Farmer Boys

1625 E 6th St, Corona
(951) 737-3411

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Shelah Smith

The Breakfast burrito was expensive but it was dry needs some green sauce or red sauce in it.sorry to say

Sondra Cataldo

Awesome food, good service with a smile! I love that they serve breakfast all day but also have a good selection of other foods. Their salad is fresh, crisp lettuce with chicken, bacon, boiled eggs, tomatoes, and cheese. The bacon burger was too big for my teen son to finish. I love this place!

rebecca lugo

I went to this location “the drive through” I was there BEFORE 7:30 I had no idea they closed at 7:30. Waiting to order there was a car in front paying so I was waiting like what’s taking so long. Then some employe “girl” can out was so rude not even nice tells me we are closed we close at 7:30 I told here I was here before 7:30 and she No the other car was here I took his order at 7:28 I told her I’m not going to argue with you I need to get out the the drive way. Never will I go back to this place the owner should have a meeting with their staff


I bought a salad , bacon it's was old and gross ??

Barbara Martin

At the French toast for breakfast on my way to donate blood it's good lots of cinnamon.

Gioconda Escobar

I love the fresh food and the customer service. I recommend ? fish and ? ?

David Massaro

Great chocolate shakes! I also love their pancakes

Daniel Magana

Mu experience here has always been a very good one, the service was good making sure my order was taken at my liking and with all my items in check. The food was scrumptious and delicious. Nothing like a good thick burger. If a single hamburger from other fast food restaurants just don't fill the hunger. These burgers are sure to fulfill all your meaty needs. And for those who don't like meat I am pretty sure there's something here for you too. Love farmer boys looking forward to eat that farmers burger once more.

Adam Cuevas

I always enjoy the sourdough avocado chicken sandwich ?. The staff could be friendlier

Michelle Naron

Ranch is good! Onion rings fresh! Bathrooms very clean. What else is there?

john garrison

Hi guys, my Wife really enjoyed the Club Sandwich and the order of Zucchini was massive and the Smell drove me Crazy all the way home highly Recommend. Johnny

Carlos B.

Wow this place is LUCKY to get 1 Star. I was there yesterday to pick up their Fiery Chicken Sandwich....huge mistake coming to this location. I drove up, ordered my food, and when I got home I had a burnt bun, over cooked chicken that tasted terrible. They have low stars so I should have considered that before going. Super super disappointed.

Privileged Boutique

First time eating breakfast here. I enjoyed it!

Monet L.

Wow I'm so sad to say what poor service we got today at this Farmer Boys. The cashier was horrible she took our order and left us standing there while she went to go talk to the other girl that was taking care of the drive through. We stood there waiting for our receipt, I had to ask her if we were done because she had walked away from us. Never giving us our receipt or even offering it to us. The guy there was more helpful he gave us our food, we had told them it's for dine in and they gave us our food in a bag. Again due to the cashier not paying attention. Customer service goes a long way but in this case we got very little, Our burger was ok the fries were good. We won't be back. I'm disappointed I know this team can do better. It wasn't even packed. Saturday at 12:30pm

Maureen H.

Dining in is open & service is so friendly. Nice day out & enjoying my food with my oldest daughter. Haven't been here in awhile but I'll definitely be back.

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