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1400 Howard Ave, Burlingame
(650) 315-2099

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Atieh Madani

Horrible horrible customer service … I ordered for a pickup , when I got to the store they said someone else had picked up my order…the lady said I can’t help you since the order was picked up already…even though it wasn’t me who picked up, super rude, she refused to give me my sandwich , manager came and after few minutes back and forth they decided to make the sandwich again for me..I come here all the time and I love Ike’s sandwich, very disappointed tho….they don’t check who pick up the sandwich and refuse to give it to the right person ???!!

Johann T.

I don't usually leave bad reviews but today I was in a bit of a rush, so I called ahead to place my order. I showed up maybe 10-15 minutes after the pickup time and my order still wasn't ready. I waited another 20 minutes after that before the order was finally ready. This was my first time going to this location, and unless they step up their service, I probably won't be back here for a while. I understand that COVID is still affecting businesses, and I know the pain of working in food, but the wait time was absolutely ridiculous for one sandwich and some chicken strips.

Katharine Faye Y.

I've been to this location more a few times in the past and the service has been consistent as far friendly, homey, delicious tasting, warmed sandwiches and can definitely tell the difference between things made with passion and care by the quality of the food that are being served. Anyone can definitely smell the fresh baked or warmed bread from the distance, you can almost taste it. I'll definitely recommend this location to anyone looking for a hearty meal. Thanks again for the lady that took in my order and personally made my sandwiches

Michael McCall

Really love Ike’s sandwiches. And I hate to write this review, but for the third time in a row I used the app to order ahead, and I had to wait 20 minutes for two sandwiches. The place seems chaotic and overwhelmed. I work and can’t afford to wait around like this. I won’t be back until they can fix this system.

Hill Lu

Ridiculous wait time. Ordered 3 sandwiches online and they were not ready after 1 hr when u arrive. feel like they are not bother making online order at all.

Nancy C.

Madison Bumgarner: 5/5 Dirty Reuben: 1/5 I'm crazy about reubens. This was not a reuben by any stretch. No rye, no saurkraut, no corned beef, no thousand island...why is this being called a reuben? This is a roast beef sub with slaw added (and not even the vinegary kind). Bland, tasteless. None of the moist, punchy flavor profile of a reuben. This wasn't even like a "reinterpreted" reuben, this was very definitely a normal roast beef. Madison bumgarner on the other hand...that's what I'm getting next time.

Patrick S.

You have to be kidding. I went in today and there was mass confusion over orders. The boy behind the register didn't know what an Italian sandwich was. Didn't know what cold cuts meant. I asked for 3 six inch sandwiches and he said the total was $45.00. You simply have to be kidding. This is why businesses fail, because of lack of training. He made fun of me as I left. Don't eat here.

Noelani M.

Delicious sandwiches and a wide variety to choose from. I enjoyed the Mills Viking sandwich and ate the whole thing! When you check in, you get a free bag of chips which is a nice bonus. I'd come back here for another sandwich. I only docked one star because I felt the inside could have been cleaner.

jg d.

Really bad experience today at Ikes..I order online and when I got to the restaurant my order was not ready..they took more than 30 mins to make 3 sandwiches..

Luke M.

If I were judging this restaurant on solely the food, it would have to be a five star. All of the sandwiches are unique, flavorful, and interesting enough to have me keep coming back time and time again. However, the abysmal service and online ordering is what brought this down to two stars. THE SERVICE: From my experience, the employees that I have interacted with all seemed extremely unmotivated and unhelpful. When I come to pick up online orders, I am often ignored for at least five minutes while attempting to flag down an employee despite the fact I can see my sandwich is already bagged and ready to go. I even make a point to stand at the designated pick up counter and get the attention of the workers but I am always acknowledged and ignored. They really need to improve their customer service or online pickup system, as it really turns me off from wanting to return after several bad experiences that just never seem to change. ONLINE ORDERING (APP): The app infrastructure is terrible. First, 90% of their menu has been eliminated, forcing the customer to specifically request the sandwich by name and fill out a convoluted special order. Second, the app pick up times are ridiculous, with the earliest being 30 minutes in advance. Sometimes I arrive 15 minutes early and find my sandwich cold, laying out at the pick up window despite being 15 min early. Finally, there are no notifications for when your order is ready, so it's usually best to just walk there and wait. Overall, while the food is superb and this is one of my favorites in Burlingame, the lack of competent online ordering and poor attitude from the staff really makes it hard to justify revisiting.

Henry W.

Ike's is my go-to sandwich spot in Burlingame. All the staff is very kind, the atmosphere is great, and there sandwiches are delicious. I would highly recommend anytime you're in need of a great sandwich.

Kristine C.

Always make sure that bread roll is correct- two times I have gotten Dutch crunch when I ordered French roll - otherwise sandwich is good

Christopher S.

Sandwiches are great. Only some of the items are available online. Terribly slow service, as has always been the case. The online order says ready in 15 minutes. 30 minutes later our order was not even started. Best to give yourself 45 minutes (at least) before you can expect your food.

Sarah Efe

I know Ike personally and have loved his sandwiches since he first opened. Glad to make this my first indoor dining experience since the pandemic started!

Jorge E.

I would leave a 0 star If I could; rude service walked in was confused when no one welcomed me in and was rudely interrupted when ordering so she could tell me "we order over here" in sassy and arrogant way.

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