TAPS Brewery+Kitchen

11882 De Palma Rd, Corona
(951) 277-8000

Recent Reviews

Donna Cantley

Such a great time here with family and friends. Accommodating and super friendly staff

Ulises Galvez

Stopped here for a Sandwich and was treated like family! Turkey Provolone on Sourdough was amazing and paired superbly with their Crispy Tater Tots. Really nice vibe to the place, lots of open space and Sports TVs. Music was in good taste and it wasn't too loud. 10/10 would eat here again

adrian montijo

Great bar and grill to come to after a long day at work to wine down and relax like your at home. Great beers on tap and great customer service. Glass of beer never hits the bottom before the next is in hand and ready to go

Janet Heminger

Great place to eat and hang out. The servers are super...

Linda Villanueva

Great food & service.. played bean bag game with the locals.

Brian W.

I'd like to check the place out now that there open again and have awesome looking safe outdoor tables with a tv. However I walked in today and no staff had a mask on, well except the lady with one around her neck. Bummed me out as we just moved into the neighborhood and I thought it could be a nice break from the family for a bit on weekends and what not. So no comment on food or friendliness, I just know I can not trust food that was served and prepared with out masks during a major pandemic. The place had one customer at 4pm on a Saturday.

David Suarez

The cheese burger was superb...added mushrooms and bacon...the best

Erin Meyer

Great place with great service..thank you Denise

Wes Harden

Had a good burger and a beer.

Christa Schnepp

Very nice place to have lunch and a drink. We had a delicious BLT today. Support our locals. Great place.

Daniel Martinez

T's is my go to spot after a long day at work. The service is top notch #1. The food is really good. The price is fair and easy on on the pocket. BEER IS COLD!!!!

Jerry G.

They have reopened!!! Please go and support a great local business.  The menu is limited at this point to the best salers but they may expand if things go well.

Michael Kaspar

Took over 20 minutes to be informed that the staff was not serving drinks. Sit in 110 degree temperatures and get zero service. I have eaten at Ts and it's nothing to write home about. Go 5 miles up the road and gat a real meal and real service. I saw 2-3 rats in the short 20 minutes I was waiting for service. Drive 5 minutes north and get enjoy a rat free meal.

Dyan R.

Great place, but it's CLOSED permanently! Very, very sad!!!! I hope these Covid extremists are happy that they are closing down many businesses. I wish they would have held out for a few more weeks. Thanks to our governor Gavin Stupid!

Isabelle M.

Great workers and they did great on there last week open. Gonna miss this place wish they could stay open.

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