Hunnys Cafe & Pizzaria

9022 Pulsar Ct a, Corona
(951) 277-5811

Recent Reviews

breezy acre

This place does not disappoint! We’ve ordered lunches and breakfast and have always been impressed! A few weeks ago we ordered breakfast “to go”. By the time I got home, my pancakes were still hot as was the rest of the food! My boyfriend loves to order food delivered and this is our new favorite place :) good job Hunnys!!

Doug Mcgilvery

Excellent Service and The Food is Absolutely Delicious ! I Love it!

Julia S.

This is the best location and has been for years they always get my order correct and I am very satisfied with this location. It is an amazing way to sit down with your family and have a great breakfast to start your day off right

Shani Quibell

Great food options! The eggs on my huevos rancheros were a little overcooked but it did taste very good still.

Lanie B.

This morning I ordered to go for a chicken fried steak breakfast and it was the best ever. Thanks Hunnys

Sean M.

Ok, this is a senior type eatery. I can see how they enjoy the comfort and casual atmosphere. The servers really make you feel at home. The setting is about a Coco's level. The food, oh my, the food. It is adequate. If you are losing your taste buds and looking solely for comfort food it is passable. If you have a 90 year old grandma that is looking for biscuits and gravy and lemon meringue pie, she would probably leave happy. If your under 50, you might want to reconsider.

Lou F.

I'm a pizza guy so I has to try it. Flavors were there but the dough wasn't completely cooked which makes it just okay.  
Try turning the oven heat down so the crust cools all the way.

Dave Machado

Great place to eat on the road. Real nice people too. Out by Tom's farms in corona.

David Duran

Seating is limited for indoor dining, very friendly and fast service the food is very fresh and flavorful, I highly recommend this place

jennifer hunt

The fried chicken salad is my favorite ?


Love this place fried green tomatoes are always great so is the Portuguese steak and eggs!!

Rose Petal

Great food. Great prices.

Dawn S.

To say this place is horrendous would be a gross understatement.

I am pretty much convinced the people go there for the decent service and specific location, because it sure as hell is not the food. If it is the food, your mother was clearly a horrible cook.

As a former restaurant professional, I would say that the people in the kitchen do not give a warm shit about your food being even close to edible.

You ordered your eggs over easy? Let's see how much we can overcook them. Not only not over easy, but brown and just this side of crunchy. Corned beef has coming out of a can, hell I can overcook that at home, cheaper.

All this and count on your meal for one costing about $20.

It's pricey and below mediocre. Save your money and find a Denny's.

Christie F.

Honeys is not so honey after all,  they've change so much since they moved off at six street in that empty medical building that they left on the corner of Main and sixth it used to be the bomb of food, Tuesdays you have to wait in line to have turkey dinner... in the morning you would have full slice of ham with the bone in the middle they had great sausages Portuguese I don't know what happened to honeys when they close that down and went to separate locations.  The one across the street on six street not so good the other one that they put in the shopping center on Temescal Canyon not so good either!! Food seems old to me I've seen mold on the pies in the window of the cooler. It's just not the same but still the same owners I don't know what happened???? they used to make a bomb of a chicken fried steak too.

Fred W.

Good food. I come to this Restaurant once a week for many years. I came in with my 4 pound service dog and was refused service because I did not have my paperwork. She has been there a lot. All of a sudden there is a problem. Just so you know by law you can only ask what service the dog provides. Not demand paper work. I will not longer be patron of your establishment. Thank you for violating my ADA rights.

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