115 N McKinley St Unit 107, Corona
(951) 427-5222

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Restroom not working. Hard 1 star. Customer not responsible for the plumber being off that day. Fix your facilities or close your business. Sandwich maker in a hurry with nobody else in line. It's pathetic this kids don't have a sense of customer service nor value their job. Lack of training, high prices and low quality product? I'm guessing selling cardboard Tuna pays off. Good job.


Good stuff

Ernesto Cal

Dont take me wrong. I have a thing with ppl putting gloves on to serve your food. But in the process they touch other dirty items. Like the cash register. And then they come back and start putting all the vegetables in your sandwich, all with the same gloves.At this day and age we cant accept that kind of service. That's why I give it 2 instead of a 5.Subway at magnolia and McKinley riverside ca

Cecelia Owen

Bread choice was just two,wheat and Italian. Mayo and mustard were very light. I felt like we were a nuisance to the young lady preparer even though we were the ONLY people there at 4p.m. Hopefully next time will be better.

Doc Holiday

Very good service and friendly staff got my sandwich and was out in time

Mumbo Numbafai

Just average subway new employees constantly, but they don’t let you use the restroom even if you buy something which is big wack.

Hhaaa Lopez

Simple and good

J Mon

Would give more because the service is good and the food taste as expected.Disappointed that when using a card transaction you can “tip” the workers, but when you try to cash tip a jar, there is NO jar to be seen. Stop stealing extra money from good Samaritans who are trying to tip THE WORKERS. Stop stealing from your workers. Disappointed.

rudy m.

I definitely don't trust this place but that's because of just one bad sandwich. I usually get a basic sandwich with chicken and it tasted very rubbery. I never had a subway give me a nasty chicken patty so it definitely was weird. I now just drive down to the subway down the street.

Ernie Franchino

Good service and food

Anthony Buice

Friendly staff food was good

Rebba Gal

Good food when you can get it. They were out of alot of topping and only two choices of bread.30 days later....when I got home there was cucumbers on my meatball sandwich instead of Spinach and my broccoli cheese soup was half way full. Never have i been satisfied with this place.?

Rosey P.

I love subway but honestly, some employees like Isabel just act like they do not want to be there. As a fast food employee as well, oh damn. At least, "have a good day" could cancel out her rudeness.

Ulyses Munoz

I always keep it the same ...simple so always get a meatball sub with lots of swiss the food but better service


The service is pretty good and the subs are pretty good

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