The Original Royal Donut

1090 North Ln, Burlingame
(650) 344-7854

Recent Reviews

Chris Stanyan

You got to go at 10:00 p.m. when they make the donuts fresh ??

Lei Fesaitu

So some people are confusing this place with the ROYAL DONUT CAFE on Broadway. Apparently there are two Donut shops/cafe in Burlingame with similar names. However, this location is located next to the Burlingame train station and Burlingame High School.They seem to be under new management and have changed the menu, interior, and employees. Recently they have added breakfast and lunch sandwiches to the menu. BUT, the Donuts still have the same golden taste which I love. Great service all around.

Branden Rae

Nobody I mean nobody makes chocolate old fashioned like here. Then there's the donut holes.. Highly recommend!


I paid $12.75 for 4 donuts... which was a ripoff. The guy ringing me out definitely overcharged on purpose (1 of the donuts was ringed up as $3.95), I wish I would have said something but was in a hurry and didn't feel like arguing.Donuts weren't bad but also nothing special and definitely not worth what I paid. There are much better donut shops in the area, with much more reasonable prices ($1.95 vs $3.95). I will never patronize this business again...

Bethany F.

Stopped in while I was waiting to meet a friend. The blueberry cake donut was good. Cronut holes were neat! Coffee was not clearly labeled and was self serve. I don't think I actually got coffee. Maybe old over brewed tea. Or if it was coffee, I'd recommend passing. Paid parking. If you pay with a card, an hour is the minimum you can get (1hr) so that was also kindof a waste for a quick pickup. That was city parking though. So no fault of the shop.

Richard Thompson

Spotted the Original Royal Donut from across the street while on a job. Before I left the area I had a donut and coffee, and what a donut. I haven't seen a donut like this in the Bay Area.

Joshua Villegas

Great stop for food and Donuts. Owner recently started serving Banh Mi sandwiches and they're delicious. A no frills destination but above average Donuts and sandwiches.

Nancy C.

Pork banh mi: fresh, flavorful. 5/5 Oolong milk tea: surprisingly decent. Way too much ice tho. 4/5 Would definitely get banh mi here again. Nice ladies behind the counter.

El Queso

The absolute best donuts! Pass on the chain spots and eat local. We drive from Monterey to SF for baseball games and this is a must for us. Theyre open 24 7.

Chris Chai

Stopped by for lunch because I heard from a friend that the Banh mi sandwiches we're good. And oh they did not disappoint at all! Best in town hands down, highly recommend. And why not grab a few treats for dessert; cronuts, donuts, boba. YUM!

Jon H.

Where else can you get a Banh Mi sandwich, a donut, coffee, and some breakfast sandwiches at the same time? Had the donuts here, love that they mix both classic (solid donut holes and jelly filled), wild (kids loved the Oreo and trix covered ones), fancy (apple fritter was delicious) donuts. Breakfast sandwiches were alright. The croissant ones are already pre-made then re-heated so minus for that one. The croissant bacon egg was solid (lots of bacon), but the lack of toasty-ness and just knowing it was pre-made brought me down one. I'd like to see more (or obvious if I couldn't find it) options for like English muffin or wrapped. They have a few bagels but it feels like they are teasing you with only 2-3 types versus a crazy amount of bagels. Takes Apple Pay which is a plus. Solid place for a quick breakfast bite.

Sydney J.

This is one of my go-tos for local donuts. If you're a fan of classic and cheap, yeasty donuts (reminiscent of Asian donuts), this is a good bet. Nothing is overly sweet here. I always get the sugar donuts! If you're shopping around downtown Burlingame, this is an easy stop. Props for the variety and the 24/7 service. Maintenance workers seem to frequent this place.

Tricia C.

The boys give this one a thumbs up as they have all the usual suspects. The jelly donut is delicious. The croissant sandwiches look amazing my oldest son wanted one but at seven dollars I wasn't too sure. The staff is very friendly! Great service.

Kat W.

I love donuts. My favorite sticker to use in text is the QooBee with a donut. My significant other and I spontaneously walked over while walking around downtown. I was craving donuts and ordered a cronut, donut holes and a chocolate donut. The cronut was flavorful and paired the crispy, buttery layers of a croissant with the softness of a donut. I was very impressed as cronuts tend to be misses for me. The woman who helped me was quite nice and gave me a handful more donut holes than I had ordered. The chocolate donut was okay. Enough to satisfy my cravings of donuts.

Tiffany C.

Everything here is so fresh! They have a huge variety of donuts at a wonderful price. I mostly come here for the Vietnamese sandwiches (Bahn Mi). Soooo gooood. The meat is sooo juicy and rightfully flavored. Plus the jalapeños in the sandwiches are FIRE!! Delicious and would recommend calling ahead for your sandwich order.

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