New England Lobster Market & Eatery

824 Cowan Rd, Burlingame
(650) 443-1559

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Meri Rodriguez Argel

Absolutely delicious . Great service

Jason Lee

Great food as always. Now they've outdoor dining.

Brian P. Waild

I live in Maine and appreciate the chance to enjoy some local seafood as well as New England style lobster and lobster rolls when I come to SFO.


The lobster itself was awesome, but the plate can be more delicate - it’s literally a whole cooked lobster that I can just do at home. You can get pretty messed up with all the liquid inside and cracked shells! I would be much happier if they can at least break apart the lobster and let out the water inside before serving.

Leslie W.

New England Lobster market is the place to go for seafood! Tons of people were here to enjoy the outdoors and get their lobster and oysters. We ordered the sample platter which came with lobster tail, cooked shrimp, and lobster chowder. Their chowder was delicious! I could eat a whole bowl of it and be good with just that! Lobster was cooked to perfection. Shrimp wasn't something to rave about, but also didn't hate it. The main reason I wanted to come here was for their $2 Happy Hour oysters! I could have eaten a dozen or more just by myself! Super fresh and not too briny. Such a great deal too! Overall, I would definitely come back just for the oysters. Just a heads up that parking may be difficult to find, but be patient and you'll find one eventually.

Chan Park

Friendly service, decent foods, but wayyy over-priced and portion is not too generous.Our total bill was $200+ and we are still hungry :(.

Sarah N.

This place was pretty legit. The lobster and lobster roll were on point. The only reason why I didn't give five stars is that the sides are limited.

Becky P.

We got the Lobster Mac & Cheese in a bread bowl, Dressed Lobster Roll and Lobster Corn Chowder. To start off the Mac & Cheese was so flavorful and full of lobster and bacon. It surprisingly paired really well with the bread bowl, the bread was crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, unlike other spots we've tried. The lobster roll came with house-made chips and coleslaw, the lobster is tossed with mayo, salt & pepper and placed in a soft buttery roll. They also offer a Naked Lobster Roll which is lobster meat with a side of melted butter. The Lobster Corn Chowder was rich and flavorful every bite had a chunk of lobster in it. One of our favorite parts was dipping the bread or chips into the chowder! Customer service was great! The employees were so sweet and checked on our table to see if everything was good. We'll definitely be coming back if we're ever in the area. Check out @bunbaosibs for more reviews!

Julie W.

We were impressed with the take out food a few weeks ago, decided to make the 40 minutes drive on a weekday to take advantage of the HH deals. Parking was not bad on the Thursday around 5PM, outdoor seating is nicely arranged, ordering from the on-line menu was fairly easy as well. From the HH menu, we ordered a dozen oysters, shrimp cocktail, lobster taco, crab cake slider, two beers plus a bowl of lobster chowder to share between hubby and I. I was very tempted by the Thursday special, a 3 lb lobster for $65 (I think). Shortly after ordering, food were brought over one by one, wait staff was friendly and courteous. We enjoyed all the food. Beer and fresh oyster went so well together, one dozen didn't seem enough. Lobster taco was very good although small, hubby inhaled it in a couple of seconds. Shrimp was fresh and sweet, the crab cake slider was decent/ok but I still miss the blue crab crab cake in Maryland. The bowl chowder ($16.95) was rich, flavorful and loaded with chunks of lobster very satisfying. Hubby was contemplating ordering more because he wasn't quite full .... , we did enjoy the meal, service and ambiance very much. Will be back and order more next time.

Jessa May C.

Pros: - the lobster corn chowder was probably what I liked the most, it was rich and flavorful and a decent size as a side order - crab nacho fries had good flavor (though it was interesting that they used baked potato chips rather than tortilla chips) - plenty of space inside and outside the building to dine-in so the wait was not that long Cons: - overpriced for the quantity and taste. I had the dressed lobster roll and there was more bread than lobster. My mother had the half lobster, half soup order and the half lobster roll was small enough to eat in 2-3 bites. My father's special of the day were two bland lobster tails and a small amount of butter - trying to find parking is hard (park alongside of the building or on the street) Overall, I would be weary of how much you want to spend $$ for a lunch here as you might still be hungry afterwards

Yi Jin

If you are lobster lover and in SF, you should visit this place.Bit pricy but worth it.5-6 oz lobster twin tail is strongly recommend menu.Try some of fresh Canadian oysters~ won’t let you down.

Jenny L

Really good experience. The service is good. The lobster was very fresh. The nearby trail is very enjoyable, right by the ocean.

Nancy C.

Came here for happy hour (3-6 pm, mon-fri). Shrimp cocktail: so good! Overly generous with the sauce. Shrimp was perfect level of doneness, succulent and sweet. 5/5 Oysters: little bits of shell in the oysters. I'd almost rather have shucked them myself. Flavor was pretty mild compared to the south carolina oysters I'm used to. Fresh, though. 4/5 Crab taco: delicious. Good amount of crab. 5/5 Saw some of the lobster rolls brought out to other diners -- they just look weird. Never seen a lobster roll where the lobster rides on top of the roll instead of inside it. (I ingested a lot of them, in Maine.) Love the outdoor picnic tables, plenty of space, umbrellas, good atmosphere. Enough parking.

Cathy D.

LOVE THIS PLACE. this is the only seafood place i crave. i live in san jose and don't mind driving the 40mins just to satisfy my cravings and come right back home. the freshest seafood ever! nothing i've ordered has lacked freshness. precovid, to order we had to stand in line and order off the menu above the register. currently, you have to wait to be seated and then scan the QR code on the napkin dispenser, order and pay online, and food will be delivered to your table. people say the food is on the pricier side of things but i don't think so. it's SEAFOOD, not chicken or bread. plus it's fresh as heck. you can not complain about quality at all. my cousin always orders the the lobster plate which consists of 1-1.5lb lasted with coleslaw, chips, and bread for $29.95. i veer towards the dressed lobster rolls ($28.95) or lobster taco ($12.95). and if you like raw oysters order them! they will cost you $3.50 each but man they are delish. super buttery goodness. i promise you'll enjoy everything you eat here.

Donovan L.

Been a while since i came back to dine here. They had Expanded to the side and even the back of the Building. Glad they did....Normally we have difficulty finding a parking spot. There is an adjacent building with parking spots...Good thing the side bench they set up is right in front were you can park and see your car.... Their Lobster sandwich is really good to go with their Lobster soup. Interested with Live Lobster? Get it here..

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New England Lobster Market & Eatery

824 Cowan Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010
(650) 443-1559