La Corneta Taqueria

1123 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame
(650) 340-1300

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Cons N.

I placed an order and was told to be there in 10mins I get there and it (baby burrito !!) was not ready.All the people looking there looked so sad and we're so slow (like they all hate working there). The best part was when I asked the cashier, if calling ahead or placing an order ahead of time makes a difference, she replied "I don't know". Then she yells my order across and they started making it. Not sure on what's going on on this location, but the staff and service is nowhere near the SF locations. The team here looks so unhappy and has no sense of urgency, and the cashier needs to know what's going on.

Eddie Mercado

Very nice and clean restaurant. Their burritos are better than other places in the area.

Anna V.

Why you gotta be so ruuude? I felt like singing that all throughout my last visit. Came in 45 minutes before closing time. The women ready to take my order looked like they were ready to go home. I placed my order and they kept saying "What else, what else?" I'm like damn... I'm trying to give you business! Then came the important questions like "what kind of beans? What kind of salsa?" I kept having to say "what? I can't hear you." Which pissed them off even more. First of all, I could barely hear them. You're wearing a mask, I'm wearing a mask and we got a plexiglass between us. Second, they acted like I should have known the menu and what my options were... but I didn't! So be patient. Third, they acted like I was the reason they couldn't go home yet. So I place my order politely even though they were rude and then went up to the register where a man was working it. I stood there for five minutes waiting to be acknowledged and I got nothing. He was going through his receipts for the day and saw me... and still made me wait. Didn't apologize or ask me to wait... just assumed I was fine with it. So I finally spoke up and said something like "are you able to ring me up?" He was like sure give me a few minutes. Oh-Kay. I made a joke about being busy all day and he barely acknowledged me. In fact, he was rude during the whole payment process. #notipforyou So then I get my food which after 10 minutes of ordering, I thought would be foolproof but sure enough they messed it up! Quesadilla was wrong, burritos were wrong and sloppy and when I went to get it fixed, they were even ruder than my first encounter. Honestly I'm happy to support small businesses, but don't be arrogant and snobby and entitled. Be grateful you're back in business and treat your customers with the same respect you expect from them. There are so many great options for Mexican food... this will no longer be one of those spots for me.

Sophia D.

Big & generous portions at a great price but the food just didn't hit the spot for me. I dined outdoors and even after eating the food the moment it was made, it tasted really stale and bland. The steak was really dry & flavorless, the nachos were soggy the moment they came out & had lettuce on them? Never really got nachos with lettuce before... there was literally more lettuce than anything else on the nachos too! I think they didn't dry their lettuce properly too because all the nachos under the lettuce were a soggy mess. Overall, I love the ambience but I probably won't return for the food.

Jacob L

An awesome place for a quick bit or a sit down with the family! Great food and a nice variety of options

salvador r.

This place is great to come if you are definitely hungry lol I mean it! Carne asada at the best tasting lunch or dinner really good drinks nice cold beer I love it

Joanna T

Busy Mexican restaurant on Burlingame Ave. Both take out and on site dining available. Outdoor or indoor dining okay now!I had a salmon tostada (super type means added sour cream, guac & shredded lettuce). It was okay not outstanding. Their tacos also which I had before are okay too.Crowded at times.The staff seem swamped.Takes a long time to pay the bill at the cashier! Why? Don’t know...Food is 3 starsLocation 4 starsService 3 stars


Great food good drinks fresh made beverages absolutely love this place especially knowing that the food goes authentic and living in areas where Latin and Hispanic food were emphasized much more than they are here in Mississippi I got amazing flavor and pictures from everything I ordered


As a family of five we just ate lunch at this place. We had ordered fried fish tacos but they served us grilled fish tacos. When I went to tell the lady we had ordered fried fish tacos she told me they don't serve fried fish tacos. She should have told me while ordering that they don't make fried fish tacos then I would not have ordered them. I felt cheated. Also we had ordered two super tacos and two regular tacos. In the super tacos there was hardly any guacamole and when I told her she said I will have to pay more for extra guacamole. The lady was extremely rude with no regard for Customer service. She should have at least been polite about it, there was no need to show temper and make faces. Not just that, the tacos tasted very bad - the fish was smelly and bland. There was no even any dressing on them. When I asked for the dressing, she just gave me a ranch salad dressing not the special fish taco dressing. We had also ordered a combination platter of Enchiladas and shrimp along with a chicken burrito. Both tasted very average. My son had ordered one Carnitas and one chicken taco - he said they tasted like bean juice as there was barely any meat in them Our 4th of July lunch was totally ruined by bad food and terrible customer service. Never going to this place again.

Joanna T.

One of the most affordable restaurants in Burlingame. Their menu is huge. When it's a busy time, watch out! Turning around the orders can take some time. They get walk-ins, phone orders and pick up delivery folks. I have previous eaten a carnitas taco. Yum! The carnitas was flavorful. I also had a tilapia taco to go dashing to Caltrain nearby.Today I have time to sit down in the outdoor patio. I ordered a super salmon tostada. The regular is sans the sour cream, beans and guacamole (a difference of $2). The order came out with the salmon warm and tasty. The tostada shell was crisp. Guess getting chips and salsa is extra (?). The server delivered my dish to the sidewalk patio. Thanks very much. Enjoying the sunny weather. Appreciate the covered space. If the drivers going down the Ave keep quiet, it's a very nice experience with good food overall.

Carlie B.

Pretty good Mexican food, very chipotle style in that it's a running train of adding things onto your meal. The menu was weird and it didn't seem like a place that would want me to ask questions unfortunately

Nina C.

Expect Mexican American classics at this happening spot on Burlingame Ave. My salmon burrito with black beans was hefty and satisfying. Getting to eat it, however, was somewhat of an ordeal. There was an ordering mix-up and my friend was almost finished eating her meal by the time mine arrived. The server kindly charged me the cost of the "mistake" order (a salmon taco), so I saved a few bucks. It may be the case of scaling up as pandemic restrictions lift and not having enough servers to handle the demand. Overall: lively atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating, classics done well, fair prices, hit and miss (but friendly) service. I'd return, but likely not until I've tried some of the other nearby taquerias.

Joe M.

Made for white people.... Meat dry Af, burrito overpriced, toppings under served San Mateo/Burlingame taquerias are trash no good places. Why don't you put the steak inside a meat broth and have bigger chunks. Go get a burrito from Don chueys in San Francisco

Mario Hernandez

They should be more attentive with dasher, one way or another we help to the business,but some time we feel discriminated

Alex D

Love the burritos but beware of rich white people asking for more salsa on their tacos. They want it alll

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