Islands Restaurant Corona

1295 Magnolia Ave, Corona
(951) 279-7724

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w c.

Good food and nice service. Go here once every two months. Recommend kileau with the veggie patty-it is really good but meat makes it too heavy

Gilbert Bonilla

Was put next to people instead of spread out to maintain any social distancing...and there was plenty of room to spread people out. Service wasn't horrible, but wasn't really good either. Had to stop them to ask for things and they would forget until later when I asked again. Hamburger was good. No more bottomless fries ?. Menu changed. Some items no longer on menu. Almost 20 per adult and 7 per child, plus tax and tip for the price we paid for two adults and two children, not likely to return anymore. Would have paid under or a little over half for more food and quality else where or if the same range definitely more food. Over all, not satisfied.

Anastasia B.

Horrible experience. Hamburgers were raw and service was lacking. When we complained about the raw burgers, our check was dropped on the table and the server disappeared. Oh, it is was nowhere near being busy.

Cheri Row

We're on a vacation from Texas, originally from Cali. We miss our Islands so of course we had to come! Jessica was our server, and she was amazing! Definitely recommend!

David Porchas

Sunday 4pm ordered online, pickup was to be at 4:15, get to the restaurant and the staff was a rude as the food was bad. cold burgers cold fries. we have been supporting local places since the time covid started. today let me know that this place does not want nor deserve our business. I will share this experience with the many people we know in the city. too bad we did like their food at one time.

Gina D.

Islands has ALWAYS been a favorite of my husbands and mine. Ever since we were kids. His sister used to work at the one in Montclair and my sister's 1st boyfriend worked at the one in Chino, so needless to say..we went A LOT. We got a little weekend to ourselves and after running errands all day, decided to travel back in time to one our favorite little places. Annnd..its still the same! But better, they don't have to wear those God awful Hawaiian shirts they used to have to wear and I'm sure it's been a while since then. But that's how long it's been since we've visited/lived even remotely close to one. Now that we're about 2 1/2 miles away from this one, it is really hard to not want to go back right away. The ambiance is still the same, surfing channels in the background, fun atmosphere, all the birds and surfboards still surrounding you, I love and have missed it so.. Sooo, what we decided to get was super simple. Cheese fries LOADED with cheese and topped with green onions. Beyond delicious and cheesy and right up our alley. Trying oh so hard not to get ridiculously full on just the fries, I had ordered the Malibu (Bacon Cheeseburger) sans the fries and my husband had gotten the Hula (Mushroom Swiss) with a beautiful abundance of mushrooms. Our burgers were cooked to perfection. My Malibu was just a perfect, simple and easy bacon cheeseburger. TONS of mustard and I do love my mustard, but might opt for the 1000 island or maybe some mayo and mustard next time. Regardless, it was delicious! My husbands Hula was THE mushroom swiss burger that you want to see when a burger is placed in front of you. He was going to only eat half, but yea, we both knew that was not going to happen lol. He finished that bad boy and I had my half to take home, doesn't mean I didn't finish it soon after I got back.. Sabrina was our server and was super sweet. What's even better, is all the help from the staff in case anyone was behind. How it should be. I love when everyone lends a helping hand whether it's their table or not. Needless to say, we will be back, over and over again. I can't wait to take my son and introduce him to this wonderful burger place that my husband and I have come to know and love since we were kids. Thank you Islands for still being as good as you've always been!

Joni P.

First time to this location. Second visit to an Islands restaurant. 1st location was in Orange on Tustin Ave. Not impressed either time. I went with friends who are locals. They seen to enjoy Islands. Not sure why with all the selections of restaurants at your finger tips. Next time they suggest Islands I'm speaking up & requesting we go someplace else. I ordered a mojito & the Chicken Beach Bowl. Apparently the bartender hasn't been trained to make a mojito or doesn't like making them. Everything was poured in glass with whole mint leaves thrown on top. It did not taste like a mojito. I copied & pasted description = Grilled chicken, topped w/fresh grilled pineapple, red bell peppers, snow peas, water chestnuts, red onions, broccoli & diced scallions w/teriyaki or hoisin sauce, served over brown rice. I asked for hoisin sauce & no red bell pepper. Server said they no longer have hoisin sauce. I told her I'd take teriyaki sauce then. When my bowl arrived I had no teriyaki sauce the portion of chicken was less than 1/2 cup, Two small pieces of broccoli, no water chestnuts or scallions, 1 snow pea. There were a lot of red onion, 6 small slivers of red bell pepper & 5 small pieces of pineapple on top of 1 cup of rice. I assumed the bowl was served hot. It was all room temperature. The chicken & rice were not even warm. I ate everything in my bowl & was still hungry. This was not a filling meal. My friend & I arrived a little after her daughter & family had been seated. There were hostesses we said we were with the Thompson party. They said we don't have names just wander around & see if you can find them. My friend looked a bit then texted to see where they were seated. When we sat the server was delivering a beer & glass of wine. She didn't ask us if we wanted anything to drink. They were very busy & took a while for server to take our drink order. We had 4 adult, a 5 yr & 2 1/2 yr old kids. Their Mom ordered their meals when we ordered our drinks as it was a wait. We were sunrises when the kids meals arrived. One had Mac & cheese that was out of the Kraft box with a pod of apple sauce. They had a soup spoon in his basket to eat it with. Way to big for a child. The second kid meal was for the 2 1/2 yr old grilled cheese & fries. The bread was really thick not the average sandwich slice. So was hard for him to eat. Their mom had to ask several times for the boys apple juices & water before it arrived. Two wine glasses & beer mug were sitting at edge of table so we had room for our meals. We finally asked one of the servers passing by to clear them. On one came by to check to see how our food was or if we needed anything after meals came out. My friends had the beach bowl how also wanted hoisin sauce & with out water chestnuts. Fish tacos with onion rings & Big Wave Burger with truffle fries. When we left my friend asked how my beach bowl was. I told her I was surprised it wasn't served hot. It was room temp. She said they are suppose to be hot. Oh well

Judith Bowater

Burger's and fries. Drinks and pie.Burger's were delicious, moist and lots of flavorCocktails were outstanding. Waiter was so funny..made dinner entertaining.

Elisa D.

We recently went back to Islands after a long Covid break. The menu has always been rather limited, unless you want a burger, which is why we only go occasionally. Very bad business move to remove fries as a feee side. Now, I cannot justify $13-14 for just a burger, and not a very good one at that. A family of 4 shouldn't pay $125 for a burger dinner. Nope, will take my business elsewhere for that price.

Elisa Dyer

They no longer offer fries with their burgers. My bowl was bland, over-cooked and dry. The burgers were way too greasy. Way too expensive for a bad burger joint.

P. Wheeler

The server knocked over a full glass of water into my daughter's lap and on to the floor. The server left without so much as a sorry or I'll be back to clean it up. My daughter sat there waiting for anyone to come by with napkins a towel or something. The server didn't tell anyone about the spill! The Waitress came and had to handle it.Now the Bad Part! I paid $12.45 for a Hamburger, that I could of got at McDonald's for $4.00. PLUS... The fries don't come with the Burger anymore, they're $2.99 extra! $15.44 for a Mediocre Hamburger and Fries! The Waitress Mumbled Something about COVID being the reason for the Fries not being included, sorry I won't be back until you stop using COVID as an excuse to Jack Up Your Prices! Our Waitress was very helpful and Professional! The rest of the Staff... Not So Much!

Chuck C.

They like so many other businesses are trying to recoup all the money they lost during the lockdown....and like so many other businesses they're trying to do it RIGHT AWAY. The price increases and reduction of add-ons. No more fries (sides) with the sandwich and the sandwich prices have gone up. No menu so we had to scan the QR code to see a menu that still had the sides as a no charge add-on. The waiter/bartender (we sat in the bar area) stated that it was incorrect and we had to pay extra for a side. How about you fix the QR code? No menus, increased some point people won't be be able to afford to go out and these foolish businesses will be back in the same boat they were in during lockdown. SO SHORT SIGHTED. And to add to it when I questioned the wrong QR code the bartender copped an attitude. WILL NOT BE GOING BACK TO THE ISLANDS OFF MAGNOLIA any time soon.

Anita Acevedo

Had a great dinner with my honey today. Our server Sabrina gave excellent service and was always checking in on us. We didn't have to wait too long and food tasted delicious. The Yaki Tacos I got were bomb. The restaurant was clean and I felt comfortable eating there. Will come back for sure ?

Pamela Schoonover

I give them a 4 star. We love Islands...we really do. Why I didn't give them a 5 star was because our French Fry's were luke warm...Once our waitress came back to check on us, we told her and she was super sorry said she could get us another .. we told her no, because we were halfway done... But she did take the Fry's off which was $6.75 I think. Trust me we love their Fry's...

Kat M.

Pass the sign for this Islands all the time when commuting for work. Today told my husband I wanted to go here since we were in the area. Read all the reviews and they did not disappoint. Staff is friendly and attentive. Our server Madison was very hospitable and friendly. The tempura green beans were tasty and the rest of our food was on point. Also love that they had one of my fav craft beers (Deschutes Haze IPA). Will definitely come back to this location again.

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