2670 Tuscany St Suite 104, Corona
(951) 893-1159

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Erin Hoffman

Love coming here for a treat! The cookie dough is so good, you can't go wrong with a roll (the specialty ones are a little too sweet for me, so I just stick to an almond/strawberry/raspberry/walnut combo). Employees are friendly, quick service, can't go wrong! I've ordered ahead several cinna cakes here for work and they always come out perfect. Love that they're vegan! My coworkers were shocked when I told them 10 bites in ?

B P.

This place is like heaven! You can order your cinnamon roll any way you like it!! We tried a variety of them and they were all very good and very flavorful. I drove 25 miles to this place and it was well worth it. Just make sure you either bring a large cup of cold milk with you

Maryrose C.

I heard a lot about this place but the Cinnabon's were not as great as hyped up. One regular Cinnabon was roughly $6.

Takeya C.

Omg. Probably the friendliest cashier I'd ever come across. He was so personable and passionate about the cinnamon rolls! You'd think he is the face behind the business! As far as first impressions go, 5 star right off the bat. Now, as for the cinnamon rolls themselves. Wow wow wow. I wish every cinnamon roll I had came as soft! I opted to create my own, and my only regret was I didn't eat it right then and there. Even having had it the next day, it tasted like I had it delivered to me 5 min prior. Seriously. So amazing! I'm glad my SIL dragged me from Menifee here. It was well worth the 40 min drive.

Angeles Tovar

This is a must stop place for anyone with a sweet tooth. Friendly staff, fresh ingredients and delicious cinnamon rolls!Edit:changed word,Cinnabon, to cinnamon rolls. ? my bad.

Ana Espana

Really good got the strawberry cheesecake workers are nice andFriendly loved the cinnamon bun you have to try it!!!!

Johnny Ringo

Great fresh made cinnamon rolls, excellent section of frostings, toppings and great customer service! I ordered a creme cheese frosted with pecans and caramel drizzle. So good! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kevin Mathiesen

Best Cinnamon rolls around and if you like them Fancy this is the place to go.

Nicole Q.

Fast service and free samples of the many different frosting flavors. Each topping is 50 cents with a variety of sweet and savory options. If I'm having dinner in the area, I always save room for dessert and come here.

jamie l.

Saw a random post about this place and had to try it (I'm a sucker for cinnamon rolls)! We ordered the Camp Fire s'more roll, Hot Cocoa Dream Roll and a build your own w/chocolate chip scoop and peanut butter frosting.... ALL DELICIOUS! I wish I knew the guys name that helped us... he was super friendly and made sure the Camp Fire S'more roll was made separately then the others because of my son's peanut allergy. You must try this place! Thank you again!

Lisa Davis

My family loves this place. Everything is fresh and taste sooooo yummy

Hailey E.

If you're thinking about going to another cinnamon roll place or making them yourself, don't waste your time and money since you won't find anything that tastes as good as this. The cinnamon rolls were so light and fluffy while the frosting had the perfect sweetness and consistency. The cookie dough topping was amazing and the fresh baked cookies were the best I've ever had. There are so many flavors to try so the possibilities are endless. The service there was amazing. Even though it was my first time there, the workers were patient and happy to answer any questions we had. I don't ever think I could get tired of this place. Just go here and have the best cinnamon roll of your life, you won't regret it!

Austin E.

Unbelievably good. So many possible creations for cinnamon rolls and the cookies melt in your mouth. One of the best desserts I've ever had.

Kessa K.

These are DELICIOUS!!! There are so many options to choose from (literally a whole book) and they don't take too long to put it together. I got some of the cookie dough bites too and those things were amazing. Gone so fast! I got the seasonal lavendar flavor in the pic below.

Whitney A.

They were whatever !! Don't believe the hype, I wanted to love them but they are not any better than the ones you buy and make from the grocery store. My bf got the strawberry topping and strawberries and he said it was awful.

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