11882 De Palma Rd Suite 2-L, Corona
(951) 603-0159

Recent Reviews

Blaire Montgomery

I love coming to this subway at lunch. The staff is kind and they make a mean sandwich!!

Justin Bartosh

Eff this place. They literally watched me stand in line for 10 minutes , some lady comes in after me goes to the bathroom comes out and hops in front of me in line and the subway employees just allowed it like I was never there waiting.

Gregory Briggs

Still the best place for a tuna sub!

Teresa Q.

Need to teach 'em how to make a veggie delight. I received bread, lettuce, couple spinach leaves, two thin slices of tomato, 2 slices of cucumber, about 6 olive slices, two slices of banana peppers and they left off pickles altogether. *That's not a meal. :(

Bob Turner

Ordered take out. Not crowded at 1130ish. All good.

Emma Lapsee

I love it here,nice employees,my subs are always made Bomb.

Odin Serna

Great customer service, always friendly, fresh sandwiches

Stephanie S.

I ordered 2 salad bowls tonight through doordash and took a couple of bites and something in the salad tasted like the smell of bad breath. My husband turned to me and asked if my food tasted weird and he said his tasted like a chemical. On top of that the lettuce was soggy.. I want to puke as I think about it. I just hope we don't get sick, never again!

Armando Esquivel

Great food, great service!

louise hurt

good service clean place

Elanie Marquez

Veggies weren't fresh. Tomato's looked a dark red and spoiled. You could clearly see the lettuce and spinach was welting. Avacado looked darker than ripe. Sandwich maker crumbled (balled up) the meat for my sandwich and basically stuffed it. I asked for it to be toasted and he burnt it. I don't know who's in charge, but step up your game a little. Teach your employees properly and filter out your produce.

Sara G.

Let me start by saying I never leave bad reviews but this is a must for me. My fiancé and I went in today around 11:30 and the store was a little busy. There was a Hispanic employee who was extremely rude to the younger Asian employee. He was being rude IN FRONT of the customers which I thought was extremely unfair and embarrassing. I don't know if he Is the manager but as a manager myself, that is NO WAY to speak to your employees, ESPECIALLY in front of customers. My fiancé and I were in shock with how he was treating him, so we walked out. To the young Asian boy who is working there, we feel for you and just remember, a job is just a job. If you're being treated unfairly like that, you're unappreciated and should go somewhere else. And to the Hispanic employee, shame on you.

Stacie Smiles

The young man who made our sandwich was very nice

John Moore

Unfortunately the pre-order for pickup option is not good. My meatball sub was cold and not toasted. The avocado which costs extra was not on my turkey sandwich. When I got home and shared the problems with management, I received a "sorry" email but no refund or compensation for what was paid and not received. If I do ever return, I'll always make sure I'm right there to make sure I get what I ordered.

Kimberly Ruzich

So good! Got a Steak Egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with spinach, onions and peppers. Added Southwest Chipotle. It was toasty and perfect.

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