Leann’s Cafe

777 Airport Blvd, Burlingame
(650) 342-8248

Recent Reviews

Nina C.

Finding late-night eats in Burlingame can be a challenge, but Leann's came to the rescue! My husband and I dined here with my mom, who was visiting from out of town. Her flight came in late and we wanted something convenient and tasty. Leann's menu has a variety of diner classics, along with a selection of Asian dishes. My husband ordered a vegetarian sandwich with soup and my mom and I each had the chicken teriyaki. The chicken teriyaki was delicious and plentiful, with perfectly cooked rice and crisp-tender veggies. The restaurant was bustling at night, but service was friendly and efficient. I'd gladly come back, at any time of day!

Franny Z.

My husband and I came for an early morning breakfast. It is so nice that this restaurant is open 24 hours! I had the Irish Morning with over medium eggs and white toast and of course, Hot Chocolate. The Hot Chocolate was so delicious and exactly hit the spot. My husband had the Little French Bird. We were pretty impressed with our food. The only negative about this place is that I did get stuck in one of the bathroom stalls and before I was about to crawl on the ground to escape I figured it out. The door handle was broken and the bathrooms are very old and need updating.

Brandon F.

Very good Asian food. Staying at the hotel across the street and the front desk recommended and did not disappoint. Margarita was good to start. Then had the Mongolian beef, Beef and Broccoli, order of shrimp fried rice, and the Kuri. Everything was delicious. If I'm ever back in town I'll make it a point to stop by.

Amanda N.

After a late night on a Wednesday, we were hungry and drunk. My friends introduced me to this place. The owner/ manager was super welcoming and friendly. Food came out fresh and quick. The diner had a cute retro vibe and I enjoyed my time here. I opted for the Mongolian beef because it was highly recommended. Super saucey and yummy! Next time I need to try this when I'm not shitfaced.

Virna S.

Sorry but the food is over priced and there is no taste to their food. They are nice but there was a certain smell on their egg roll that is not pleasing at all not to mention its all wrap and at $11 it's the worst one I have ever had.

Janean P.

Everything that was photographed It's fake! everything that was sent was completely wrong!! I am completely disappointed in the food I feel like I was taken advantage of, I should not have to pay almost $100 for three items!! I still have not heard back from them? what are all of your thoughts? maybe if you were there and having fresh food served to you it would have been different! thank you Janean.

Richard F.

Haven't been here for a while, but we will definitely be back as regulars! We came in for dinner and immediately was greeted at the door by "Jenny" (which I kept calling her Leann), sorry Jenny! She's so sweet and so joyful! We ordered the Stir Fried Udon w/Shrimp, Beef Broccoli over Rice, Mongolian Beef over Rice and the infamous Loco Moco. Everything was OFF DA HOOK and not one grain of rice left! The plates were big enough to share and we were so impressed with the quality of their food that we plan to be regulars here! Love that they have a lot of choices and they're open 24/7, which is rare to find now & days! Thank you Jenny for being so sweet, see you soon!

Kalib Brayer

I grew up in Burlingame and I've been coming here for 10+ years. This place is a hidden gem of the peninsula! They have some of the best Chinese food in the bay area, the curry and even their burgers are amazing too. It's also a great place to go if you're dining on a budget, meals range from $11-$16 and you get huge portions. Service is fast and staff are great. The young server guy in there is extremely attentive and remembers your order if you're a repeat customer.

Chad R.

Came here for dinner with friends. we were seated outside and Waited 15 minutes for no one to take our order. Ended up leaving. Will not return

Bronwyn S.

Popped in after a long drive. Great home made meals. Enjoyed the chicken noodle soup. Flavorful broth, lots of veggies, and tender chicken. Two thumbs up!

Porre Monservas

Good food and a go to when hungry anytime since it’s open 24 hours. Friendly service.

Pee K.

Never disappoints! One of my favorite spots when I'm in SF. Had the shrimp fried rice last night very good. This morning made an online order fast easy I had the Popeyes omelette made in olive oil fresh spinach and grilled onions and cheese- cooked perfectly!!

Ohana C.

Service was amazing. The Asian tall guy was amazing. He was very kind, caring, and sweet. I gave him a $20 dollar tip the food was yummy. They hook it up here. The portion is amazing. Love love love this place. Definitely would come back.

Vicky W.

First time heard of 24 hours restaurant. It's so good to have food anytime I want, even at pass midnight. And their food pretty good too!

Morgan Grierson

The most kind hearted people you will ever encounter! I've eaten here atleast twice a day for the past 6 days and they offer phenomenal service every time. The menu is very diverse and delicious. I've had the Ceasar salad 7 times already

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