months for probably 12-13 years. I used to be able to cut them in fourths and have four large bites. Now, they just fall apart when I try and cut them any smaller than halves. I understand that over a decade plus of business, prices have to go up. My problem is that quality has gone down. The cupcake is smaller, the frosting is less and it overall tastes more packaged, like something I can make at home.I've also watched the next door place become theirs, then go thru endless kitchen/boutique/classes concepts, like they're trying to make something else happen. Just stick to good, quality cupcakes and you'll always have the customers.

Jieasa M.

I visited here once in Oct. 2018 and I’m still thinking about the cupcakes I had. So good.

Carla G.

I have been going to Yummy cupcakes since my daughter's 5th birthday. The taste, selection, and look is always great! When I go to visit friends and go to parties, I am always in charge of being Yummy cupcakes. Thank you for adjusting the shop to meet the safety needs during these crazy times. See you soon!

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