Barry's Burlingame

1333 Howard Ave, Burlingame
(650) 376-3428

Recent Reviews

Brian Chang

This is a legit, high-intensity workout focused around a pair of treadmill running sessions. You can't avoid dripping with sweat and feeling good afterwards that you completed a hard workout.

Katie M

Way over hyped. We were late and still charged the first class $35 each person for all 3 of our first time on New Years day :( Go to Basecamp Burlingame just down the street! They give you a first free class unlike Barry's and they are friendlier! Plus it's a similar workout back and forth from weights/core/to cardio but Basecamp has assault bikes besides treadmills and the abs are focused on intensely at the end at Basecamp. Basecamp also has TV's you can follow along with the movement clearly at the same time the trainer leads you unlike Barry's with no TV's with the movements and only the trainer leading.

Mariangeles Chinelatto

10/10 best work out ever !

Joseph Walker

Love this gym. There's a good selection of equipment, opportunities for personal training and a super friendly staff.

Lisa Duran

This gym is awesome! All levels are welcome!! The owner and staff welcome you with open arms.

Jonas Olsson

Amazing team here that really cares. Besides it is a great work out!

Allie Kenny

The community is awesome very uplifting and encouraging! Love the workouts!!!

Ericka Buyco

I go to Barry’s in NYC all the time. Came here while visiting my family for the holidays. The facility is clean. Looks like all their classes are 50 mins unlike the usual 60 min classes I take in NY.

Hui Liang

Everything is good except smoothie is too expensive

Jenyfer Lara

love the classes the facility and the instructors

Leo Manzione

I did four classes at Barry's and loved them. Three of these were over 3 consecutive days. Perhaps what I learned can help you decide if Barry's is for you (each pro has a connected con):

Elena Churilova

This is my first experience with workout bootcamps which are dime a dozen around the area. I was not happy with my gym (gyms, actually) memberships as I switched from 3 different gyms within the last 3 months. I was considering going to Equinox until one Monday night I randomly stopped by Barry's and even though they were closed a nice guy (now I know his name is Ryan and he's great) gave us a tour and I realized I was sold right away. I am so happy to be their customer.

Ricky Alexander Bac

Barry’s is always a fantastic workout! Great energy from the instructors, the smoothies are absolutely delicious, and the facility in Burlingame is impeccable. And they even put up cool decals recognizing Pride Month!

Reggie Valenzuela

I’ve waited so long for bgame to open! My suggestions on instructors to take are: MATT and TOMMY! Their workouts are fun, yet difficult enough for you to start dropping within the first 5 minutes!

Michelle Tsai

UPDATE 3/24/19:

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