2600 Mitchell Rd Suite A, Ceres
(209) 538-4474

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Jay Cheema

I went yo this subway on May 24 and they don't clean there knifes the guy cut a tuna sandwich and the person making my food picked up the same knife and cut mine without washing or wiping the knife and then she asked why I don't want the sandwich anymore

Kathy Baba

Always fresh food

Kathe McCartney (Kate)

As always.....delicious

Peggy Inman

Awesome server

Jonny R.

Normally go here when it's open but this time I ordered online and this girl got me all the way fucked up. She straight up was mad she had to work and decided to do this to my order like it's my fault. I honestly would have gone in and fixed up my sub way better than this. I would have given it negative stars but that wasn't an option just like taking this sandwich and eating it. Like why would you burn the sandwiches like that for? Why you built like that? I'm so mad rn ima throw this shit away. She's giving me burnt, she's giving me no lettuce, she's giving me no extra banana peppers, she's giving me now extra lettuce, she's giving me no extra olives. We bout to throw hands up in here. Like??? Who hurt you?

clint barth

Customer service very poor and rude. Lunch time April 14th female yelling were is you mask? Was eating a beef stick

Kathe McCartney

As always.....delicious

Veronica Ines

Great wraps. Yes wraps. Try them. Easy to eat and drive too. And healthier! Yum.

Brittney Butler

Sandwich was good took about 25 mins to get 1.5 sandwiches though with only one person ahead of me. Need faster service.

Sabrina P.

Gabriela was amazing. She had a super long line and a bunch of mobile orders but took care of each of us patiently and with a great attitude. She could have definitely used a second hand but wanted to show appreciation for her hard work!

Elizabeth Cortez

The staff was very polite food was good

Jonathan Chang

This subway get new employees all the time and never trains them well. The only redeeming factors about this place is that there are employees who have worked there a long time and know what they are doing and it's open 24/7.

Cutsbydanielx Cutsbydanielx

Ordered online order. Get there to pick up, & sandwiches are not ready. Just an employee saying, “We’re closed at 9, and we keep telling our manger to change the closing time to 9pm instead of 10pm”.

Anthony's Atlas

Not my favorite sandwhich but in a pinch its always reliable with many options.

Maria a

I really like making it into a wrap. I got their rotisserie chicken one, it was delicious.

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