Texas Roadhouse

370 N McKinley St, Corona
(951) 735-7427

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Eric Chen

Excellent steaks here, even though we waited for hour and 15 minutes with a prior reservation. I would definitely take my friends & family here again. The steaks tasted as good as the Mastro's Steakhouse but with a much cheaper price.....

Napoleon pula

Stick to the steaks. Margaritas and long islands are a plus in my book. Cleanliness and attention spot on. Shout out to mike for taking care of us

Constance W.

Would actually rate the restaurant between a 4 and 5. However, my experience with the a particular Manager and employee negatively impacts the customer service. They (only these two folks) are extremely petty over something as small as extra onions or schredded cheese for a take out order. The quantity is so small (~teaspoon) so I request more - which becomes an issue for them. Either it's not included in the order or such a minimal amount is included, even if I request more. This has happened several times. I am not sure how such pettiness exists over something so mininmal. In any event, it does diminish the customer experience.

B B.

this location has a military wall. A friend took in a photo of her son who served in the Military. He passed away a few years ago. This restaurant created a tribute to her son. Fallen but not forgotten. Excellent community involvement!

Marti F.

We love our local Texas Roadhouse!! We go every Saturday and sometimes in between. The employees are awesome and I love the Military wall with all the pictures. I brought in a picture of our son last week, so today I went to see where he was hung and imagine my surprise that I found him on the military table. It really choked me up, because our son passed away 10 years ago.

Lorenzo Ruiz Hernandez

Very Good Service. Always Asking If Everything Ok. Food Was Great.???

Tyrel D.

This Texas Roadhouse is great. The food is always cooked well, and tastes great. The staff is always awesome. We had Camille this last time who was super attentive, and friendly. Got a drink, listened to the music, ate my food, and had a great time with my girlfriend. The place is a plus for you if you listen to Country; because it's playing. You can't come here if you have a peanut allergy because this place is full of them, shell on the floor while you eat them off every table kind of place. I'd recommend this place to anyone. Try the bread and butter, it's quite tasty.

Vanessa G.

This review is solely for our time at the bar while we waited for food to go for our family. $5 Long Islands are life changing. I am from OC, and we do not have anything that great in terms of a drink deal near us. If my husband and I didn't have to drive all the way back to OC, we would have stayed all day and indulged in those lovely drinks. Seriously, so good and the price can't be beat. We ordered two meals to go for my inlaws. We didn't eat the food, as it was not for us. However my inlaws enjoyed their meals and the take out experience was smooth sailing. I would definitely come back and eat here if they ever decided they wanted to have a birthday lunch here. I am a sirloin girl, so I would definitely order that with a few Long Islands.

Cristina A.

I have been here a few times before I figure I know what to expect. This time was different though. We checked in and it took around 30 minutes or a little more to be seated. That's fine place was super busy no problem. Finally get seated the server greets us takes our drink order and brings us plates for our dinner rolls. Problem is the plates were totally wet like still dripping water. It's the minor details like I know your busy but just take a minute to wipe them down. Placed my food order I ordered the New York strip loaded mashed potatoes and a house salad. Salad arrived and I think I was the best part of the meal it was cold, crunchy and fresh tasting. My steak was over cooked I asked for medium to medium rare it was dry, well done and grey inside I was going to send it back but it took almost 30 minutes for the food to come out. Some one in my group ordered loaded fries and the cheese looked plasticy and hard it had a heat lamp look too it. Over all it left me thinking I will never crave this place although the servers were friendly each time they stopped by the table they were rushing and all over the place if they slowed down when at their guests tables they would have gotten the orders right.

Chelsea L.

I came here on a Sunday around 4:00PM. It was super busy. If you come here on a weekend, prepare to wait! The wait was an hour. Luckily there are a lot of stores to shop at in this plaza like Ross and TJ Maxx. When we were seated, we got bread rolls which were delicious. I ordered the ribeye steak with shrimp and my boyfriend ordered the ribeye steak with the bone on it. I got the Caesar salad and loaded baked potatoe and my boyfriend got the fries and corn. My boyfriend also ordered the Hawaiian margarita. We also got the fried onion as an appetizer. I forgot what it's called but it looks like a bloomin onion. We ordered medium rare. The steak was super juicy and delicious. We both couldnt finish our meals and had to take it to go because the portions were huge. I feel like we could have shared an order and been good. Overall a great experience if you love to eat steak. The quality is good. I would come back.

Larry M.

Very disappointed with your company. I used the waiting list function to'avoid a long wait and it's convenient' as your site claims. I followed the directions and Let them know I was here and I waited in my car. And waited. And waited. I finally went up to the restaurant and they told me that the wait time starts when I get here and it could be up to 45 minutes maybe an hour. I notified them that on the website and the email I received the directions were different and I showed them. I had them explain that to me and then they admitted that they were short staffed in the kitchen. I don't think I want to eat at a place that has no integrity. And your wait thing function is worthless. Again, very disappointed in Texas Roadhouse.

Shie S.

Hubby and I came here to see what the hype on this place is all about. We made reservation online 30mins before arrival. We're glad we did coz there was a wait already outside when we arrived. We tried their medium-well 32oz porterhouse steak and we were not disappointed. The meat texture was not bad and their peppercorn sauce was good. It was good portion for 2 people.! Rudy our server was also excellent, efficient, and friendly. The ambiance of the place is really welcoming and the you can tell its the preferred go-to dine experience during weekends by its patrons. We recommend this place and we will definitely go back!

Alyse Zalazinski

Great Service and great food!

Whistle Honey

They used to have the $15Sirloin steak and grilled shrimp with baked potato and 1 more side butIt’s the same price for $23But anyways, they always always have the best servers, best service, best foodAlways always always get their Fresh baked rolls

Sean Mocabee

Never had a bad experience at a Texas Roadhouse. Great food and atmosphere with portions matching the price. You get what you pay for everytime.

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