Pho Ha Vietnamese Restaurant

9938 Sierra Ave, Fontana
(909) 681-3193

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Kasia Pennington

I love pho but this is not my favorite one to go to. I think the food is lesser quality than other pho restaurants. The broth seems watered down, then spring rolls are mostly lettuce, and peanut sauce was watery.

Marco Cardenas

Good is great. Server service is lacking quite a bit. Have to chase the server for check and demeanor is as if they don't want to be there. A server was laying down having a nap a at table, I had to walk over and get the check at register.

Anthony Tapp

Delicious beef soup. One of my favorites when I'm not getting pho.

R Cenobi

Very friendly place. Got there just before closing and ordered fried rice w/shrimp. The fried rice came with nice size shrimp and was all good. Will go back again.

Aura Berg

The food is good , i go pick the food , the young woman hands a gentleman his food nicely and with a smile , but when i said i am picking up food she asked me what then she points at it and said it's there pointing at it with one finger , I dont know why she wouldn't hand me my food the same way she did to the man she hand it to a man but not to me it felt weird it wasn't very polite that is how it felt .In my opinion costumer service needs a lot of work, food can be good but so are other restaurants so costumer service its VERY important .

Jesus Gutierrez

The pho saigon bowl was delicious, if you want a great pho this is the spot, will be coming back

Anaei Morales

Open till late, awsome food. They serve ur food pretty fast,no dissapoitments. Food is yummy n pricing is fair. I love this place! I have eaten at many pho places,many cities! Yet this one in Fontana remains my favorite?

Aura B.

Iam disappointed , I went to pick up my food , in front of me there is a gentleman the young woman hands him his food but when I come and ask for my food she points at it with a finger , I find it weird why would you hand someone their food but not to me? I thought that wasn't very nice, if she did the same with the other costumers it's fine but not to some and not to others why do that ? So costumer service need a lot of work! Food can be good but if your manners sucks , your costumers will NOT come back.

Jorge Nunez

Food is very good.. everything the pho soups, egg rolls spring rolls all very tasty.. will be back !

Yali G.

We were waiting for like 40 min for something to go, the place was packed and most of the empty tables were full of dirty dishes... if they have so much costumers on the weekends they should have a less 1. Or 2 people more.... the food is good but it was to much just for a plane pho because they were running out of other stuffed that we wanted

ShayShay Jacks

I didn't like the food because it was overpriced for the amount of food they give.

Tommy P.

Best Pho in the IE by far. In fact, it's comparable with the pho I get in Little Saigon. I'll be here two-three times a month.

Sue V.

I've been here many times and the food is good. I love fillet mignon pho and beef or chicken vermicelli. They also have good smoothies and Thai ice tea. The floor under the tables could be cleaner though.

Alex C.

AMAZING! Restaurant was clean and very nice. Staff very welcoming and nice. Food was simply delicious . Plan on making this your new go to Pho spot! Will be back!

qui nguyen

Good food, nice staff, affordable price ?

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Pho Ha Vietnamese Restaurant

9938 Sierra Ave, Fontana, CA 92335
(909) 681-3193