Sushi Zen

1525 E Ontario Ave #108, Corona
(951) 817-1000

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Ana H.

This was always my go to been coming here for a few years now I recently came with my friends and family the service was horrible felt like the waitress that looked like she was in charge didn't want to seat us because we had 3 toddlers with us . More then 1 hr just to get seated and the waitress was being so rude


The 2 servers for the whole restaurant on a busy Sunday night... not working. They tried but You need 1 more.Also, the Lobster roll is not made out of Lobster and ALL the rice used in the menu items we ordered was undercooked and grainy. $40 AYCE

Brittany Panzarino

Sat for the AYCE. Nothing made me “wow” it was all bland. The young waiter brings the rolls to your table and doesn’t name them. Or ask if you need anything, at all. Even if you sit there with no water for 20 minutes.. and the music they were playing was definitely strange for the atmosphere… a bit inappropriate at times… won’t be returning, oiishi in riverside is still the best in the IE in my opinion as well as Aloha in menifee

Bill E.

You can't expect the best quality sushi when you go to an all you can eat sushi restaurant. I have been to many. Unfortunately, the quality of the sushi here is way below satisfactory. I certainly will not be visiting again. To make matters worse, I waited and waited for my check even though the restaurant only have a few customers and the bill didn't include their advertised discount for buying beer on Monday afternoons.

Valentina E.

We came here after a game and it was the most terrible experience. Every piece of sushi was limited to 1 per table, not per person eating and paying all you can eat prices but per table. Even after trying to order one peice of ikura per round I still wasn't served it, I pointed it out to her she still brought us one order of the ikura at the end. Now, I very accustom to ayce sushi prices but damn 160 for 2 adults and 3 kids is ridiculous... they added gratuity too! Wow! Needless to say we will never go back.

Ian L.

Decoration is really nice, the service is good but the miso soup tastes very different from the actual miso


Not good, not bad. Service was interesting. Not exactly friendly but not rude. The kalbi beef was shoe leather. The tempura was soggy. The miso soup was bland. But the rolls were tasty.

Manuel A.

This sushi place used to be my favorite sushi place here in corona but now no more the miso soup taste terrible no flavor at all, my daughter ordered beef teriyaki and the meat was also terrible she didn't even eat it l don't recommend this sushi it's really bad

December P.

The best sushi in the corona area! Trust you will not disappoint and they are on DoorDash

Maira Garcia

Only 1 server in the whole restaurant and all she was doing was running around in circles. She served 3 other parties that where seated AFTER us. They kept seating more and more parties without even helping those that had already waited over 45 minutes with no menus or drinks. Wont be returning.

Lee G.

One of my favorite ayce sushi places. A large menu, lots of apps, lots of special things you can order from the chefs, and a lot of variety. The fish is good quality, and they're still all you eat in the pandemic. Highly recommend..

Christa B.

Staff was super friendly, great recommendations and yummy food. They have a decent selection of vegetarian sushi to boot.

steve park

Never had a sushi that are salty and some were not even fresh. We couldn't finish the 1st round order. Their yelp reviews were great, but I don't see why?

Tre Sayles

The sushi was amazing - great roles. The service was an interesting mix. Our initial server didn't really give us great attention but the team stepped in to make up for it.

Stitchez 187

Went here last night for my birthday dinner. Was seated immediately.Ordered our first rolls, and was pretty disgusted by the quality of the sushi. The people I came with were also disgusted.We figured we would try other things, maybe we just chose a few not so great things from the menu.We were wrong. Everything here was really low quality, and tasted terrible. They drowned a lot of things in various sauces but it didn’t make them any better. How is this place still open? Half of the fish tasted like it was going bad. We were sure we were going to get sick, and felt it before even finishing dinner. Maybe we just went on the absolute worst night, because there is no way anyone would eat here and enjoy it. That being said, I spent my night throwing up in the parking lot and several times when I got home. It’s not safe to eat this foodGo elsewhere, like tokai or marui, or hon. All three choices are better, especially considering all you can eat here is 32$. Worst birthday dinner ever

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