Kabab Crush - Corona

350 North McKinley St. =, #102, Corona
(951) 734-1770

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ATONIO Mikaele

Food was ok. I ordered lamb chops. Ordered at 8:41pm got our food around 9:20. 40 minutes waiting around. When the food finally came out they said the delay was they ran out of lamb and had to make more. They should of told us instead of just letting us sit there and wait. Lamb was undercooked. Wife ordered sandwich which was good. Overall won’t be coming back.after that experience.

Michelle Lorenz

I'm not sure what to say besides it's just good!! We've gone here 4 or 5 times, tried something different each time, and everything has just been good. We finish everything on our plate and leave stuffed beyond belief. It's become one of our go too places when we don't feel like cooking at home.

Felipe Vielmann

Quiet afternoon, stopped in for late lunch. There was a group finishing their meal when I arrived. I ordered the beef shawarma plate. All entrees include rice, one pita (large in size), two cold appetizers, and choice between garlic sauce or tahini sauce. I chose hummus and the Mediterranean potato salad and the garlic sauce over the tahini option. I will probably get the Mediterranean tahini salad next time.After I ordered I saw they serve foul (pronounced: fūl), a fava bean dish that is on the hot appetizer menu. I will definitely be trying this.The service was good, friendly. I look forward to my next visit!

Dawn Helm

Excellent falafel sandwich. Crispy outside and soft inside with good dressing and pickled vegetables.

M Garcia

Please open a kruah kabob in Menifee, ca there's plenty of space, new development on Newport rd. I love this place

Denise B.

Visited some friends of mine who live near this place. I wasn't too thrilled of the food I received or even the lack of freshness of it. Meat was dry and a bit "rubbery." I'm not too familiar with this type of food but, when the meat is rubbery and dry, it isn't too pleasant to eat. lol. Another poster mentioned the cleanliness inside. I wouldn't say it was horrible filthy but, if I owned this place or better yet, if I worked here, I'd make sure the tables and floor were at least clean. Once was enough, won't be going back and I don't think my friend who lives here will either since she had the same experience.

Vince S.

Our Captain wanted to try this place out for lunch today. BAD IDEA!!!!!!!! *******FOOD POISONING!!!!!***** I got a chicken wrap which is what the lady at the register recommended and upon sitting at the tables waiting for our food, we couldn't help but notice how gross and sticky the tables were (look at photos). That should have been my red flag to NOT EAT THE FOOD FROM HERE!! I went ahead and took a couple photos of the tables because you could see the slime and smudges on them as the sunlight shined through the front windows into this place. Anyhow, we get back to the station, I begin eating my chicken wrap and couldn't help but noticing how dry/stale and crumbly my wrap was. It fell apart because it was so stale and dry. Needless to say, I threw most of it away in the trash. THANK GOD I DID BECAUSE!!!!.......I am now laying here in the firehouse with an awful case of food poisoning that started 5-6 hours after I had a few bites of that petrified chicken wrap. I have already reported this to my fire department who has posted my illness from this place on our department union webpage to ensure no other fire crews eat here to avoid getting food poisoning and also to pass this along to any family or friends. I still have two more days left on shift and I don't know how I'm going to make it. I blame myself though because my warning was that of a dirty and unkept eating establishment with filthy/sticky tables where patrons are supposed to eat and I was still dumb enough to eat some of their food without considering how filthy the back/cooking area must be too. Maybe I just got a bad batch on a rare occasion BUT, the filthiness is a perfect example of why I am puking my guts up and making quick dashes to the bathroom!! Funny but not funny. lol Stay safe all and know that you have been forewarned.

V R.

Quality has gone downhill. First time I went the Beef kabob wrap was great. The next 3 times the wrap was so dry it was crumbling in my hand like confetti. I gave them a fair chance and I even called to speak with the manager but nobody returned my call. I don't find that to be good customer service.

Sam U.

Great food I highly Recommend to friends and family very authentic. And great customer service.

Adel N Souria S.

1 of the best falafel ive ever tasted in the USA. Thank you for staying so authentic. I had the keftah and chicken kabob and both were really good . Rice was just like a home meal. Garlic dip for on point and the hummus was so good as well. Only complaint was the tahini sauce needs a lil more flavoring , seemed too watery.

Sandra A.

Oh my goodness everything we had here was super delicious! I highly recommend them! You won't be disappointed. The staff was amazing & they have wonderful customer service skills. I don't know a lot of the dishes, but the staff members were very nice, helpful and guided us towards the perfect dishes. I will definitely be back.

Saira Khan

The food was great. The lamb was a little under cooked. The chicken had flavor and the rice was also good, it had little pieces of vermicelli in there and lots of salt. The taboiuli salad was ok. Garlic sauce was a little on the tangy side. The onions with sumac was a bit soggy, but thier hummus was apot on. I forgot to take pictures but will definitely next time. Also they say thier meat is halal but they are not certified. Another concern location, the parking lot was dirty and thier were men outside that I didn't particularly felt safe around. It is across grocery store and Walmart on it's right. Overall I will visit again because I love places with flavorful kebabs.

Jennifer Q.

Passing thru after a doctor's appointment, I'm glad i stopped in for some yummy food. Overall I'm very satisfied. Great food, large portions and reasonably priced what more can you ask for?! I can't wait to pass by again.

Mr G.

The beef shawarma sandwich the meat was burnt I bought 2 other sandwiches for my employees and they same thing Nasty

Tito Sean

The food is reasonable but there is no such thing as customer service. The person taking orders seemed upset when there was an incorrect order put in because he heard the order wrong. Will be skipping this place just for that reason.

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