In-N-Out Burger

450 Auto Center Dr, Corona
(800) 786-1000

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Cesar Ramos (Cesar Ramos State Farm)

Haven’t had In-N-Out in a very long time, I live in Washington State now. I don’t know what happened, but I went to this place expecting to have the old childhood memories (early 80’s for me) come rushing back, remembering getting a delicious mouth watering Double Double and just feeling immensely satisfied…. It didn’t happen :-(Don’t get me wrong, the Double Double was really good; the fries…. Okay. It just wasn’t “that” special or what I remember it being.

Crystal Ramos channel Hearts

Hi sorry I couldn’t find the email for you guys. So I have been going to the in and out near my house for the past 2 months and I get my hamburgers burnt hard rock and I call and get the complimentary gift card but it’s seems like every time I go they know it’s me and give me my hamburgers the same way I have 4 kids and they always get the hamburgers burnt hard rock my kids don’t deserve getting their hamburgers like that specially my 6yr old that Lost 2 of her front teeth. A week I ago I went by to the same location the give the hamburgers the same way and I ask for no salt and they did the opposite of what I asked with extra salt that’s how they serve them to me and my kids were surprised how they continue to do its like if we are their joke. I worked for a fast restaurant too and I knew good enough how a hamburger needs to be serve and when a when a customer requested something I would make sure since I was the lead I would happy make sure it happen for them not do the opposite of it. If my hamburgers were not hard rock and burnt the first time I wouldn’t complain but they still do it. Gas is so expensive for me to try to go to a different store just cause the employees don’t know have to do their job.

Kuldip Singh

This in and out is one of our favorites as it’s conveniently located close to the freeway and has plenty of parking. The food is always good people are courteous anytime I guess I could guess from out of state out of town the one place the others want to go check them out you love them it is busy though so make sure you have time to enjoy.

Joel Donjuan

My family loves this place. It is super rare when they miss something from our order. I still think it's a lot of hype but i gotta give it to them. Only place that everyone agrees to go to.

Izzy Xeno

It's totally worth the hype in my opinion! Reminds me of Steak n Shake back from where I'm from (east coast). For a full In-N-Out experience, get the single or double meal with a vanilla milkshake instead of the soda. Thank me later you when dunk the fries n the vanilla shake. Your welcome!


We visited quite late (sorry for that) but our food was hot, our fries were fantastic and the service was excellent. Could not recommend enough. One of the better in-N-outs I've been to.

Jeff Niemi

The 4x4 is the freaking way to go! Try the road kill fries on the side to wash it down! I just love this place so much. Stop In and enjoy the best burger around..

Aaron Bright

This place was a ghost town when we arrived. We were joking with the employees because I have never been to and in n out that was not packed. But by the time we left there was a line around the corner.They have great burgers and good service.

aJay Jenkins

It’s a totally New build of the original building. So it looks great. Classic flavor that everyone knows is “California”. Loving my New Double Double Protein Style with extra Lettuce, Ketchup and Mustard with the spread on the side. (Sometimes adding pickles) grilled, or raw chopped onions depending on the day. ??? Sauce on the Side…

Chris Bart

Stoped here for a quick burger ?, fries ?, and shake. Great food for the price.In-N-Out is a popular burger joint in The West. Well worth the visit and better than McDonald’s.We recommend.

something something

What can I say about this In N Out that I can't say about any other location? Quality ingredients, great team. It is windy, but that's Corona for ya.

Jeffrey Horn

My order was quick, and the food was delicious. The staff was friendly as well. I was happy it wasn't super busy when it went since wait times can be a bit extended when they are busy. The thing to remember: they are not good fast food; they are good food fast!!!

Mattiah Ayesh

I love in and out burger. I love those burgers. Animal stly burgers. 4x4 size burger. 4 meat. It taste very good. ???

J Dub C

Even if the drive-thru line looks crazy long. This place is fast. Great food. I have never had a bad burger and fries from here.

Nirali Patel (Niroo Biroo)

In-N-Out Burger is always amazing to go to because the employees are always so nice and willing to help. The In-N-Out was clean and had a lot of seating. I normally order a cheeseburger, animal style with chilis. I sometimes get animal style fries.

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