Súper Taco

450 S Main St unit d, Corona
(951) 272-6577

Recent Reviews

Christine Williams

Oh my God I love this place we come every taco Tuesday we love the staff and the people the food is amazing the tacos the best in corona we have workers at our house today we took them some tacos they are from Riverside they said this is the best tacos I’ve had highly recommend the staff the restaurant is very clean very nice and environment we will be back next week

BRYAN starks

Taste just right! Perfect burritos, tacos, costa Azule great plate.

T. J. Hart

Great place to go for reasonable priced tacos.

Food Lover X.

Love this place. Been going here for six months now since moving to Corona. Food is always delicious and reasonably priced. I just wish they stayed open a little later.

Steven R.

My wife first found this place because we have been looking for another good "hole-in-the-wall" Mexican restaurant. Without a doubt this place is it! We haven't had everything on their menu yet, but one of my favorites so far is that they will make me a vegetarian burrito, even though it's not on their menu!! Love this place!

Jorge T

Delicious Mexican food. They have a good selection including seafood and menudo on the weekends. The prices are reasonable.


Great tacos!! Reasonable prices and friendly service

Cleona Bautista

Excellant food here. I was traveling and stopped for a bite. I was delightfully surprised at the excellant flavor and the sweet people who have such terrific service. Sorry for the bad picture. This is a Pic of my leftover that I brought home. A bean tostada without the lettuce and ?. It was excellant and the chicken ? tacos were delish. But I ate so fast I forgot to take some pics. I did not expect it to all be so good. The beans are fabulous and the Guacamole too. And I love they use authentic ? !!! 5 ? from me!

Koe Mathis

Pretty good, enjoyed fair price.

Al M.

The most legit taco spot in Corona Double tortilla and massive portions ... the carne is moist and delicious!!! Had the sopes and tacos on this occasion with a Jarrito ... totally hit the spot and the customer service is second to none!! A must have if you are in Corona

edgar hernandez

This place is very family friendly place and the food is really good and they have good customer service.

Josephine Smv

muy buena comida y agradable

Samuel Fierro

Taco Tuesday here is pretty good and worth the money. ask for the salsa to be on the side tho cuz they drench them in salsa lol

Geri Gonzalez

Tortas were very good, large size!

Doug Adams

Good food.

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