The Bucket Crab & Crawfish

2279 Eagle Glen Pkwy, Corona
(951) 549-9700

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Diane White-Clayton

Really nice spot. Food was delicious. I just wish the Cajun seasoning didn't have sugar in it. And I wish they had a few more vegetable options. But it came highly recommended and was good. Good service. Clean. Easy parking.

Jasmine S.

Why didn't I read the reviews prior to dining here? Sooo needless to say, the service was absolutely horrible. The food was even worse!! I've never seen this type of boil. The sauce was thick af. Everyone is not able to execute a proper boil. The shrimp were NOT cleaned, head on and poop sack still in tact!! Absolutely DISGUSTING. The server explained they DO NOT CLEAN THEIR SHRIMP for the boils and the CUSTOMER HAS TO DO IT. IM SORRY...WHAT?? It must be a cultural thing because I cleans my seafood mmkay?! The fried shrimp are frozen shrimp and the server had the audacity to tell me their fried shrimp are fresh. Umm you don't douse freshly fried shrimp with salt...that's a DON'T! After expressing my concerns, the server was kind enough to remove the fried shrimp and shrimp boil from the bill. That alone was $50. The only thing I enjoyed were their frozen (not fresh) sweet potato fries. This place is a joke and if you are eating here, I would recommend you stop immediately unless you want unclean shrimp. EWWWWETH! They deserve ZERO stars.

Mr.f F.

Food has a lot of potential, I recommend dining in only because the food gets cold quick, especially the fries. We've eaten here a few times and will likely go back. If you order your food to go, order it there then take it. Do not order for pickup, food will be cold. Other than that, they have a decent flavors you can work with.

Will B.

Yummy!!!! Food was ready upon arrival and had everything the way we asked for it thanks bucket crab!

Christian V.

Among the best restaurants in California. The quality and standards of this business are admittedly better than any other shrimp joint I've ever visited from San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside.

Valerie N.

I love eating here! I usually come here on the weekends and the staff is super friendly. I get the combo #1 BM medium and it never fails! Sometimes I come and order togo as well, and the food always comes out so fast. Although the place is small it does get packed! Would definitely recommend!


Food is okay. Expensive though. Plus that minimum/hefty gratuity on the slip, makes it Only one time visit kind of restaurant.

Tiffany W.

I am sorry but the food here has been inconsistent lately one Friday ordered fried fish and shrimp it was delicious cooked properly!!! The next time I went to order frie shrimp they were frie so hard they were like rubber I don't know what going on here but their food is mediocre now and inconsistent please find a good cook wit some consistency because fish and shrimp should not be cooked to be like cardboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Shinoda

Just stopped in to try and ordered the #1 combo it was very good and quite a bit of food for 3 people flavor was very good and price is very reasonable we will be coming back

V C.

Just as good as the one in Ontario but without the wait time! The servers were quick and polite.

Valerie R.

Best local Cajun style seafood boils. Great prices and friendly staff. I would choose this place over boiling crab any day. In love with their fries!!!

Marilyn R.

Terrible food will not order again. You need cooks that will create fish entrees with lemon, capers and a sauce. You batter the hell on your shrimp and fish'! I ordered one more time today and my catfish was covered in batter! No taste at all. I ordered potatoes and got corn! No idea how you stay open but I'll never order again

Leigha Rae

The staff was awesome. I called and told them we had a wedding party in from out of state if they could feed us even though they closed in 45 minutes. They were amazing and fed us without complaint. The food was delicious!We tipped accordingly. Highly recommend!

Michael M.

How many words do I need to use to say "total taste of money and tastebuds" dry flavorless noodles, tasteless Mac n cheese. And how please tell me how to you mess up corn on the cob?? $35 to discover that I will never ever eat here again!!!! Lesson learned!!!

Ana Duron

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