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350 N McKinley St #103, Corona
(951) 463-5526

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Chrysta L.

After multiple attempts of coming to this location the staff seems to not understand the blending process. We are juice it up Connoisseur's as you would say and frequent multiple locations. However this location seems to not be able to get it together! Our first time we came (ordered the same thing we order at any other place) they told us it wouldn't turn out right we gladly corrected them if they did it right it would come out like any other time we order at other locations, this being our second time here SAME order our drinks are completely flavorless and the consistency is watery. Also we ordered 2 c-immunity shots one of them looked like it would be correct and the other was brown. Staff tried to say they were from 2 different batches? We ordered the same thing and mine was extremely overly powered with ginger. We will Not be returning to this location.

Jose H.

My Co-Worker went Juice it up to pick up some stuff for the office. Mind you, I had never had juice it up before in my life. He convinced me to get something, so I ended up getting a vital proteins blue bowl. My co worker came back and the toppings of my bowl were put on another bowl we had ordered. Not ordering again :(

Jessica Marquez

If I could've rated no stars I would've, the girls working the shift on 8/9 around 7:30pm were extremely rude. They were slamming blenders and yelling "we will be right with you" while walking away so their back was turned. One girl with blonde burnt tips kept looking at her phone and never once sanitized her hands. Both were moving very slow like the did not want to be there. Never was I greeted when I entered or given a thank you when I was given my drink or left.

Carin M.

Waited 25 minutes for my order and the people who ordered behind me got both their drinks first. This is ridiculous service

James N.

Don't come here. They have public restrooms, but the store will not allow customers to use them.

Whistle Honey

Love love love this place!Highly recommend if you’re juicingThis juice it up is for me and my husbands favorite place to drink a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.Must try if you haven’t

Sarah S.

NO FLAVOR. My PB Mocha tastes nothing like PB or Mocha. I asked the girl if the drink even comes with coffee in it anymore because this time and the last time the smoothie has tasted like NOTHING. She said yes. So either all Juice it Ups are skimping now, or just this one SUCKS. My boyfriend got the chocolate dipped acai last time, and it also had ZERO flavor and tasted nothing like acai or chocolate. Management, what is going on?

Michelle M.

Amazing customer service always have my drink ready when I do an online order and also not a bad wait time when I order in store. I always have a great experience here and the smoothies are always good especially the lava flow. I recommend this spot to anyone who live near by, you won't be disappointed.

mrs.lopez !!!!!

My favorite smoothie place, acai bowl is my #1 ?, they are always so nice, and fast never disappointed.

Wahab Alansari

Decent. Orange juice is sqeezed in the morning...so it is not super fresh in the afternoon!!

Thu L.

I'm not too adventurous once I find "my drink" but ever since I moved to Corona and started ordering smoothies from this location, whatever I've order has tasted good. My fave is the lava flow. The best combination of sweet and tart! It definitely reminds me of the frozen cocktail, so that's always a plus. ;) Add a boost and you're golden! If you're looking for some healthier alternatives than boba or fraps, go here. There's a fruit flavor for everyone.

Mira Morgan

Best service!!! Mackenzie G. was helping me and honestly she was amazing! So nice and friendly! overall made my day! And thank u for the recommendation the smoothie was good! :)

Leslie K.

I went in on 11/04/2020 Wednesday
McKenzie was working and I just wanted to say great job! There was a very rude straight up dick of a cop who was obviously taking his frustration out on her. I was there before he was so I was able to see the entire interaction between McKenzie and that officer. He wasn't clear with what he was talking about at first and expected her to know what he's talking about then he raised his voice and his attitude towards her just got worse.
I would like a manager to acknowledge her. McKenzie remained calm and very professional. I also would like to make sure if that man did make a complaint just know it's not valid he was the one having a bad day or just thinks he has the right to treat people like they're beneath him.


Good smoothie. Nice people.

Nicole N.

Every time I come here my smoothie is never blended completely. Chunks of fruit & ice, every single time. Get some new blenders or something!

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