11800 De Palma Rd South, Corona
(951) 603-0810

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Armando Esquivel

Slow line and the order was wrong

John Alexander

Great as always if you've been in one you've been in most of them

Stacie Smiles

I rarely go to Starbucks cuz I'm picky with the flavor of coffee. But today I needed a shot so didn't matter the flavor. And the young lady helped me order was so sweet. I looked at her name tag as to remember it. Sadly I forgot. I was there at 2pm. Thanks stay sweet.


You guys are awesome. Of about 5 Starbucks along my commute, this one is my favorite.

Alyssa Edwards

I seriously love this location and the baristas that work at this location. The baristas are always so kind, so easy to talk to, they always make my order correctly, and they work really hard. Even if they didn’t make the order correctly, I’ll still accept it because they are trying their best. But for the Karens, stop complaining about the wait. It’s not their fault when they are being bombarded with orders at one time. It’s not their fault when they are understaffed due to Covid. They are doing everything they can to give you a good experience. Just be compassionate in this extremely challenging time.

jacob wise

I go to this location about 3 or 4 times a week and they have forgot part of my order 3 times in the past 2 weeks but still charged me. Been trying to call for 25 minutes to get some kind of credit with no one answering or no option to leave a message. Horrible management I will not be going to this location anymore.

Sylvia Faggen

I come here 4X a week. On my way to work. The staff is always so friendly. Even when they have a line around the building they are super fast.

Laurance Mazzaglia

Clean place, good coffee, nice atmosphere, lovely baristas and fast service! What more can you ask for !!!!!

Kimberly Ruzich

Long line, but they did my drink to right

edgar rios

Bad attitude and can't prepare the drinks correctly. Ordered a chestnut praline with extra whipped cream. made the mistake of asking for my extra whipped cream, barista rolls her eyes then adds melting whipped cream and closes the lid with the drink dripping on the sides. Last time I checked Starbucks is a custom coffee drink business, so why get mad when people ask for the extras.


Very nice workers on my visit

Amanda Hara

This Starbucks used to be good but now a days it has not Ive been twice first visit I asked if they have pineapple syrup and the barista Natalie straight up said no didn’t ask jus said no I told her other Starbucks have it and she said well we don’t and then she finally asked the other barista and come to find out they did have it I went a couple days ago and orders a blended strawberry lemonade and the same barista Natalie is gonna ask do I want a strawberry açaí blended when I clearly asks for a strawberry lemonade blended and I order a strawberry refresher venti and I got the cup half filled not even filled to the top smh I’ll be going to the actual Starbucks and not the one inside of vons

sondra aguirre

This place has the qorsr deive thru...go some where else...

Cynthia Ramirez

I have lived in the area for 8 years and the coffee quality as well as the food has ever been so poor. They say they’ll warm up your croissant and they don’t, coffee beans taste burnt 90% of the time and this morning I over heard the baristas making fun of peoples order's while I was waiting to pay. Bring back the old baristas because the new ones are incredibly childish and do NOT know how to make a decent cup of coffee.

Ashlee N.

Second time I go to this Starbucks and they have gotten my order wrong both times. My order is not complicated, a peach green tea lemonade sweetened. Maybe it's my fault for not tasting my drink right after they give it to me.

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