Salt & Straw

1309 Burlingame Ave Suite 110, Burlingame
(650) 437-2242

Recent Reviews

Jordan Kaplan

Good quality ice cream. Very expensive and small choice of flavors.

Madeleine Ong

Long line but moved relatively quickly. Classic flavors are always good! Pro tip - buy the pints and you can go straight to checkout, skipping the line

Marlon Caballero

The ice cream here is SO delicious. I tried a few flavors but ended up choosing the Cowboy coffee grinds and bourbon and was SO happy eating a double scoop of this flavor. The staff was very friendly and efficient with getting through all the customers in line. Had a great experience here. And very happy that they have a bathroom as well for their customers.

Navid Elie

Really tasty ice cream! They take flavors you already know and elevate them to the next level, but I'd say the unique flavors are the reason to eat here. Their vegan options sounded good too. Could go 5 stars because the price is up there, but there is a line for a reason.

Bernard “Bernie” Vlach

If you like odd stuff like dead crickets in your ice cream then you have come to the right place. I wound up getting the plain vanilla cone.

Joanna T

Salt & Straw on Burlingame Avenue offers a variety of flavors that will appeal to all taste buds. They have gluten free ice cream (!). Today there were seasonal berry in 5 flavors. Interesting combinations such as an Indian Lassi with berries. My favorite is the cold brew with cashew pralines. It gives me to boost I need in the afternoon which is when I (and many other customers) descend on the shop. There was a temporary tattoo and regular stickers today “National Ice Cream Day!”It was hot in Burlingame. Ice cream was just the right snack to cool off & continue my enjoyment of the day.

leela mozaffar

Great Ambiance and healthy tasty food!

Jacob L

Awesome flavors and good portions a little expensive but worth it once in a while

Johanna Bates

Not only is the ice cream amazing but the people were too!! As soon as we walked in there was a line, but we were greeted and helped almost immediately. Our ice cream server double checked allergies and our cashier was so kind and thoughtful. She double checked to see if my two young daughters needed cups and spoons and of course extra napkins.

Tiffany Y.

This is a really nice location of Salt & Straw. With a long line of people coming after dinner time, they were able to serve quickly. We tried the salted malted chocolate chip cookie, which was definitely my favorite flavor compared to previous ones (olive oil, honey lavender, pear and blue cheese) that I have tried. There were some bits that were a little bit too salty, but overall the flavor was well executed. Sampling flavors is still not allowed due to Covid, but if you ask nicely like we did, they may add a little dollop on top of your order of whatever flavor you want to try. We opted to try the coffee cold brew cashew praline and that was also a really solid flavor. The cashew pralines also add some nice texture. Compared to my previous experience with Salt & Straw, I enjoyed these flavors much more, but I still think the ice cream is pricey and can have flavors that just slightly miss the mark.

Nicole M.

For years I have heard all the praises about Salt & Straw, and today I finally went. Talk about being late to the game! And from my one experience today, I wasn't missing anything. I ordered a double and got 1) sea salt with caramel ribbons and 2) honey lavender. The sea salt with caramel ribbons is their most popular from what I've heard, and it was indeed rich and creamy, but too much so. It was SO sweet. I know that ice cream is a dessert and obviously involves sugar, but wow it was so much that I felt bad eating it. The flavor is definitely there though and it was very decadent. The honey lavender, on the other hand, left something to be desired. I tasted the floral flavor but didn't really get much of the honey. And although well-made ice cream will have a price point reflective of quality, it felt expensive because I didn't particularly enjoy either flavors. Due to covid, there is understandably no tasting, but that might have been helpful for me to narrow down which ice cream flavors I would prefer. I'm convinced that I'm just missing something, so I'll be back to try two new flavors next time before I decide this place isn't for me. I heard the staff ask each customer if they have allergies, so thumbs up for them being extra safe and mindful of this. Also, it smelled amazing inside.

Shirley L.

Stop here for ice cream all the time. The service is always fast and friendly. Even when the line is out the door, it is only extra 5 minutes waiting since they are limiting the number of people inside. There are always new flavors to try. And the limited batch, don't worry, they stay on for a few weeks, you got time. There are also some selections under the non-dairy option. They use coconut milk and molasses as substitutes. Once you know which flavors you like, consider buying in pints, it is always cheaper when buying bulk. Make your smart sweet decision today.

Jasper Lin

Used chownow to order ahead. This is especially good for ice cream in a cup. If you order a cone, they put your scoop on a cup and you can add it to the cone.It's the only way to keep your order frozen and fresh. I didn't mind especially because I could skip the line.The ice cream is very yummy, of course. Worth the price

Vidyun S.

You can't go wrong with Salt & Straw. It's rich, creamy and absolutely delicious. I have tried several of their outlets and flavors and they all consistently delivery with exceptional taste, flavor and warm service . I look forward to trying their flavors of the month every month and always end up finding one I fall in love with. June's favorite is "Geronimo Stilton and The Frozen Frosted Feast" which is caramel with Parmesan and mascarpone flavors, it's pure creamy and caramel-y deliciousness with subtle hints of cheese. There was a cereal flavored theme a few months back which was amazing too!

Iris S.

I have been hearing about this ice creamery for years from my husband (he's from Cali and I'm from the east coast). It definitely did not disappoint. The honey lavender transported me back to the lavender fields in Hokkaido. I got one of their specials which was pear and cheese based- also very lovely and balanced. I would definitely get a fresh made waffle cone. I would also recommend sharing as the serving size is very very large. I wish they offered different sizes. We definitely will make this our go to spot on the way to SFO.

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