Romano's Macaroni Grill

3591 Grand Oaks, Corona
(951) 278-0999

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Just getting to start up with serving inside. Needs booth, carpet, walls, restroom repairs.

Kathryn P.

I had the absolute best service I've had in a restaurant today. Star Was so lovely and kind, they were on top of everything and got everything to us super fast. Star was by far The best waitress I've had in a long time!!!

Ashley D.

Our waitress named star ... definitely DESERVES 5 stars!!!! She gave us amazing service. The kitchen had new members, therefore the wait was longer but she communicated with us and just all around made it a great night. Also, great job kitchen!!!!!! The food was absolutely DELICIOUS. We will be back soon

Justin C.

Star was an amazing server. Friendly, courteous, and attentive. The food was delicious as always and brought to the table in a timely manner...even though the restaurant may be short staffed. It has been a over a year since we have been here and the service and food were just as we expected!!! Keep up the good work!

denise g.

This is our go to Dinner Date spot. The food is always amazing and we always appreciate the attentiveness of the staff; especially today, our server Jenteal was outstanding.

Rob Lough

Good service. Menu was really scaled back since Covid. Enjoyed our meal.

Sharon B.

Ella was an awesome server! She made our dining experience so enjoyable!! My brother and I will be back!!!

opentable dinner

Upon getting to host and checking in it still took 10 minutes to be seated, taking plenty of walk ins first then our Server had to apologize for the delay in her greeting us … should have left then. Salads took 30 minutes and that was only when I asked where they were … told her not to hold back our entrees as I had a hungry toddler. But the wrong item was delivered to my Husbsnd and I had cold pasta. Not even an apology or anything then cold/ short attitude when we asked for the check. Oh and the restrooms were atrocious!!! No toilet paper in one, clogged toilet in another and third almost out of toilet paper but the worst is no paper towels and no air dryer … I went to host stand and let the blonde know who didn’t seem to care and when I asked for a towel or napkin she said she was doing her job. I grabbed a table cloth and used that this is all for a 5:30 reservation with only a couple of tables inside occupied.

Sean O.

First came to this place prior to COVID, had some pretty good options. Since then I have gone back maybe 4 to 5 times and every time the quality of food decreased every visit. This time it is an all time low. The Seafood Ravioli tastes as if the sauce and/or cheese had gone bad. There is a distinct smell such as the one of a protein shake being left in a hot car. The dish itself only barely covered the surface of the plate. Truly disappointing... it was so bad the dish had to be covered in hot sauce and even that cold not save the dish. For anyone taking the time to read this, save your money. Paying for an over priced meal that will disappoint you and the generations that come after you. Hopefully the review is read and either quality of food increases or people think twice before purchasing.

Steve L.

It was not a good sign when we walked in and 75% of the restaurant was empty and we were told it was going to be a 35 minute wait. It looked like they had two groups ahead of us a party of 2 and a party of 3 that was around 8pm. We could see the bar had seating at the counter so we asked if we could sit at the bar and get the full dinner menu. We could, so we sat at the counter in the bar. It had a few customers but not really busy for a Friday night. We waited about 5 minutes before Madison the bartender provided us with the QR CODE menu, but she did get some bread and the oil for it fairly quickly. The bread was good but it would have been nice to have a second dish of the oil as it was awkward sharing with three people in our group as we had to keep reaching over each other, no big issue just could have been better. We got our order placed and as we were waiting we started to notice how messy the bar was. We all noticed that it looked like a Bud Light and some specialty drink was at the service drink pick up area for a very long time, at least the 15 minutes that we had been sitting there, and it was there when we arrived. We then noticed a waiter stopped by and picked up these two drinks, the beer had to be warm and the specialty drink the ice was melted and what looked like whip cream was all melting and separated in the glass. A few minutes later Madison had made a new specialty drink, it was different then the one that had been sitting there and a Bud Light too. A few minutes later a different waitress walked up and asked about the two drinks that had been sitting on the counter for a very long time. We overheard them say that the drinks had been sitting there for around 2 hours and they both knew the waiter had grabbed the wrong drinks but instead of correcting the situation, the comment was oh well its too late now, it had only been about 3 to 5 minutes. We got our food and the two new drinks were still just sitting on the bar like the two previous drinks had been. The food was good but now we started thinking about all the restaurants shows like Bar Rescue and Gordon Ramsey 24 hours to Hell and Back. Now thinking if the front of the restaurant was lacking what did the kitchen look like? It is not likely that we will ever return to this restaurant and to be honest I don't think this place will last much longer unless the quality is greatly improved.

It's G.

Great place to eat and spend time with your S/O and Ella was a great waiter at this restaurant.


Excellent food, excellent service. We love going to this place.


Excellent, friendly service. The decor and ambiance was scarce compared to pre COVID, no fault to the restaurant, just depressing. The food was tasty with good portions.


The steak was perfect. And so was the broccoli. Brussels sprouts were soso.

Marianne G.

Short wait to be seated here likely due to current labor shortage but everyone was so super sweet with smiling eyes and happy voices. Our server Ella was super duper sweet. Her service was prompt and attentive and pleasant. All these things made for such a nice family dinner. We don't go out much but it makes a difference when the people are really nice. The food was really good too! Pasta Milano is my new favorite!

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