723 California Dr, Burlingame
(650) 342-8888

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Cathrin P C.

Easy street parking for a location that's a little bit off of the busy downtown Burlingame area. The chef is very humble and appreciative! We even got free matcha ice cream as dessert!! We all ordered ramen -- clams, tan tan with fried chicken, spicy tan tan with pork -- 3 bowls of ramen for $52. The soup base was very rich and tasty. The noodles were good but the soup is really the star of the show. One bowl has a generous amount of skinny noodles. If you have a heart appetite, you might consider some curry. I should've done that... The restaurant is small but there is good amount of indoor seating available. Outdoors there is 1 small table setup but it doesn't look very comfortable so I would highly suggest coming inside.

Quan T.

Being an SF native, I love ramen but hate the idea of waiting an hour or longer for a meal. Hanabi wasn't too far of a drive and there was only a wait of a few minutes for a late weekday lunch. There was also free 2-hour parking on the block. I got the tan tan ramen because I usually do not see that option at ramen places. It was delicious :) I also really liked the big pieces of fried onion as a topping. The pork was not the typically sliced-up chashu; the pork looked roasted and kept on bone. It was nice and soft! I also got the salmon avocado roll. There were six pieces, which left me wishing for more. Otherwise, I have no complaints. The place felt a bit cramped but did offer authentic Japanese vibes with the bar seating. I can't say this was *the best* ramen I have ever had but it definitely hit the spot. I would gladly return!

Hemmie W.

The best ramen in the area! Love all of the miso based soups and the gyoza are so delicious. Great service, super accommodating. A hidden gem!

Ida S.

My friend came into visit and wanted to grab some ramen and found this place on Yelp. I have driven past this place many times but never thought about checking it out but I'm so glad I did! I came here with my best friend, husband and daughter and we each got different dishes. I did get the vegetarian ramen and it was so good! I did make sure there were no eggs but honestly the whole dishes was rich with flavor and so tasty. The waitress brought the cutest little kids set and I was able to give some of my dish to my daughter. Everyone raved about their meal and I'm making sure to add this to my restaurant rotation and go-to for ramen. The place is a bit tiny but it is set up so each space is separated from the other tables around which I do appreciated. Definitely check this place out!

John D.

Soup Dynamics Nondescript hole-in-the-wall ramen shop that really packs a punch of flavor and worth seeking out. The Good: *Japanese Curry and Ramen together in one bowl!? Uh... yes please! Def one of the more unique bowls of ramen I've ever had; spicy, porky and packed full of delicious noodles. *Philly Kimcheez Steak Egg Roll is as delicious as it sounds. I would've preferred more Kimchi in it but I like strong flavors. *Veggie Tan Tan Ramen was delicious, spicy and packed full of good peanut flavor. *Fast and friendly service. The Meh: *The Chicken Karaage that came w/ the curry ramen was little more than stove frozen chicken fingers that were reheated. Overly salty and rubbery they didn't really add much to the dish and they could've skipped them imo. The Ugly: *As I mentioned the place is tiny inside and maybe seats 5-10 patrons (depending on covid) with a few spots for outdoor seating. *Street parking only but at least it's free. TLDR: Unassuming ramen shop that's worth seeking out for their unique flavors and friendly service.

Jim Rogers

Friendly service. Ramen is good but not great. Spicy miso in the photo.

Happy_DIY Andrew&James

Very delicious lunch special. Love it!

Rose B.

Best Ramen ever and great service. The owner who knows how to make real ramen is original from Japan!

Amy D.

After years on my bookmarks list, I was finally able to try Hanabi! We placed our order for pick up around 6:30pm on a Saturday, and it was ready in about 15 minutes. The ramen broth was still piping hot when we got home, and I tried: -Ma-Yu Spicy Miso Pork (Special Black Garlic Oil & Egg, $17.80, Yum- I loved the rich and flavorful broth, and that it actually had some spice to it! The ingredients were all really fresh, and the pork was meaty but still really tender and fell off the bone. The only thing that I wasn't the biggest fan of was their ramen noodles, which were really thin and needed a little more chew; however, I would still order this ramen again. -Mabo Tofu Donburi (Medium Hot Tofu w/Ground Pork, Small/$3 [Ordered w/Ramen]) & Tori Soboro Donburi (Ground Chicken w/Garlic Soy Sauce, Small/$3 [Ordered w/Ramen]) [ You can order the small bowls of their donburi at a slight discount if you also purchase ramen, which is a great deal! I'm not the biggest fan of mabo tofu so liked their tori soboro donburi a little better, but both were solid. Their rice is made well, and they give you a generous portion. Hanabi has a giant menu, and I will be back to try more of their ramens (especially the KFC one).

Alvin L.

This place is delicious and staff are super accommodating. Ramen was rich and flavorful and the curry was excellent. Also Tim L who gave this place a 1 star can get off high horse and suck it

Chad Peterson

Got the Curry Katsu Ramen (or something like that) and it was amazing, their sauce is so evenly spiced and the katsu goes amazingly with the curry. They also managed to make mine and a friend's order in a grand total of ten minutes, way faster than I had anticipated. Hard recommend.

Tim L.

Without a doubt the absolute worst ramen I've ever had in my life. Got the lunch special (huge mistake) of tasteless miso ramen and requested the rice be served separately from the mapo. They did separate the rice/mapo so credit for that. The miso ramen: tasteless. I had to ask the server for extra miso to add to the broth to make it taste like anything. It helped but still lacked proper miso taste. The noodles were decent but smallish amount (yes, of course I realize that my bowl was small due to the lunch combo but the broth to noodle ratio was poor). Mapo. Very little taste. A bit of spice and seemingly a lot of starch added for thickening. My wife makes tastier mapo. Gyoza. Decent but tiny. More like Chinese wonton. The gyoza sauce was good. I relocated back to the peninsula recently after three years in Japan. So yeah, I know miso ramen and mapo. The stuff served today, (13 Jun 21) was really poor quality and clearly not sampled by the cooks. How this place receives raving reviews is a mystery.

D Gman

Nice cozy little Japanese spot for ramen. Their broth is home made.They don't have a lot of sushi on their menu. Food is good and price is right.

erika powers

Absolutely love this place. My family has been coming here for years. The owners super sweet and accomodating. My 5yo wanted her Bday dinner at Hanabi. They made it special. Definitely a must.

Kayla Minguez

All of the food here is so good and the cooks and servers are all very friendly. It's affordable too!

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