Club 80's Bar and Grill

9022 Pulsar Ct, Corona
(951) 603-3512

Recent Reviews

Annita Zamora

It was a lot of fun but no where to sit or relax because all the tables and chairs are VIP and you have to pay and security is a little to uptight but the crowd was fun and the music great. Drinks are very watered down.

Jay Brandt

went there for the first time, what a blast, great DJ playing great 80's music from Prince to New Edition to Expose to Depeche Mode to Madonna ect. love the lighting, drinks were pricey but not too bad for a Club. I will definitely be back. #80sRock

Alicia Lara

Every time I go, it’s super fun!! The music is awesome of course! The crew works very hard to keep bar clean and everyone safe. It’s always a great time there!!

Patti Withan-i

Super fun time reminiscing over music from my Era! Table reservations not needed, but nice to have. Service is a little slow, but cover bands are fantastic!

Jay Montenegro

Cool fun vibe . Great looking people nice 80 music and a live show. And good security to keep you safe. Good clean dinning area. 4 stars.

Victor Cruz

Drinks are OK, $20 for a beer and a mix drink not bad with this economy. Music was good, cover band was awesome. Had a blast. If you are 90s baby just go with th flow. You will probably won't know most of the music playing but is fun.

Missy B

Great 80s bar, cool design and music was excellent! It costs 15 to go in on a show night and they don't tell you the act doesn't start till 11 and only plays an hour. We went at 730 to get in line so we could get a seat and we barely got one. The 1st drink a Depeche mode had hardly any booze and I felt nothing for 12$ The girl was not friendly at all. We went to other bar/ pack man...had adios glowing fish bowl to share with my friend and it was awesome! 25$ but well worth it❣️so it was still 12 each but we were sooo lit we ordered asada nachos that were tasty but mostly jalapenos. Not enough cheese to cover the chips.I'm disabled so it was a 3 hour wait to see Madonna. Still worth it but I would just eat before going and go around 10 if your not wanting to dance before show. People were dancing all night and it was really fun!Blonde ambition was fantastic and I suggest going for sure ?

Erik P

Came out here on a Thursday night with some co workers after a work event.Venue - Really cool place themed I'm the 80s with a bunch of artwork from the 80s and lots of black lights. DJ area looks like a huge boom box, nice size bar with a great selection of liquor, good size dance floor and a VIP section.Staff - Very friendly easy going and ever all professional.Parking - Large lot with plenty of parkingLocation - In a business area, not as central of a location but neutral to Corona and Temecula area.Drinks - Good size, wells made, and perfect amount of alchohol.Prices - Fair pricesOverall great place to come chill with good old school music and good vibes.

Jessica Ward

I would usually give this place 5 stars because my girlfriends and I’ve gone many times and it’s so much fun. However, this past Saturday the rudeness and unprofessionalism from the “head” lady checking us in was unbelievably rude I had to share this. She told me their only accepting cash and one of us had to use the atm inside (which was fine). Her tone was kinda rough but just shrugged it off. Considering it’s super dark and the atm is in a dark corner and I’m by myself, my boyfriend had walked inside and sat up against the wall just to watch me. Nothing else, just being a gentleman. (I didn’t even notice him standing there by me in the first place) They denied him access and I was confused. The lady explained to me she didn’t like his attitude but “understood” he was trying to be a gentleman by watching me safely. Like what?? Even the guy security guards were apologizing to us for the lady’s attitude. I explained my boyfriend was just making sure I’m safe and she told me he can stay outside and she didn’t care while I go in by myself. At this point she was really aggressive. Maybe she had a bad night dealing with drunks but I had to share because we were just shocked and really disappointed from her jumping the gun and misunderstanding us. She needed to check herself.


This place use to be friendly, but now they are so strick with their"rules" is ridiculous. It was cold and I wore my jacket in and about 15 min later inside it was super hot and I asked if I can take my jacket to the car and the will not let me. It was not even that crowded or a long line. I know their are rules but come on make some kind of common sense decision.

Louie guzman

Nice club, great music, coverband was on point. Our 1st time there and we will be back

Steven & Virginia Ulivarri

Music was great, the vibe was amazing. Had a fun time. Also entry fee is cash only so be the green. You have a good time and most people were friendly.

Dolf Renaud

Big place, excellent stage, nice layout

Katrina Gonzales

Had a great time. staff is very friendly and efficient. Atmosphere is fun.

Belinda Hildebrant

Do not waste your money we made the mistake of coming here for New Years and paid a ridiculous cover of 25 and were told with no one sitting at tables that we could not sit for 5 minutes. The bouncers were rude and asked us unkindly to pick up our drinks 4 times in 45 minutes.

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