Curry Hyuga

1204 Broadway, Burlingame
(650) 458-3082

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Daniel Judianto

The curry is too notch. I love how their Katsu is so tender and flavorful. The service from Everyone here is also so pleasant and professional. Keep up the excellent work!

Cameron Hui

Delicious curry tonkatsu - the tonkatsu is perfectly cooked, tender meat and crispy outsides. Chicken karaage appetizer was flavorful and had good presentation, but could be a little more crispy. The corn potage was yummy but not hot enough when served. The wait staff was very friendly and had great service, and the interior is well lit and clean! Lunchtime on Saturday is surprisingly not busy.

Miley Yu

Very friendly service. Each curry plate has given good portion and tasty!

Amy Zhou

Fast, attentive service. They focus on a few menu items (mostly curry - no surprise!). Great service - most meals were ~$13

Ho Jin Nam

I'm a regular customer of ur restaurant. Delicious and nice quality of all foods. Today. I ordered it through a Doordash with name Yi and I got one more extra Hamburg steak curry. Thanks but I hope this doesn't cut down ur profit so I will give u the more tips for it. Anyway the hamburg curry with cheese is alss delicious!

Dharma M

Yummy curry. I wish they have option like coco on spicy level.

Kunal Sonar

Great Japanese curry place. Kind staff and reasonably priced.

Jack R.

Hamburger steak was 3.8 stars, good flavored curry and an equally good potato salad. The staff is friendly and there aren't and cheap fillers in their hamburger steak which I appreciate. Smooth curry flavor and fluffy rice. One of the best restaurants in Burlingame.

Katherine L.

Curry Hyuga, you have my heart!!! The curry here is absolutely delicious. You can really tell the owners and chefs really put care into each and every part of the process, from the quality ingredients to the quality service. My party of 4 arrived to the restaurant around 6pm on a Friday. The restaurant was relatively empty but there was still a very kind waiter, Ken, waiting to greet us. He seated us promptly and gave us great recommendations! The food came out in a timely manner and everything was amazing. All the waiters that helped us were so nice as well!!! The curry has a nice acidity to it and ends with a nice sweetness that has you going back for bite after bite. The curry rice comes with potato salad, pickles, and a little cabbage which was a nice surprise. The chicken katsu and karaage were both so delicious and moist. The katsu had great breading and flavor but the star was definitely the karaage. It came with a nice tartar(??) sauce too which really cut down the fattiness and I kept coming back until the plate was empty.. The secret star of Curry Hyuga was, unexpectedly, the potato croquette. Our server, Ken, suggested we get it as an add-on and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. It is amazingly flavorful, has a nice crunch, and really went well with the curry rice. I would come here just for the potato croquette alone. We also tried the corn soup and it was packed full of flavor!! Highly recommend that as an appetizer too. Needless to say, we left feeling full and very, very happy. By the time we left, the restaurant was packed full of guests with a line out the door. I am definitely coming back the next chance I get. Thank you so much, Curry Hyuga!

Olivia C.

Surprisingly filling. Great service. Reminds me of a western style diner in Japan. Wish this was here when I was growing up in this side of town~ The curry definitely lines up to my list of good curry spots in the Bay -- it's a more tangy flavor if that's your kinda taste. The karaage along with it was good too, didn't really need to dip it in the creamy sauce on the side when there's curry tbh. Also tried a bite of my friend's cheesy hamburg and bf's katsu and both are solid. Will come back when I'm craving curry and in the peninsula :) would love to try the corn potage soup then~

Haoyu Y.

Value wise, this place definitely deserves its 5 star rating! The portion sizes are very filling, and it's probably one of the best katsu places in the bay. Pretty much no wait for a Sunday afternoon (last weekend). Two friends and I ordered five dishes and enjoyed them all. Personally, I found my curry a bit too salty, even with the rice. I'm very conflicted whether to give 4 or 5 stars. Ambience: 4/5 Service: 4.8/5 -- Great service, very friendly, fairly flawless. Nothing exceptional though. Quality: 4/5 -- I personally found the curry too salty for some reason, so I didn't enjoy as much as I expected too. Cheesburg and pork belly were very delicious though. Value: 5/5 -- Probably best value out of all the katsu places I've been. Overall: 4.4/5 -- very, very tough 4 star from me. Can tell how this place is 5 stars, and would agree wholeheartedly on another day.

Cat N.

I'm going to go against popular opinion and rating this place 3 out of 5. This may have to do with my pickiness when it comes to curry. I prefer my curry on the thicker side like a nice gravy. Their curry was much too thin and runny. Great job on the juicy pork tonkatsu. In terms of flavor profile, I picked up on much more sweetness than savory and rich. There wasn't an option for spice level but upon request, they did provide togarashi (chili pepper). The rice to ratio wasn't too bad as long as you prefer more gravy per bite. Interestingly, they place shredded cabbage all over the top of the rice which gives it a nice texture for each spoonful. In addition, I don't recall any curry restaurants here in the US nor in Japan plating a curry dish with a side of potato salad. It's a nice change of pace and although I don't mind it, I don't think it was necessary. If anything, it was a good palate cleanser. My rating is based purely on the food but I would like to add: -Parking was not a problem on a Thursday afternoon -Staff was quick, polite, and attentive -Masks were worn by all staff -Steady stream of customers

Linz C.

Why has it taken us so long to try?! My aunt and uncle recommended Curry Hyuga to me over a year ago and said it was THE BEST, just like in Japan. We ordered online on their website for take-out and the food was ready just as we arrived. We ordered a tonkotsu curry, chicken karage curry, and an extra croquette. The curry itself was so rich and flavorful, definitely different than the curry cubes you buy in a box. The chicken karage was so good and we appreciated how they separated the meats into a different container than the curry so they wouldn't get soggy. The tonkotsu was a on the dry side but the sauce helped with that a little. The croquette was HUGE, glad we only ordered one to share. Overall I would definitely recommend this spot and will be back to try their Hyuga omelette rice dish!

Rachel C.

My fiancé and I came in for a Sunday lunch and really enjoyed this curry! It was some of the best we have had. I got the korokke curry which was delicious. So crispy and the curry has an amazing flavor. My fiancé got the cheeseburger curry with no cheese and he loved it! The service is great and food came out so quick. Good prices for the portion size and amazing food! We will definitely be coming back.

Danielle C.

I thought the curry here was made really well but the flavor isn't actually my favorite. The curry sauce is a very dark brown. The sauce is more tangy and salty than what I'm used to, kind of reminding me of, say, Worcester sauce or something. I did like the potato salad. I also got a side of the potato croquettes (very very heavy but good). I would eat it again because it's still fine curry, just not my favorite flavor.

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